Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Types of BWW 'Tools'

Greetings all,

First, I want to draw your attention to the new links bar on the side which separates links into blogs, information, Christian refutations of MLM, and cult materials. I also added a ‘site resources’ section where you can access this page, the Site Index, and a few other resources. I also recently spent several hours in the store doing a price comparison of Quixtar prices to the local store. I will be posting these by category in the future, so keep checking back.

Next, I wanted to add to the series of ‘types of’, this will probably be the last one unless I think of anything I forgot about. The previous have been Types of Recordings and Types of Functions. This is the Types of Tools. Tools are defined by BWW as Business Support Materials, or BSM’s for short. I hope that this final post in this series helps you to understand why:

  1. BWW operates as a dangerous cult
  2. So much money is lost into the system
  3. People get so lost in the system

I hope that I don’t forget anything. These items can be viewed at, however, the site is password protected so the average Joe can’t go in there and see. If you know someone who is involved or has been involved, I hear that old passwords still work. Let us move right into it. Like I did with the function post, I will put the cost next to the name in parenthesis.

First, check out the Functions page, as these are considered tools.

Tapes / CD’s (Tapes are $7.50 for a single and $15.00 for a double. Many teams add a 4% shipping fee, even though the tapes are not shipped to them.)

These are the staple of the business. The core IBO will listen to tapes on any down time, such as driving, preparing dinner, doing chores, etc. While it is true that some people are not as ‘plugged in’, Steve Hassan in ‘Releasing the bonds’ says, “I look at the core membership of an organization, nit its fringe members, in my evaluation. I take the same view. I was totally plugged in listening to 6-8 tapes daily (hence my detailed knowledge of the teaching system of BWW). Ed & Elise Vicinanza (I think the tape was “Sell Out”, AN97, but I am not exactly sure) made the comment you need to be listening to tapes all the time. Steve Hassan mentions on page 58 of RtB, that changing the mind in mind control requires creation of a new identity actively through indoctrination sessions or informally by other members, tapes, or books. Indeed, these tapes are designed to get you motivated to build your business and fire you up.

Tapes are delivered on a Standing Order Tape (SOT) program where each person on SOT receives a tape every week. As you can see, at only one tape a week, that is $30 a month plus any extra fees attached.

There is a special tape pack in BWW called “Britt School” (BBS4) which is $60. I ordered this a few times, but it never came. They also have the special series designed to create more volume through retailing called “Turn it Up: Creating and Maximizing Volume” (BL100) for $32.50, and for the new people, the “Getting Started Pack” (GSP) for $32.50 [This is not to be confused with the full kit which will be detailed below].

The tapes will not really contain any new or critical information, they are a bunch of motivation. See the “Types of Recordings” post for more details on tapes.

There are 1074 tapes on the search command of BWW at the time of this recording. Some tapes are phased out as others are added.

Books (Price is variable; as low as $1.95 for one book and up to $25 for another. The shipping fee is added to these are well)

The book list has 77 books on it at the time of this writing. It is very difficult to categorize them. There are authors such as Charles Capps, Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie to name a few. Some of the books are to teach people skills, some to motivate people, others to remove fear. Most are highly influenced by the Word-Faith movement.

The IBO’s are told to read at least one book a month. The hard core people will go for more. There was a period of time that I went through 16 books in one month! I was preparing to go diamond after all. There are 77 books on the booklist at this time.

Videos [VHS] ($6.00 for the ‘Meet Kate’ video, the rest are $12.00 or $15.00; the shipping fee is applied)

Some videos are used as prospecting tools such as The Buzz, Net Gain 3.0, Profiles of Success. Others are for the eyes of IBO’s only who are seeking motivation. These are the Lifestyles videos, videos of the Peter Island trips that the Diamonds and above get to attend for having a successful business, Diamond Club videos, etc. The former of these are more explanatory and talk about opportunity, the latter show of materialistic goodies, most of which are paid for by the sale of tools (There is money in Quixtar, but not as much as tools). To see some of these, just check out the Extreme Freedom Team site.

Videos [DVD] ($15.00 plus shipping)

These are similar to the VHS videos, but multi-tracked in most cases. There is a new series called “Aspire”, which will detail the lives of the Diamonds including portions of their New Diamond Speech, the material rewards from the business, etc.

Multimedia CD’s ($18.00 plus shipping)

There are two of these on the list at this time; one being an audio book, and the other is the “Smart Living” video which details how to get the most from your products by showing what is available for where (designed for IBO’s, Prospects, or clients and members).

Starter Pack ($95.00 plus shipping)

This pack contains everything needed to get started. It contains the Getting Started Pack CD’s mentioned above, The Bill Quain book, ‘The Quixtar Price is Right’, notes for the tapes, the BWW basics book (Detailed below), the “Maximizing Your Volume” set, Quixtar Brochure, Eagle Brochure, A Potential Network Associates sheet, a flipchart, and a coupon for a discount on Communikate (detailed below).

Flip Chart ($20 full size Flipchart, $12 Mini-Flipchart plus shipping)

This is the presentation that IBO’s will use to show the plan. Back in the good old days of Amway, people memorized the plan, and they do even today, but the drive of Quixtar is duplication which is really easy to do with a nice professional presentation. They prefer you use this because it has all the legal information on it including the average income of $115 for IBO’s.

Brochures to numerous to count (These hover around the $6 range)

These are professional pages for anything from retailing, wholesaling, or other purposes you might devise for your business.

BWW Basics Manual ($9)

This is the book which covers all the basics of building the business. I will eventually place a post detailing the teaching of this. Please be patient and remind me if I don’t.

Literature Packs ($10)

These are given to prospects after they have seen the plan. The contain the details of how the plan works, an overview of BWW, the Eagle program, etc. IBO’s are instructed to have several of these because they should be showing the plan a lot. To move these, there is a video they play at the BWW conferences frequently which shows two people having a guest, one leaves with a Literature Pack, the other does not and it ends with the two prospects driving away, one listening to the CD included in the pack and the other the radio. The question is asked, “Which one is more likely to get started?

BWW planner / Calendar ($12 for large, $3 for small)

These are not just calendars, these have a spot on each month for your PV goals, as well as the basics of the business abbreviated. The Nine Core Steps are in there as well as a place for prospects contact info. It is a full fledged business machine.

Profiles of Success ($25)

This is a book of all the people who have made the Diamond and above level. IBO’s should have these handy to show the new prospects a Diamond that relates to some aspect of there background.

Various SAM paraphernalia ($6 for brochures, up to $65 for the carrying case)

SAM is the “Skin Analyzer Magnifier” and it is used to show how well the Artistry line is. The story goes (I can not verify this, this is what we were told through the trainings) that the makers of the machine took it to Mary Kay (At that time number 1 in cosmetics), but the machine showed that those cosmetics truly did not do what they claimed to, so Mary Kay did not want the machine in the public view. The people, wanting to profit from their experiment, took it Artistry and it worked, so now there are SAM clinics everywhere to promote Artistry products. I can’t find the price for the machine, but I do know it is not cheap.

Communikate ($21.95-31.95 a month depending on usage)

This is the unified communication system that BWW and WWDB used to replace the old AmVox system. Kate has email, a toll free system and is voice compatible. It features scheduling as well as specialized programming to forward calls, hold calls, etc. For the busy executive, a very useful unified communication system, but in BWW, it is mostly used to pass more motivational speeches down line. There is also a small drive to market ‘Kate’ to the public retail. At this time, the IBO gets paid $5 per month for every retail account he sells (this is paid quarterly).

One Domain ($14.95 per month plus 87.95 per year)

This is a website that you can use to send prospects to, your clients and members can shop from it, and you can reroute,, and your online Kate access all though it. It allows for a domain name, which is far superior to the old BWW websites which held the address You also get your own professional email address which adds credibility. These sites are template based and password protected. To see one of these sites, check out

I forget who’s site this is, but I do have John Crowe telling it on a tape somewhere.


Do the math and you will see the flaw in being a hard core BWW IBO, especially when the average income from Quixtar is $115 a month.

P.S. Please let me know if I forgot anything, I will gladly update this post.



Blogger bigdreamer said...

maybe if you spent your time more constructively by truly following God and building a successful business by serving others, you would not have time to put together this ridiculous site!

Sun Mar 19, 01:26:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Ruben said...

bpiefiYou are absolutelly correct. Thanks for spending time and telling the truth about these companies. Most people spend years over paying for products and super overpaying for tapes and cds so that their upline can live a great lifestile. Great example is when one of these hard working individuals dyes they all rush to steal the tool business from their wives and those who were never involved with their business attemtp to steal it. Thanks again X big pin

Wed May 23, 04:51:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Siva & Leena said...

Yes, you are right $115 a month is average income of active IBO. Do you know what active IBO is defined for this calculations. "One who makes one attempt to retail one product in year OR attends one meeting in a year or orders one product in a year are called Active IBOs. That means stupid lazy people like you are counted as active IBOs.
For this level of activity/work no other place stupid/lazy people like you can make $1400 an year.

Thu Oct 04, 12:15:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Prashant said...

whosoever has created this site or blog seems to be the most stupid person on the earth. I have seen many sites created by frustrated people who dont have the guts to do any thing in life except create these sites. if he has guts he should challenge the company in a legel way but thechnology has given unnecessary power to stupid people lite them who has created these public bathrooms where any frustrated lot can come and write any thing about any one.

Tue Mar 11, 01:41:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Shettyna said...

You are absolutely right in what you have written. You will always grow in what you believe. The Bible says Satan was created because HE wanted to check your Integrity in every adversity of life HE puts on you so that YOU are the chosen one to Preach his Teachings. BWW and Amway Gobal came into your Life because there is something in your life that will definately Happen which we don't know and via this YOU will have the Strength, Confidence and Integrity to go thru that adversity and be HIS GOOD DISCIPLINE. Understand where fit in whole

Tue Mar 17, 05:37:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Ex said...

If you are an "active" IBO reading this blog, just know that you ain't going anywhere in your business... how come you are not "out there" doing your 4 basics? By the way, have you showed your 20 plans last month to have so much time to read this blog site?

Mon Nov 02, 12:23:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Ex said...

If you are an "active" IBO who is reading this blog site, how come you have so much time to read this blog site? Aren't you out there doing your 4 basics??? What about your 20 plans for this month? Is it all done?

- your upline platinum & diamond.

Mon Nov 02, 12:25:00 AM GMT-5  

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