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Is Quixtar the Hummer that will lead you to your dreams?

Greetings all,

I am still playing around with the format for this thing, so let me know if there might be better ways of analyzing this data. Here goes tape number one in the standing Order Tape posts:

Tape: Ffffinish It Off

Speakers: Shivaram & Anjali Kumar

Stock Number: BWW224

Brief Review:

This tape is a common mix consisting mostly of motivational material coming in the form of freedom stories, a little bit of past life, and the same old “do the 9 core steps and the 3 powers” most tapes have. There was nothing about products, how to sell, or anything that would be remotely useful for running a business. Near the end particularly, there was a mass emphasis on RECRUITING and there was one time in the whole tape where customers were even mentioned and that was the rather scary cult-like part (which was actually MOST of the tape) where the speaker recited the nine core steps one at a time between the audience screaming “Finish it off”.

Motivational Aspects:

He talks about how he came as a single guy to his first function at Richmond, VA and that everyone starts the same way. Everyone can make it.

Talk about all the travel to all sorts of places in a 25 day period of times. In that time, the bank balance goes up faster than we can spend it.

They fly first class and Quixtar won’t let them spend any money.

All sorts of tearing down of jobs.

Last draw was that in a restroom, a sign said ‘employees must wash hands’. He comments that employee’s are so stupid that even that you must tell them. Business owners KNOW to wash their hands!

Every person on the team is speaking and believing CAM (Crown Ambassador)

He had a story about his kids running around a plane and the steward asking him to control them. He said that if they don’t like his kids running around, they need to get a private jet. Then, he says that the difference is that he IS getting a private jet while the other people will just have to put up with it.

Job is not designed for your dreams.

He tells a story about his hummer and how he took it through a flood on a road that says “road closed” and made the relation that the business is a hummer, the flood is a bad economy, and the dream is the other side of the bank. He then goes on to say that in his case, there were not any other hummers on the other side of the bank, but in the business, there are hummers all over telling you the way and more going over all the time (i.e. the Diamonds).

Cult-like aspects:

Are you excited?! You should be. Kumar tells us that only a select few get this opportunity!

We have the equipment to dream and we MUST!

Get free; your life begins when you get free!

It is annoying how often he ends a “non-humble” statement with ‘Hello?’ just like Bill Britt

Paid the price, showed the plan

A scary talk about edification occurs. First he talks about how he is built up by his wife saying that he has accomplished all her dreams. Then, when different people edify him, he ‘knows he is the man’, but when SHE edifies him, he knows he is “THE MAN!!!”

It’s all about winning respect

Husband has provided everything that the kids would ever desire because he did the work

Much edification of the people in the upline, promoting them as the best of the best.

Take pictures of what you want in hang them around everywhere.

Whatever your dream is, you will have it through this business.

It is not impossible, we have done it.

Delayed gratification: putting things on hold to build the business.

Downline are here despite just having a baby who had a major surgery. The baby is fine and the people are here. This is used as a springboard to talk about the decision to get here is certainly one of the most important things you could do. That kind of decision, Anjali says, is what will determine how far you will go in this business.

Home environment is very regulated about speech and what people say, even the kids. Funny result is that a child in the home did not tell her parents that she had a toothache because she feared it would be speaking negative. Claim in advance, speak what you want.

The right thoughts and the right words, and the power of praise will give you a very successful life.

All the promises have come true, they were here for us and they are here for you; it is just a matter of finding all your people and getting the job done.

Stay steady with the goals, stay steady with the team; stay in counsel, dream big. Whatever you want you will achieve.

See success everywhere. Everyone is focused on CAM.

If you have a dream, you can move forward and not live in the past.

He talked about the upline making indirect comments to people, particularly about volume. He claims that he started to do 300 Personal PV to shut up the upline.

As the name of this tape suggests, he talks about getting the whole system done. To do this, look at the Eagle brochure and do the nine core steps

He takes some time to criticize the critics. In his story, he tells of people who are cold contacted and then talked to about the business. His point dwells on the IBO being nice and that the people don’t like the people being nice to them as opposed to the people not liking to be exploited for the business. He then asks “Are you the only stupid one or does it run in the family?”

You are choking in your jobs.

Lay the foundation in width. Go through the malls now and get all the width out of the way and then work with the people to get to your goals.

A most scary part happened at the end of the tape where Kumar recited the 9 core steps one by one as the crowd followed with “FINISH IT OFF” after each one:

Read every day (Finish it off)

Use products and do 300 PV (Finish it off)

Listen to tapes and CD’s (Finish it off)

Clear Kate even if 37 messages every day (Finish it off)

Be accountable and totally transparent to upline (Finish it off)

Be teachable to upline (Finish it off)

Get some clients (Finish it off)

Work the business 5-7 nights a week (Finish it off)

Speak what you want only

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:





Pool that costs more than “2 years I made as a computer consultant during my peak time”

Checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the mail

“Our next materialistic goal is a private jet”

Real expensive tie and 2 new suits from Diamond Clothier’s

2.7 caret diamond solitaires

Hot tub

Tapespeak for those wanting to brush up on the official BWW linguistic:

I hope you are excited, because nothing happens until someone gets excited!

I was broke at a higher level

Some will, some won’t, so what; some where, six will (Also known as SW-SW-SW-SW-SW or the old Amway form SW-SW-SW)

A job is not designed for your dreams

Wonderful Faulty Theology (Perhaps I will eventually tackle these on my Exposing Apostasy Page (

God has only given one species the ability to have a dream and that is us.

Your prayers will never go unanswered if you pray with a right heart; a right attitude

God blesses the right choices you make (especially funny since this statement was in the context of making the functions a very high priority and stating that the decision to get there will determine how far you go in the business.)

With your mouth, you can make your future as obvious as your past


Blogger lawDawg said...

Cool blog idea. The "Catalog of Covetousness" is my favorite part.

Tue Aug 09, 02:32:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Josh said...

Hey man, this is MJLilgui from the Quixtar Blog, just letting you know I'm a big fan of what you're doing here. I'm interested to see what, exactly, my friends are hearing from these people. I'm trying to be neutral, but these tapes don't do much to ease my mind.

Thu Aug 11, 07:10:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Loser said...

Cool blog. I'll link it as soon as it it passes my par level. (couple months of good posts).

I was in gala LOS. I didn't hear that tape. I think it's new. But great idea. Kumar sure is a smooth speaker.

Thu Aug 11, 08:22:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger pastibo said...

Hey Past IBO - how many plans did you show in your quixtar career ?
I showd only 10 plans or so and guess how many people I registered zero
yes i did not follow the 9 core steps - I'm still broke ( like you)

Mon Mar 13, 03:15:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

I don't recall how many I showed, it was a good number. I had sponsored several legs, but they collapsed under the weight of the Crap the MO's were feeding them.

Mon Mar 13, 01:14:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Ajay said...

I am happy that you quit. thanks.

Fri Dec 12, 11:15:00 AM GMT-5  

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