Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Effects of the Britt World Wide Motivational Organization on my Financial and Social Being


This document expresses my observations and personal experiences in the Britt World Wide (BWW) motivational organization affiliated with Quixtar (and formerly Amway; however the latter has been replaced by the former in USA). In brief, I have observed many cult-like tactics to hold members and accumulate wealth for the upper level distributors while the lower level distributors were a constant flux of different people; the ‘revolving door’ as it is often called on early tapes. I have also observed a lot of twisted Biblical doctrines, which were eventually the catalyst for my leaving the organization. I have incurred a large amount of debt for my activities, all of which was my choice, though I was operating by a system of mind control which has been highly described throughout many testimonies and also will be further disclosed within. Although I left this organization for spiritual reasons, that will not be the direct focus of this document. This document is designed to show the social and financial implications of being involved in this particular network. I will produce a separate document at a later date to detail the spiritual aspect.

Since this business is such a financial burden to so many people, it merits knowing where I stood financially prior to this business. I was in my final year in college. At this point, I had in Mutual Funds: $8,136.74. In student loans, I had $5891.81. I had no credit card debt, no other outstanding loans or fees. My savings was insignificant, I was meeting all my costs of living with my employment; thus I was not going into debt. My total net worth at this time was $2244.93 and my final semester in college was paid for; thus, I was leaving college with a positive net worth.

About the format of this document:

The document is broken down by month. I have any details that I remember for most of the months, some journal entries, a few notes from functions, and a year end summary.

  • Journals: These are selected portions of my writing over the years of involvement. Although I do not hold these writings to be true any longer, I have included them so that you can see what my mindset was during BWW involvement. I left them mostly unaltered except correcting spelling mistakes. Anything that is in parenthesis was also in parenthesis in the journal. Anything in square brackets is a comment or detail that I added during this writing for clarity. It should be noted that the teachings of the BWW system are what inspired the mindset for these entries.
  • Notes: Unfortunately, after I decided to quit the business, I threw away most of my notes, but a few have been retained. What I wrote in the few months of notes is truly representative of what we were taught all throughout the years. It is this teaching that has lead to the mindset that I had while writing the journal portions.
  • Summary: Although the Quixtar purchases were often not necessities to me, I did NOT include them in the cost of the summary (except the shipping where I had a number) because I feel it would weigh too heavy against the point and is difficult to objectively state whether such products were needed or not. When they were truly not needed, I tried to note that in the month description.
  • BWW Purchases: Although I was on Standing Order non stop, the purchase detail is when I was actually billed. There is a discrepancy since I was so far from the team, I only got tools on drives up so that I did not incur extra shipping fees. Although I bought many booklist items from a local bookstore (and would NOT have bought them if I was not in BWW), I did not include those since the profits did not go to BWW.

Pre-Registration Period

The first time I saw ‘the plan’ as they call it, I went to a meeting with a friend, whom also did not know what he was really getting into either. The presentation was conducted by Marshall Johnson, a Diamond in David Taylor’s (EDC) organization. What I saw honestly did not make any real sense to me. I heard about the concept of buying more and more and then making money back. I was at that time purchasing vitamins from Health Edge (now Thropp’s Nutribest). I had a distributor number simply to get wholesale prices. No one ever showed me that organization, I had stumbled on them while looking for a good vitamin. I showed this similarity to my friend and decided at that time that I was not interested. My friend went to the follow-up and got started. When his product pack finally arrived, the products said “Amway” on them. His sponsor came over that day and my friend set him down and asked why he did not say it was Amway. The man said “I showed you a way to make $250,000 in 2-5 years. Why do you care what it is called?

I went on to my next semester in college and my friend went on to the same plus business. Due to a rigorous girlfriend / business schedule, I rarely saw him and only occasionally talked on ICQ. He started to tell me about the nutritional supplements which I was not interested since mine were much cheaper and suited my needs, however, I did not have access to Co-Q10 which he did. He came over and signed me up as a member.

It was the last day of that semester, December 15th, 2000, that my friend had someone coming over for a quick follow-up and the girlfriend was away. I went over to his house to play some cards and talk for the evening. I watched the follow-up when the person arrived. I was a very lonely and hurting person at that time. I was in need of support and friends. I saw my friend do the follow-up and I saw a way to be part of a group. The next morning, I was the first one up. I was eating Happy Days (Critics Choice brand for Lucky Charms) and I thought “How weird would it be to raise a family that knows only Critics Choice and not the common brands that everyone else knows about”. I concluded that it does not matter what brand cereal or anything else you use [this was curiously significant for leaving the business as well, as I was rigorously trained that Quixtar products are the best. I found out that many are actuallu worse!]. I figured that I might as well do this thing since my friend is doing it, how bad could it be?

Registration Night

I had some errands to run that day so I left, but I asked my friend to stop by my house that night. Mind you that I did not even understand the plan the night I saw the business which was about six months prior. He did a follow-up with me where he ran through the ‘8 Team Player Steps” (later the 9th was added, see appendix). The follow-up is conducted in a manner where you outline a whole lot of passions and dreams that the other person has and then draw out that it takes talking to about 100 people to get about 3 people that stay and build the business and they ask “Are you going to let these 97 people keep you from your dreams?” Of course you say ‘no’. That was it; I was ready to sign up. I had a problem though. The product pack plus registration was about $100 at the time. I only had about $60 in my checking account at that time. My friend gave me a $20 dollar bill to repay me for the membership I bought and I got the registration kit, but not the product pack. My sponsor gave me RP891; Private Franchising in a Dot Com World to listen to, which I did. I gave it back after listening to it for a while and he gave me more tapes to listen to. After about a week or two of listening to tapes, I was starting to get irritated about the things they were saying and the values they seemed to demonstrate. I would learn later from Steve Hassen’s writings that this was me trying to reject faulty input from the speakers as being true. I eventually broke down and started to accept the tapes as truth.

Before the end of the year

I told my sponsor that I was not going to begin to build until the New Year had begun, though I did attend any meetings up to that time. It was December 27, 2000 that I attended my first team training. My upline EDC was Dave Taylor (I will leave out the rest of the LOS; available upon request). I remember many things from that night, mostly my Emerald saying that many people buy ‘ineffective’ products at the store for a little less and then end up buying more and more and ‘bleed themselves to death’ buying crap products. This was getting me fired up to make my purchases of my own products! The Winter Conference, AKA Dream Weekend was only a few days away, so everyone was promoting it. My sponsor asked if I was going to go and I told him that I didn’t have the money. He asked if I could come up with enough for the bus and hotel room and then he would get me the ticket. I said I could do that, so I went.

The First Year - 2001

January 2001

This month started out with a weekend conference. With my knowledge now, this conference had all the appearances of an indoctrination session. We were up late hours. After the meeting was over about 12:30 am, there was a night owl. I think we finally made it to sleep around 3am. We were up by about 7 am to get breakfast and attend the morning session which lasted from about 10am to 2 pm, then there was time off and the evening started at about 7:30 to past midnight again. All the while, they were promoting to make it for Sunday morning. I was not really interested in going to the Sunday morning service, but I did. At that meeting, I first acknowledged Jesus Christ. I credit that as the place that I came to Christ, but I do not credit the organization because I was not listening to what they had to say and then future meetings, I discerned that they were teaching a false Gospel based on Health and Wellness, AKA Word-Faith. As stated in the introduction, this is not a spiritual document, but a social / financial document.

This was the month I officially started on Standing Order Tape and Book. I placed my first order with Quixtar and did 100 PV since this is what is taught. I used a credit card for the first time this month. Because of the ‘accountable to your upline’ part, I always did 100 PV minimum until 2003. I purchased from BWW this month (by BWW, I mean any tool provided by the upline, sponsor, or other person that originated from BWW) Two books, 3 tapes, attended 3 open meetings, 1 weekend conference, 1 team training, and bought 3 info packs (used to give to people after seeing a presentation). From Quixtar I placed 4 orders totaling 132.08 PV. I made no sales to any customers. I sponsored one leg.

The financial summary for January 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $261.80

Quixtar Income: $11.40

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $24.05

Income from Customers: $0.00

February 2001

This month had the first Rally I attended. I had a leg and now was all fired up and showing a few plans a week. I started to attend phone team on Sunday nights. I was listening to tapes and reading a lot of books. One thing that I noticed was that my grades in college started to suffer a little. I had my lowest ever GPA (for college) this semester mostly due to spending a lot more time out showing the plan, working many hours, and simply coming to the conclusion that college is useless and that this business is the only good thing in the world.

From BWW I bought 13 tapes (3 went to downline), 3 books (1 went to downline), 1 more info pack, and a few other small miscellaneous items. I attended 3 open meetings, 1 Rally/Seminar, and 1 Open Meeting. I also attended phone teams. I paid for a room for Spring Leadership. At the request of the upline, I bought enough room for four people at the Spring Leadership because I was told we are growing fast and would get those filled (I ended up having to pay the extra money for this room because we did not have anyone to fill the places and could not get a refund). I was also instructed to say I was one pin higher than I was because I would be there by then anyway. I have the receipt which in my own hand I wrote 100PV, then crossed it out and wrote 300 PV. The receipt is dated 2/24/01. I didn’t go 300PV until the last day of March. I did not make any sales to customers this month. I placed 3 orders through Quixtar at this time. I sponsored another leg this month.

The financial summary for February 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $374.78

Quixtar Income: $9.67

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $25.15

Income from Customers: $0.00

March 2001

This is the month that I went 300PV. I remember that night. We were at the upline Silver’s house on the last day of the month and the Emerald came in to do a Nuts and Bolts meeting (A meeting run periodically to teach some basic things to fast growing legs). In this case, he taught that the lowest person in a leg does not buy something that he could use, so the next person up does not, and the next, etc. He ended the meeting early to fire up the computer because people were feeling convicted. My downline was the lowest person in the room at the time, so he got on the computer first and placed another order. This put me about 30PV shy of 300 PV, so I went on and ordered a bunch of things (that I objectively did not need). I ordered Ginko Biloba, Mint Glister Spray, Black Pants, and a tie. This put me at 300 PV and we were all fired up. This went on up the chain from the lowest level to the highest level (under the Emeralds instruction) until at the end of the night, my downline was simply out a bunch of money, I was out $99.90 for the prestige of going 300. A bunch more pins changed that night as well. My sponsor or his (I don’t remember now) went 1500, three up from me went 2500, etc. The Emerald knew exactly what he was doing.

This is also the month that the date was set for the 1000PV and up Sawmill retreat. My upline Silver wanted to draw out a plan for me to make it. I was all open and did all I could, but over the next two months, I did not make it. This is also the month that I expressed concern that I was spending more than I was making (This was new to me; I had never used credit preferring only to pay cash. Interestingly, tools can only be paid for with cash, so I was using all my cash on tools and placing Quixtar orders on my credit card.) My upline told me to not worry about it because the platinum bonus would more than pay for any credit card debt I would incur.

I bought from BWW 20 tapes (8 went downline), 7 books (3 went downline), 1 video, 1 Spring Leadership Ticket, and a few other assorted items. I attended Spring Leadership, 2 open meetings, 1 team training, 1 nuts and bolts, and phone teams. I placed four orders through Quixtar and made no sales to customers.

The financial summary for March 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $258.87

Quixtar Income: $33.95

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $18.40

Income from Customers: $0.00

April 2001

I sponsored some people for my downline this month and last. From BWW I bought 19 tapes (7 went downline) and a few other miscellaneous items. I attended 2 Open meetings and 1 team training, an eagle team meeting, and phone teams. I placed about 6 Quixtar orders this month and made no customer sales.

The financial summary for April 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $122.86

Quixtar Income: $34.02

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $34.15

Income from Customers: $0.00

May 2001

This is the month that I was feeling like a failure. All of my upline were over the coveted 1000PV mark while myself and my downline were not. I did everything that I could, but I was not able to make it to the leadership training. Interestingly as I write this, I look at the bottom of one of my tool receipts and I see the phrase “Tool flow = Growth! Keep up the awesome work” (I was buying a lot of tools).

From BWW I bought 30 tapes (16 went to downline), 6 books (3 went to downline), 2 Open Meetings, 1 Rally/Seminar, 1 Team Training, 1 Eagle Team, and phone teams. I placed 4 orders with Quixtar and made no sales to customers.

Selected notes from trainings:


Joe Markiewicz Eagle Team

  • The dream is the most important
  • You must create a small time living [job] but use other time for creation of a lifetime [Quixtar]
  • Get your eyes off yourself and pray to God and your problems will go away
  • Results are determined by how you speak
  • Percentages for everything is low, it doesn’t mean they don’t work.
  • (structure + volume) x PMA = $
  • You must have high standards

5/22/01 Training after an Open meeting

  • The world is way to negative. People need to program positive into their lives. You must do the work and ignore the excuses
  • Move and work by faith
  • Read books on people relations and do a ‘checkup from the neck up’
  • You ALL have a home town be it a town or a family; you must leave it sometimes to succeed
  • Too much education leads to a job mentality
  • Be an entrepreneur, not an employee
  • Get tools to learn mechanics and build a dream
  • Transformation leads to success; change is essential to get the job done
  • Show the plan and get more people to show the plan
  • Think about your dreams, not what you have
  • Keep your eyes off your problems and on your goals
  • Break the cycles which you were ‘placed’ into
  • What if God wants it to be YOU [to succeed]?
  • Get around people who are where you want to be in life
  • Pressure in society is to do what everyone else does. You must be yourself

The financial summary for May 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $398.50

Quixtar Income: $37.33

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $31.20

Income from Customers: $0.00

June 2001

I had graduated in mid June. I hit the business hard by this time having my time from college freed up. I was under the delusion by this point in time that my college education was a waste of my time. BWW teaches that it [BWW] is the only true way to make it. I daily listened to Pigs Don’t Know Pig’s Stink or Passion by Dave Severn at this time to build up the motivation to go out one more night. I was working almost daily with downline from one of three legs as well as showing plans to personals. I worked this business as hard as you could. I studied the art of contacting and used it very often with results. I had the same problem that everyone else did. People would leave my business as fast as I could get them in. By this time, I was in total submission to the upline doing exactly what they said, so I was spending all my cash on tools and nothing else. Quixtar orders in credit cards were placing me further into debt.

I purchased from BWW 29 tapes (13 went to downline), 4 books (3 went to downline), and several other miscellaneous items. I attended Summer Conference (AKA Family Reunion), 3 Open meetings, and a Team Training with a guest. I placed about 3 orders with Quixtar and made no sales to customers.

Selected teaching from trainings:


  • The future is in my own hands, nobody to help but me
  • Listen only to those who are in life where you want to be
  • Anytime you move to a new level, you will encounter obstacles, how you approach those obstacles is what matters

The financial summary for June 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $519.85

Quixtar Income: $41.59

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $26.52

Income from Customers: $0.00

July 2001

This was the big month. I hit the ‘believers pin’, that is 1000PV, earning my rights to the 1000 plus conferences. As I look back, a few of my downline may have been pressured into buying items from my upline. One order was placed on the very last day of the month which was when everyone was pushing for me to go 1000PV; my upline met with my downline for me (I was not present at this meeting). The next week or so that person returned everything that was purchased. I ended up spending a lot more than I needed to. My upline said that it was more important to go 1000 since it will motivate everyone else in my group. He did ask if I needed the things I bought, however, I said yes because of the big drive and excitement to get to this pin. That last order that put me there was 133.95 PV and cost me $272.24. At about 11:50 pm the last day of the month, I hit the coveted 1000PV and was soaring ahead, so I thought.

That month I bought from BWW 17 Tapes (18 went to downline; carry over from previous month), 8 books (4 went to downline). I attended 3 Open Meetings, and 1 team training along with phone teams. I placed 2 orders with Quixtar and made no sales to customers.

The financial summary for July 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $223.15

Quixtar Income: $178.10

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $31.90

Income from Customers: $0.00

August 2001

As I attended the Team Training this month, for the first time ever, the Emerald sought me out. He said “Let me shake the hand of the new 1000 PVer”. Prior to this, I could barely get him to say anything to me. This month, I moved, another one of my downline moved, one person returned everything and out right quit, and the business came crashing down to the old 300 PV structure. After this month, the Emerald never sought out to talk to me again. I had to go up and try to talk and even then he would say hello and then leave to talk to the next up and rising star. This is NOT jealousy, this is exposure of favoritism. I didn’t need an ego stroke by the Emerald, but this did let me in on what he looked for in people. Another thing during this first meeting was that I did 300 PV myself which is for praise (Though not enough to merit favor from the leaders, as I often did this volume).

I purchased from BWW this month 10 tapes (4 went to downline), 3 books, attended one rally and team training. This is the month that I moved, so I was no longer local to the team. I ordered about 5 times from Quixtar and did not make any sales to customers.

The financial summary for August 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $209.71

Quixtar Income: $36.33

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $40.58

Income from Customers: $0.00

September 2001

This was the month that BWW started to become truly emotional. I so desperately wanted to make it. I was out almost every night somewhere, often spending money I didn’t have in order to meet people. I was talking to just about everyone I could. I was trying to find the next leg. I was showing plans. I was tuning out about everything including my work responsibilities for the sake of this business. This is the month that I was appointed a fellowship position for my doctorate degree.

I bought from BWW 4 tapes and one book as well as the FED hotel room and ticket. I signed up for Communikate this month as well as buying ISP through BWW (I do not include the ISP in the totals since I would have paid for it anyway). I placed 3 orders through Quixtar.



“I have been in ‘business’ for about a year now and have achieved nothing on the business end but have grown as a human being greatly. I can’t even believe I’m the same person and that is worth whatever it cost me to get there [I want to add a comment here that all this ‘growing’ had to be undone because it caused me to live with a very conceded life and one where I felt superior to other people, and suffered some consequences that I will detail later], but I still am going more and more into debt each day.”

“I have a business which can help, but something in me still is too afraid of sharing it with others; no matter how many tapes I listen to, I still can’t; I think I have the books to get it done, but I don’t have the study in place. I am lacking a plan, so I shall start in on one tonight…I need to start some charts, tables, and check lists so I can stay on track.”


“I’m not too sure where to start to describe my dream. I’m not sure where it is, but it’s up in my mind somewhere. I have been getting small pieces of it here and there. I think that I am still trying to overcome my final fears.”

“I know I have great changes to do if I really am serious, and I am serious. I have made great changes due to this business and I am continuing on. Now, it is time to make the next step, build the foundation, and grow this thing.”


“The bottom line is that too many people just get ready to get ready and never put what they learn into action. The goal is to put something, anything I learn into action. I must overcome fear, I must go the extra mile, I must read again, I must go again. I must persist, and I do.”

The financial summary for September 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $369.93

Quixtar Income: $11.20

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $28.65

Income from Customers: $0.00

October 2001

This month got me to drive 4 hours one way during the week. I think I arrived back home with enough time to get a shower and go off to class. I coveted this much driving on a week night because many of the tapes were suggesting this very lifestyle is what it takes to go Diamond. There was an attitude session with Rex & Betty Jo Renfrow and I was glad to drive. I was even so fired up that I made a few contacts on the way back and even made the drive out most of the way back a few months later to do a plan.

From BWW I purchased 3 Tapes and 1 Book. I attended the attitude session. I placed 3 orders with Quixtar and made no sales to customers.

The financial summary for October 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $158.18

Quixtar Income: $35.55

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $30.30

Income from Customers: $0.00

November 2001

This is the month that I found an old friend in the home town four hours away from my current home. I asked the upline if I should make the drive because she is not a very hot prospect. He said that this might be a test from God to see if I am serious about the business. Against my better judgment (since I was in submission to my upline), I drove out to do a plan and we scheduled a house meeting where she did not invite anyone. It was a total waste of time and sleep, but I was content to drive the miles for my dream. I made this drive two separate times, hoping she would have guests at the plan.

From BWW I bought 2 books and a calendar, attended team training and a Rally. At this time I started to buy a lot of books from Barnes & Nobel that were on the booklist because it was close. I placed 2 orders from Quixtar and made no sales to customers.

The financial summary for November 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $276.84

Quixtar Income: $10.14

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $18.90

Income from Customers: $0.00

December 2001

This is the month that I looked over my business for the first year. Why I didn’t quit at this time is beyond me, but it has to be that the tapes and books were so far in me that I really believed that all the people who were truly plugged in were going to make it, just like the upline said. Also the regular teaching of ‘don’t check results for two years’.

I attended an open meeting this month. I placed 3 orders from Quixtar. I made no sales to any customers.

The financial summary for December 2001:

BWW / Bus costs: $97.00

Quixtar Income: $12.15

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $28.82

Income from Customers: $0.00

2001 Year end summary

BWW / Bus costs: $3271.47

Quixtar Income: $451.43

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $338.62

Income from Customers: $0.00

Credit Card Debt: $3055.39 NOTE: I had a great deal of dental work this year, not all this debt is Quixtar, but the majority is directly from Quixtar or a Quixtar related purpose.

Mutual Funds(Assets): $4728.30

Student Loans: $5855.33

Net Worth: -$4182.42

Mind you that my job income DOUBLED during the middle of this year as I changed positions from a restaurant cook to a scientist.

The second year – 2002

The second year started and I did not have any concern for the serious loss of money because we were told that the facts don’t count and we should not check results until we had 2 solid years of working 5-6 nights a week. The funny thing is that the Emerald said he had never seen anyone in his group actually do that. With this in mind, when do you check? Never?

January 2002

This started the second year and I thought that my dreams were just around the corner. I did not pay attention to the fact that I lost a lot of money the first year, mostly because the Dream Weekend came again and I was getting all fired up again.

This month from BWW, I bought 5 tapes, one was a double. I bought 1 book from BWW.

The financial summary for January 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $240.90

Quixtar Income: $12.15

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $5.5 (I apparently lost an invoice, there is a $249.18 order placed 1/10/02, I estimate this would add $13.20 based on a similar sized order 5 months later)

Income from Customers: $0.00

February 2002

This month there was a rally in Erie, so I drove 416 miles for that purpose. This would become a common thing and people would look at me as an example driving so far for the business.

Journal Notes:

I wrote an entry dated 2/11/02 called “Business Contacts Remembrance” where I remembered an old manager at a Burger King I worked at being in Amway (this was 1997). He knew that I was taking vitamins, and he brought in a catalog. I saw that the prices were much higher than my current vitamins and I had no complaints about the ones I was taking. In this entry, I criticized his approach (making him out to be stupid) and I made such statements like: “No wonder I saw him 2 years later looking fatter than ever and failed. I can only assume he quit” and later about contacting I say “We pass hundreds of people every day who may be looking to either make money or shop at home and we walk right by unaware of them as they are unaware of us” I ended that note with “Just do it!”

This month from BWW, I bought 1 Rally/Seminar Ticket and 2 tapes.

The financial summary for February 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $42.64

Quixtar Income: $47.48

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $20.00

Income from Customers: $0.00

March 2002

I remember this month well. It is my birthday month and I would drive to a large mall over 50 miles away to try to contact people. I bought a movie for myself and could barely afford that. I made a commitment to myself that next year at this time, I would have a large group and lots of money and I could get something really good myself. I listened to Brad & Leslie Wolgamott Persistence & Achievement (FED7) and getting pumped. I probably made a few feeble attempts at contacting while I was there, but I don’t remember.

This month from BWW I bought 1 team training ticket, 1 info pack, a CD-ROM prospecting video, 2 books, and 2 tapes.

The financial summary for March 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $124.07

Quixtar Income: $7.56

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $9.80

Income from Customers: $0.00

April 2002

Sometime this year (probably a little earlier than this month), I started to get frustrated that I did not know people and had a hard time meeting people. I started to go out every single night to places to get a coffee or a snack. I spent a lot of time out just trying to meet people. I see one person on my contact list here that I met at a doughnut shop (he was an employee). This just emphasizes my frustration at trying to build the business because I did not know many people and the ones that I did know already told me no.

This month from BWW, I bought 1 Spring Leadership ticket, the hotel fee, 9 tapes, and a book.

The financial summary for April 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $278.34

Quixtar Income: $53.79

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $28.50

Income from Customers: $0.00

May 2002

This month was a month that I will probably remember for a while. I was frustrated with not having any clients, so I tried to organize an Artistry clinic and a few people in my upline were going to come over and help. I made the invitations from a template an upline gave me and handed out over 20 of them. I got absolutely no responses. That was scheduled for the 18th. The following week was the 1000+ leadership, which I was invited to attend because I did 1000 PV in July 2001. I had absolutely no money which added insult to the fact that I had not re-qualified for 1000 PV since then. The Emerald did talk to me, but only in passing to the more ‘important’ people who were building it. We got to listen to the upline Dave Taylor during the weekend. I listened as he talked about doing a home meeting and commitment. He did start to go into people who reach the 1000 level and don’t do it again in a politely derogatorily way. It hurt me as I heard it and I was internally stressing myself as to why I could not do it again. It was made out to be my fault.

This month, I purchased from BWW 1 tape, 1 book, and hotel fee for 1000+ leadership in addition to two $4.00 ticket fees to get into the door, and a Rally/Seminar ticket. I made 1 customer sale.

The financial summary for May 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $343.35

Quixtar Income: $31.18

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $13.2

Income from Customers: $4.15

June 2002

I don’t remember much about this month. There was a conference; I think this one was in Virginia. I still did some plans and mostly was out just trying to get comfortable meeting people.



“What makes us tick? Why are some of us motivated? Why are some fearful? How much of us is genes, how much is environment? Why is it so hard to change once we know something we do is wrong?”

“How will I remove my shackles?”

This month, I bought from BWW, the tickets and hotel for Summer Conference, 5 tapes, and 1 book.

The financial summary for June 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $371.29

Quixtar Income: $8.13

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $14.30

Income from Customers: $0.00

July 2002

This month had some travel, I went about 800 miles for business functions. This month I had a run-in with myself. I was stressed out over the fact I had a hard time contacting people. I went out the 4th of July intent on meeting people. After nothing happened in a few hours, I went to the bagel shop and worked out a plan to meet some people. I went back to the 4th celebration and forced myself to start talking to people. All this was to meet people to contact for Quixtar.

In addition to this, I was still determined to get customers and since the Home Shopping plan didn’t work [this is a plan that I devised to try to get people excited about home shopping using ditto delivery. I printed out fliers, etc with the Emerald’s approval], the Artistry clinic didn’t work, and I then counseled upline and laid down a plan for business to business sales. I walked up and down the street talking to all the businesses that I could but none were interested in even looking at the product line. This was adding to the stress that I had because I thought that I was the one not working instead of working a faulty business model. In preparation for this, I purchased several products that I certainly did not need and ended up giving away because they were virtually unusable to me. The orders totaled $106.68 of things that I did not need from Quixtar. I also bought a ‘Your going places with us’ training kit from another organization that was advertised at a conference that was to start selling incentive gift albums.


Undated, but I believe this came from July, 2002, a piece entitled “My Personal Dream”. This is the introduction:

“Setting aside all other desires, I must first know what I want for myself. I must find in me that which I most desire to act as the fuel for my dreams, power, and motion. I shall now live with the philosophy I had as a youth: ‘believe, and anything is possible.’”

On 7/22/05, I wrote a poem inspired by the BWW system called “Life, what a beautiful choice”. It displays how deeply the promises of diamond are rooted in people and why they keep going back for more the system offers.

Life... What a beautiful choice.

Around the States, millions of destinations.

Oceans at east, oceans at west, oceans at south,

Blue-green water clear enough to visualize

Aquam vivo beneath the dancing waves.

At the west, the mountains high enough

To harbor snow in the hottest July day,

Skiing down the blue slopes of heaven.

In the East, the rolling hills of the

Appalachians yielding flora of varying degrees,

How I yearn to be there…

High on the great mountains, a peak topped

With white on the background and perfect,

Clear mirror of a lake outside my bedroom…

Across the great streams, typical flowing of

Waterfalls breaks the forest silence. How the

Children love to play under the falling aquam.

See how the river carved the great canyon…

Hold on, I’ll make an echo. Let us go down

There tomorrow and see the layers of the Earth.

In the northwest, the great trees of old;

The Redwood, Eucalyptus, forests

Wreak of the beautiful, calming scent.

Across the great plains, see the endless

Oceans of fields and the intermittent trees

Attempting to success the land to a cool forest.

Like the forests of the Northeast, bear,

Deer, animals great and small, clumsy and

Graceful. And the birds sing in the silence.

The deserts of the dry lands, hotter and

Cooler than anything. Laced with cacti

And dunes of sand. The fun exploring here.

And sulfur springs and grizzlies

Among the campers in Yellowstone,

Nature is perfect, just give it a chance.

And many more things undreamed by man,

But on this Earth created by the Great

Conceiver…Waiting for us to enjoy,

Why do you deprive yourself?

Why do you tie yourself down?

What is great about mediocrity?

Why let yourself die before you live?

Get out there and get the job done!

This month, I bought from BWW 6 tapes (1 double), 1 book, and 2 tickets for the Team Training (myself and a guest).

The financial summary for July 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $331.60

Quixtar Income: $7.62

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $27.70

Income from Customers: $0.00

August 2002

This month I had a Rally/Seminar and FED, so I drove about 800 more miles. This was the month that I pretty much gave up on the whole Business to Business plan and I went back to the same old contact people plan that is most recommended.

This month, I bought from BWW 1 FED ticket, 1 Rally / Seminar, 7 tapes (1 double), and 2 books.

The financial summary for August 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $286.67

Quixtar Income: $8.80

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $21.15

Income from Customers: $0.00

September 2002

I don’t remember much on this month. I did attend a team training meeting at 400 more miles.

This month from BWW, I bought the room for FED, a $70 starter pack [this is when the new starter pack format came out, they were highly promoting it at the meeting]. I also bought 1 Team Training ticket.

The financial summary for September 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $190.17

Quixtar Income: $6.41

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $13.95

Income from Customers: $0.00

October 2002

This month, I bought from BWW, 4 tapes.

The financial summary for October 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $106.52

Quixtar Income: $12.52

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $15.95

Income from Customers: $0.00

November 2002

Another team training and Rally in Erie at a distance of 800 miles total.

This month, from BWW, I bought 10 tapes (1 double), 3 books, and a Rally / Seminar Ticket.



“I have read over 50 books and countless tapes over the year, but to no avail. It seems I am at the stage where it sounds fun, but I seem to lacking where the rubber meets the road.”

“My first observation [of this year] is that when I find myself in a timid spirit, I always come away regretful and full of shame.”

“Yet after all this above mentioned, I sit here tonight with the same feeling I get every weekend. I get so fired up I am intent on meeting 15 people to go 5-10 wide in business, I end up standing next to someone at a restaurant or bookstore, not saying a word. I leave the scene, and in disgust come back home to a depressing feeling of defeat and failure.”

“I find myself frequently inside of situations where I just would need to step out a little. My action in such situations (timidity) is proof I don’t have the faith I need. For faith should be so concrete that I don’t even think.”

“My faith seems to waiver due to a lack of conviction of my fear/faith ratio. Take note that all decisions are made based on three votes. The first is fear, this is a negative voice which always screams your past and limitations. The second is faith which tells you that anything is possible. It is the sweet voice which carries you to success if you listen. The third vote is your conscious choice, which is so confused by over stimuli all the time that it always votes whichever of the latter two are most convincing at times.”

“Today, however, another issue was struck. I had a guy talking and he asks the perfect question ‘What do you do?’ Like a robot, ‘I own my own business’, the same blasted thing I have been trying to stop saying. After some thought ex post facto, I seemed to have discovered something: The difference between knowing by mind and knowing by heart.”

“The major problem [of knowing by mind] is when that material needs to be rattled off instantly without thought (as you would in a contact); this phase is the ‘Uh huh’ phase described by Bill Hawkins [Prospecting for the 21st Century]. It is to know the material by heart (i.e. NO MIND IS REQUIRED). Remember from above that the mind is confused from stimuli to make decisions on a ‘right now’ basis. So you must be able to contact in the absence of the mind, thus the material should be so well learned it comes out even when I don’t want it to.”

“We can all change and that change is due solely to us. We are to blame for our problems and we are credited for our achievements.”


“Freedom. It is what so many want, but so few are willing to work for it.”


[I will place a summary of this one. I was comparing my failures of boldness to other people I had met. I was trying to conform all of me to a perfect person that could get anything done for the business.]


“I stopped and considered today that I have had my hands on the best business opportunity in the world for almost two years. I have seen a month with a rather large check attached, but I checked my mailbox today and opened my performance bonus check: $6.33. I can retire on that alright! I have been living in some part of a dream for a while yet. A dream that if I don’t get my self in gear, I will never realize. It seems to me that it is convenient to live in the future with our heads than to truly get into gear, so I put together a thought which may be a little obvious.”

[The following is a letter that I wrote to myself in my journal during a time I was very frustrated that my business was not growing. As I recall I wrote it at an uplines house. I will put it in fragments like I do for the journals. The letter was entirely inspired by the BWW system. I believe that I wrote this after coming back from a team training.]


“Remember all the times those people teased you [referring to my childhood, as I was teased a lot]? I know you did not like it, but you are still alive! What is wrong with taking a little more of that to live the life which resides inside you. [I next totally misquoted a bible verse as it was misquoted to me]. With this said, how can you expect to join the team of winners in Britt if you don’t perform? But if you return to your roots of the past and once again accept the pain, you will be accepted into the greatest of teams.”

“You might have some struggles, but so does everyone else. The major difference between you and many others is that you have had a solution placed in your hands. It will never be the perfect time, so just start without worrying about all the details.”

“All the struggles you will have to go through to get your business off the ground will be worth it. You see, you struggle now, you might as well be struggling with results than without.”

“Do you know anyone who is currently truly happy at a job?”

“Be strong and don’t think. Get the business where it needs to be by just moving. Plant many seeds of success.”

“When working this business, speak the growth you want.”

“If you don’t talk to everyone you meet, you have no faith and are very selfish for keeping your business to yourself [this last comment is an exact phrase I took from my upline Emerald who said it many times.]”

“When you are speaking about your business, you need to be a little more bold and excited. How can you get someone excited about what does not excite you? How can you beat the sharks without being bold”

“A happy person can make another person smile, while an angry person makes others angry inside, so excitement, too, is contagious. Our excitement is bound up in our boldness, for it takes courage to speak against a tide. Remember that courage is doing what is right even while afraid.”

“Through all this, I hoped to expel the shackles which bind you and I pray that you will release yourself, for upon introspection, you will find the shackles are not locked. You have been free to remove them your whole life, if only you tried. Remember that it is not what is in the past which determines our future. It is our actions at present which lead us into the future, therefore, all you need to do is change your current actions and reap the reward for the courage to change. It will not be easy, everyone would be doing it and it would not be worth it in the end. You are not average, quit pretending you are.”

The financial summary for November 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $184.93

Quixtar Income: $6.33

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $9.95

Income from Customers: $0.00

December 2002

This month from BWW, I bought 6 tapes (1 double), 1 book, a flip chart update, and a Team Training. I made 1 customer sale. I made one retail sale.

The financial summary for December 2002:

BWW / Bus costs: $135.26

Quixtar Income: $9.67

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $7.95

Income from Customers: $0.00 (I sold one item this month at exactly my cost; of course I lost money because it went on my credit card and accumulated interest.)

2002 Year end summary

BWW / Bus costs: $2635.74

Quixtar Income: $211.64

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $187.95

Income from Customers: $4.15

Credit Card Debt: $9544.71

Mutual Funds(Assets): $1814.41 (I took some out to pay for some CC debt)

Student Loans: $5768.56

Net Worth: -$13,498.86

The Third Year – 2003

This marks the completion of my second year. I was losing money by the gross as it was being pumped into the BWW system for standing order tape, book of the month, IBO website, Communikate, functions, etc. This year is when I started to get a few regular customers, but still nothing compared to the costs. This year, early on, my last downline quit, thus dropping me back to the bottom of the line. I saw some growth, but decay always followed. Some lines seemed to solidify, but I saw people constantly quit, lots of new people came in, many lasted a few years, while some did not. My upline hit Platinum and then again decayed. Now, they are unqualified for that pin, though many of the between people (I saw one about 4 months ago) still talks about how his sponsor is going to be Silver this month (that seemed the case every month for four years, it has not happened yet.)

January 2003

This month started off with a Dream Weekend like usual. The functions came at 4 month intervals mix with Rally’s that also came every 4 months on off months from the weekend functions. The coffee went on sale for 50% more PV/BV. I ordered 8 cases to boost my PV up to 600. I was able to sell a few cases, but the price of it is very high for the quantity and flavor.

This month, I bought from BWW 6 tapes (1 double), 1 book, and the ticket, room, and bus for Winter Conference.

The financial summary for January 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $381.69

Quixtar Income: $7.64

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $19.95

Income from Customers: $5.92

February 2003

I traveled over 650 miles this month for a Rally and Team Training. My motivation was starting to dip in these months due mostly to the lack of money. My finances went downhill very, very fast.

This is the first month since I was in the business that I did not buy anything from Quixtar. From BWW, I bought 3 tapes, 3 books, and a calendar. I also went to a Rally / Seminar and a Team Training. I made 2 customer sales.



[I wrote out this little list. It was inspired by either a book or a tape. I list advantages to building the business vs. disadvantages. It was meant to motivate me to build it.]

“Advantages: Time, Money, Freedom, Travel, Life (not existence), Friends, Adventure.”

“Disadvantages: Takes time to build, Requires going out of comfort zone, Takes some money to build, Time to learn.”


“God put me here, probably to create some Britt presence in this town”

“I was talking to a man yesterday but I never moved into asking if he was looking [for income opportunities]. He did say in the conversation that he liked his job, but I should have picked up a need (his car payment) to fulfill [The prospecting tapes taught us that if they did not express discontent, we should look for something financially to fulfill for them]. It seems that I used to be slow at thinking of the next step, but that is changing right now [this last sentence seems to be placed here for the positive confession material taught. I say this because I know that I don’t speak or write in this manner naturally].”

“It is nice having things to do [at work], but I would like to slow down at work and increase the business load.”

“I feel the dreamer within reawakening”


“I got home, got motivated with goal cards and Jim Brooks [The CD Free enterprise is alive; BWW102] and went out to Barnes & Noble. I met a man from England but I did not contact him. I yelled at myself on the way home”

“I saw the neighbor was home whom I talked to about coffee…I sold a case to him for $25, which is about $0.75 over wholesale (I should have gone up a little more).”


“Team Training on Saturday seemed to excite me yet to another level. I feel like I am ready to run, but have no one to run with.”

The financial summary for February 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $147.88

Quixtar Income: $106.62 (to get my performance bonus this high, I bought 194.88 worth of coffee).

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $13.95

Income from Customers: $1.28 (I sold 2 cases of coffee for $0.64 profit each)

March 2003

I did not make my goal from the previous year. I recall that I was not able to get myself anything this year because I had no money because everything that I made was either paying off credit cards or going to tools. The tools took all my money and I bought products on credit cards. I ran up high debts like this. The upline more supported buying products than staying out of debt. They did at times openly say that if money is tight on function months to go to the function instead of buy products because they are more important.

I drove 350 miles for a Dave Taylor attitude. This is the first function that my downline did not attend before leaving BWW. During this month, I was determined to have an open meeting at my house every week on Wednesday. I talked to people through out the week and invited them to come over to those. I can only think of one time where someone actually came over. I was using the other 6 nights a week out trying to meet people, but that usually just ended in failure

This is the second month that I did not buy anything from Quixtar. From BWW, I bought 8 tapes (3 doubles), 1 book, and a Team Training. I did not make any customer sales.



“…I will sit and read a chapter in a book then come home frustrated that I got nothing done. When back home, I will usully dream about being a Diamond in the business, but this is usually wishful thinking….The problem is that I don’t do anything which gets me out of this pattern.”

“The weekends tend to frustrate me more than anything these days. I don’t seem to want the business bad enough to get out and simply meet dreamers.”

“The solution is simple, instead of just wanting to go home, I should migrate down to State College and go to a small restaurant out there or something else. I guess I just don’t want to bad enough, but I’ll try it tomorrow [note that this method was inspired by a Doug Weir tape; I do not recall which one, but he talks about leaving work and thinking ‘open for business’ and then going out contacting].”

The financial summary for March 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $172.66

Quixtar Income: $0.00

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $0.00

Income from Customers: $0.00

April 2003

Spring leadership was this month. I drove 411 miles. This month I cancelled the IBO website because I did not see any real benefit to it. From BWW, I bought 6 tapes (1 double), 1 book, and Spring Leadership. I made 1 customer sale.



“In business, I have failed to this point in truly committing myself to learn the information on the tapes and seminars, so in effect, I have been trying to build the business with my own opinions and ideas. To solve this, I have started to study various aspects of the business. With these two goals in place, I am now moving on to a better and bigger place.”

The financial summary for April 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $335.46

Quixtar Income: $0.00

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $5.75

Income from Customers: $0.00 (I sold another item at my cost.)

May 2003

Another Rally; 407 miles. This was the first time that I was able to sell an item for full retail plus shipping, so I profited $7.10 from the sale. About this time, I started to listen to tapes all day at work. I was logging in the number of tapes I listened to every day at about 8-12 and I also logged books by title, reading in excess of 12-16 a month.

This month, I attended a Rally/Seminar and made 1 customer sale.



“I signed up a member in the business the Monday before for just giving out a can of XS. I ran 100 PV worth of Client/Member volume and I have a goal of 150 this month.”

I next explained away my problems and failures in the business after reading a book. It all kept being my fault in my mind when I did not see growth in the business.


“It goes like this (and how many times have I already been told this); keep up pictures of what you want and focus on them constantly.”

The financial summary for May 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $73.77

Quixtar Income: $13.12

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $6.75

Income from Customers: $7.10

June 2003

This month I signed up a member that bought a lot of XS. I was making sales, but rarely profited from them. We had a summer conference as well. I talked to one of my upline about not going to the next 1000+ leadership because I didn’t have money and didn’t re-qualify for so long. He suggested that I should go because it would set me ahead and if I miss it, I would be set back some time from growing my business.

I remember at the function, I was still starting to work out some things in my life, so I was attending the meetings, but spending a lot of time in the room. I chose not to go out to the crowds to contact like most other people tried. We were sharing a room with a crossline (unqualified) Silver. He kept on trying to give me advice on how to do this or that. It was really irritating me. All he was doing is the same teaching as usual. Perhaps this was one of the early breaking away points.

From BWW, I bought 7 tapes (1 double), 2 books, and made 3 sales to members (at no profit, since that is what a member pays for).



[Entry from the weekend function]

“The main thing I got out of the function was the power of overcoming. The aspect of leadership is important to the success of the business. The main think to do is to just talk to people and simply ask if they want to make more money. It seems a little simple, but some crazy inhibitions keep this simply easy to do task at bay.

The financial summary for June 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $315.49

Quixtar Income: $8.67

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $61.80

Income from Customers: $1.50

July 2003

I went up to Erie for a business party at the uplines house. I also made another trip up for a team training. In all, I drove over 800 miles. My credit cards at this point were right on the limit, often going over a little bit thus incurring an over the limit fee. I was borrowing from the cards to put cash in the checking account, borrowing from another credit card to pay off the first one. This cycle went on for about 2 or 3 months.

This month, I bought 6 tapes (1 double), 1 book, I attended a Team Training, made 3 retail sales, and 2 wholesale sales.

The financial summary for July 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $144.24

Quixtar Income: $44.76

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $0.00

Income from Customers: $11.60

August 2003

There was another Rally/Seminar and that is all I did this month. I was starting to feel a little disappointed at myself for not building this thing. I was out of money and continued on Standing Order. I did talk to the upline about money problems, but a good suggestion was to get another student loan to pay the credit cards down. That is what I did.

From BWW, I bought 7 tapes, 1 book, I attended a Rally/Seminar, and paid for the FED hotel room. I made 6 retail sales, and 1 member sale.



“I will only speak what I want as if it were. I will NEVER speak what I do have which I don’t want. I can already feel success upon me. I feel the power coming into me from all around. I have no more fears to large because God is with me. The few fears I have are just signs to show me what I need to do. I act on them and conquer them with no problem. I feel the great wealth of the world upon me and I know my [dreams are coming true]. I am already powerful.”


“I have been using good speaking habits for several days now. An update: I have one more retail customer which I gained from a referral.”

“I read the first chapter of ‘Magic of Thinking Big’ just a few minutes ago. The topic was ‘believe you can succeed and you will.’”

“For a few years now, I have pondered how to re-instill [the dream to motivate me to build the business].”

“The ‘believe you will succeed and you will’ had some steps: 1. Be discontent with your situation; you have to hate it with all your might, heart, and passion. 2. Burn all your bridges; do not let anything else come in the way of you and your destination. 3. Know your destination; know beyond all doubt that you have an emotional place to be. 4. Do the work; whatever your opportunity, it has a price; do not count it, pay it! 5. Have faith of a better day; believe beyond all doubt that after the work has been done, you will have the goal you have been working toward”

The financial summary for August 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $167.66

Quixtar Income: $0.00

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $24.25

Income from Customers: $22.00

September 2003

This month, I got the loan and paid down some cards. I decided to now get the highly promoted and recommended One Domain site since my credit cards were down (this service replaced the less expensive IBO website system from before. This month I started to get really motivated for some reason. FED was at the beginning of the month. I drove a total of 1352 miles this month for various business related items.

The month, I bought from BWW the FED ticket, 4 tapes, 6 books. I made 4 retail sales and 1 member sale. As mentioned above, this is the month that I started back up on One Domain.

The financial summary for September 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $442.61

Quixtar Income: $7.59

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $30.70

Income from Customers: $14.40

October 2003

This month we had the 1000+ leadership in Rocky Gap. I drove about 750 miles for various business related things. I was determined now to build this thing. From all the books I was reading and tapes I was listening to, I reasoned that success was right around the corner. I renewed by IBO-ship for $61.20

This month from BWW, I bought 5 tapes, 1 book, and attended Rocky Gap (plus paid a hotel fee). I made 8 member sales (to 2 members and 1 referral through a member), and 2 retail sales.

The financial summary for October 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $244.30

Quixtar Income: $11.53

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $32.90

Income from Customers: $7.70

November 2003

There was an EDC Rally, Brian Herosian.

This month I bought from BWW 6 tapes (1 double), 1 book, a Rally/Seminar, and I made 4 retail sales and 6 member sales.

The financial summary for MONTH 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $132.25

Quixtar Income: $43.66

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $16.22

Income from Customers: $10.80

December 2003

This marked the end of the third year in BWW. My lack of results did not phase me. Somewhere around here, I started to hang pictures up around my house. Before I knew it, there were about 350 pictures in my studio apartment of large houses, fast cars, and covetous vacation resorts.

This month, from BWW, I bought 5 tapes (1 double), 1 book. I made 1 member sale, 3 retail sales, and gave out $17.74 in sample products



“I have over the past few months, been involved in ‘competition’ with myself to get 12-15 books per month and 6-9 tapes per day. The major flaws I noted were: 1.) I walked around with headphones perpetually in my ears. I think it is very beneficial to listen to tapes in the morning, during dinner, or [at work]. It is not beneficial at times other than these because it closes me to the happenings of the world, which are critical for building the business. 2.) Too much time in books. I take time in the morning and evening for books, and also during lunch, however, times other than these, I am again closing myself to the world. Two hours per day is excellent and I shouldn’t feel obligated to go beyond that.”

“I found I am out a lot, but I do not have my attention on other people, which indicates I am not talking to people. I have successfully opened up to people in the past, therefore, I can do it again. I must focus on such”

The financial summary for December 2003:

BWW / Bus costs: $179.78

Quixtar Income: $10.88

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $32.32

Income from Customers: $8.59

2003 Year end summary

BWW / Bus costs: $2737.79

Quixtar Income: $254.47

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $244.59

Income from Customers: $90.89

Credit Card Debt: $6677.78

Mutual Funds(Assets): $2473.59

Student Loans: $11221.48

Net Worth: -$15425.67

Final Year – 2004

I did not save the shipping invoices for this year, so I don’t know the shipping costs. I also lost the original mileage files and calendar in a computer crash, but I was able to rebuild the profits / losses reports from the hard copies of receipts. I more or less quit the business slowly at the end of the year when my funds became impossible to support the tool system. Once I was no longer indoctrinated by the tool system, everything else went down from that. Once the influence was gone, I was able to see this system for what it was.

January 2004

I started out excited about the business. I had pictures up and I thought I had everything ready to move on and make a lot of money.

This month, I bought from BWW 3 tapes, 1 book. I made 5 member sales and 2 retail sales.

The financial summary for January 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $333.57

Quixtar Income: $7.06

Income from Customers: $7.20

February 2004

This month from BWW, I bought 1 CD, 2 books, and a large BWW calendar. I attended a Rally/Seminar and a Team Training. I made 4 retail sales and 1 member sale.



“I set a goal at the conclusion of the last function (Winter Conference) to talk to 100 people about making extra money. With about 46 days to go, I still have 97 to go (i.e., I am not doing well). I keep trying goals, trials, etc. but I am running into difficulty. I decided to take an extensive walk like the good old days.”

“The dream kicked in because I had belief in what was said to me. What if I could channel this new found thought into other areas? It would work like this: If I talk to 100 people, is it possible that 50 will give me a way to get back together? I think that if I were asked that in this economy, I would say yes, so long as the person who approached me was not weird. At this, by dressing up sharp and acting appropriately, I can avoid this. Of 50 people, at least 25 will get together which gives me 25 plans. Assuming I can show the plan properly, lets see: 1.) set at ease 2.) Dream build 3.) Big Picture / 2-5 yr plan 4.) 6-4-2 5.) 5 point wrap up. I got that. I just need to stay calm.”

“Again, assuming I can show the presentation properly, at least 12 people would get in. Therefore, if I just go out and ask 100 people if they want to make extra money, I will (assuredly) get 12 legs, of which 3 will be active business builders.”

“There is no reason not to believe this plan, so the next point is to overcome fear. This is easy, when my belief in what I just wrote becomes high enough the fear will go away because it fades when faith opposes it.”

“The overall point here is that if I can’t contact, my belief in the business is too small, but since there is solid statistics in finding the builders, there is no logical reason why I can’t believe in this. The final point is this: Talk to 100 people to go Emerald, 200 people to go Diamond, 300 people to go EDC. Teach this principle and you will be CAM.”

The financial summary for February 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $93.47

Quixtar Income: $65.84

Income from Customers: $14.55

March 2004

This month, I bought from BWW 12 tapes, 2 books, I attended a Team Training. I made 1 member sale and 2 retail sales.

A few selected noted from the Dave Taylor Attitude 3/20/04

  • Family always comes first
  • Want a low IQ (I Quit)
  • Most people have no concept of success
  • Education is NOT the ticket [why are the tools, i.e. education so well promoted, then, just a thought]
  • Success is how many people lived a better life because we lived
  • Why toil all your life for the company store?
  • We don’t invest our money, we invest our time
  • Show the plan to people in their early twenties
  • The dying starts the moment we get our first job
  • No one will win this, they have to earn it
  • If you can count to 6, you can go Diamond
  • Our security is within our selves
  • You can have your foot in the work world, but don’t give them anything else. Retract your foot frequently
  • No one else will take care of you in the future
  • Develop a friendship with people and then bring up business
  • Real posture comes from total belief
  • Negativity comes in freely if you don’t know what to block
  • Cap the negative 1.) No more News 2.) No more garbage movies and magazines 3.) watch your associations; you are who you associate with
  • Don’t associate with negative people
  • Insanity is working for 45 years
  • Steps to achieve: 1.) Get to 5 nights per week ASAP 2.) Do the 9 core steps as best you can. 3.) Use the three powers (Unity, Spoken Word, Submission)

The financial summary for March 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $234.47

Quixtar Income: $8.09

Income from Customers: $6.74

April 2004

This month from BWW, I bought 6 tapes, 1 book, I attended Spring Leadership with room. I made 1 member sale and 2 retail sales.

Bulleted notes from Spring Leadership:

Bill Britt

  • Work hard, persistent, and consistent
  • Poor people can not help poor people: The worst thing for poor people to do is to be around other poor people
  • Poor people can not teach me to succeed
  • We choose what we do. We are not bound by any circumstance
  • The unseen controls the seen
  • The battle is God vs. Satan
  • People need to fix their broke brains
  • God is no respecter of persons
  • Power is in the spoken word
  • The creator must be greater than what is created
  • Vision is the window to the future
  • Speak what you want before you get it

Charlie Durso

  • Help other people solve their own problems and your will go away
  • How to tell a leader: They have a following
  • Five nights a week for two years with the proper foundation

John Sestina

  • Most of us got in for the money, myself included
  • Our profit is for our own profit
  • We are directly rewarded for what we contribute
  • It is my business, the success or failure is up to me
  • The quest is more important than the money

Bill Britt (again)

  • Business works for whoever makes it work
  • The negative is all around us. Dissociate from it
  • My brain can be used for great negative or great positive and it is all up to me
  • How many are better off because we were in others lives
  • Everyone lives at the level they speak. No exceptions
  • To find a wife, sponsor her firs

Don’t know speaker

  • 3 powers: 1.) Unity 2.) Spoken Word 3.)Submission
  • Be the same person all the time

Frank Mikolas

  • Have fun the whole time
  • Keep the faith
  • Just do what needs to be done
  • Challenges occur all the time
  • Some seed of faith will carry us through
  • True commitments will cause us to overcome bad habits


  • You must walk by faith the first two years. Build in fertile ground, don’t check for results.
  • Fertile ground is: 1.) God’s word 2.) 9 core steps 3.) 5 nights / week 4.) 3 Powers 5.) Right people

Dave Taylor

  • We are competing with the negative world for input
  • We must live in the world, but not let it drag us down
  • We must conquer ourselves before we conquer the world
  • The business must get into the heart before it will work

Angelo Nardone

  • Don’t listen to ignorant, negative people, they don’t understand the business

Rex Renfrow

  • Stand up to all the challenges; only God can make me stop
  • Get started and don’t stop
  • Free your heart from hate and your mind from worry
  • The negative people want to put you down so you do not succeed

This is a good summary, but I have more from this conference.

The financial summary for April 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $328.37

Quixtar Income: $0.00

Income from Customers: $7.20

May 2004

This month, from BWW, I bought 5 tapes, 1 book. I attended a Rally/Seminar. I made 1 member sale and 3 retail sales.



“I came to a thought of ‘no excuse’ I wanted to discuss a little. My lack of results could be placed directly on me. I don’t take it too hard because I have all the crap from the past to sort out….I will overcome successfully and that’s it! Period! [This is how Bill Britt talks, not me!] I realized that I am in better hands of mentorship than many people. Who could teach the business better than Double Eagle Emerald [upline]?”

The financial summary for May 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $191.24

Quixtar Income: $7.63

Income from Customers: $10.80

June 2004

This month, from BWW, I bought 2 tapes, 1 book. I made 1 retail sale, and 2 member sales.

The financial summary for June 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $302.40

Quixtar Income: $8.19

Income from Customers: $3.60

July 2004

This month from BWW, I ordered 6 tapes. I made 2 retail sales.

The financial summary for July 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $86.59

Quixtar Income: $5.20

Income from Customers: $5.20

August 2004

This month, I attended a Rally/Seminar. I started a client who ordered 5 protein bars for $10.00, which was $0.40 per week profit. This continued until I ran out of bars and then I stopped getting them for him because it was costing me more to get them (after credit card interest) than to sell them.

The financial summary for August 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $47.63

Quixtar Income: $7.96

Income from Customers: $2.00

September 2004

This marked the ending of my time in BWW. I needed to get a car which required me to reroute money to it. The only option I had was to quit standing order, functions, and the seminars, though I desperately did not want to. In the end, I recognized the problems with the system and the business as a whole. I quit and terminated all clients as soon as I had no more movable product that they bought.

The financial summary for September 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $37.31

Quixtar Income: $0.00

Income from Customers: $1.60

October 2004

The financial summary for October 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $37.59 (Last month on Communikate and One Domain)

Quixtar Income: $8.65

Income from Customers: $1.60

November 2004

By this time, I was neutral about the business. I recognized my losses, but still kind of missed the system. I would be about 4 months later that I recognized the pains that it has caused me.

The financial summary for November 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $ 0.00

Quixtar Income: $8.60

Income from Customers: $2.00

December 2004

The financial summary for December 2004:

BWW / Bus costs: $0.00

Quixtar Income: $0.00

Income from Customers: $1.20

2004 Year end summary

BWW / Bus costs: $1692.64

Quixtar Income: $127.22

Income from Customers: $63.69

Credit Card Debt: $6324.48

Car Loan: $5593.33

Mutual Funds(Assets): $1036.28

Student Loans: $16733.20 (This is an estimate, there are a few accounts that I don’t have a hard copy of the reference.)

Net Worth: -$27614.73

Other notes

In the total stay in BWW, my net worth went from +$2244.93 to -$27,614.73, mostly due to expenses in the BWW business. The 4 years that I spent in BWW, these are the costs:

BWW / Bus costs: $10,337.62

Quixtar Income: $1,044.76

Quixtar Shipping Fees: $466.16 (Note this only 2001-2003)

Income from Customers: $158.73

According to my credit card statements, I spent about $15,003.88 on purchases through Quixtar. Some of these were products I used, some were to get to pin levels. I can show, however, that all of these products are vastly overpriced.

Undated and Unknown Journal entries:

[This piece details the internal pressures I had to contact]:

“How many times have I come home and sat down trying to get ready to go? How many days was I in a room full of people and come back knowing none? How many times have I talked and never brought up business? How many days have I labored pains of debt but could be free? I know that failure eminent of continuation, yet I still feel the fear of bringing up the subject. Was I ever shot at? Have I ever been told ‘go away’? Why this pain? What about the feeling I get when I a number? Even when I get a ‘No’? Obviously, the problem is me…why? Who cares…Just do it!”

[This is most likely between February and April 2003 because it is between those two entries, however, this particular journal does jump around a little bit. It is directly inspired by a tape]:

“Joe Marciewicz said on “Escape from Captivity” that of one aspect of life is correct, all others will fall into place. This goes to follow that if any area is out of place, the others will fall out; point is thus: do everything with the motivation of God, and everything will be blessed and fall into line. Don’t let anything else slip and fall.”

Undated notes from a team training

  • Don’t look for lazy people, find ambitious ones.
  • The entire business is up to you
  • You can create your desired future with your words of your mouth
  • Reading, Listening, and Attending is the lifeblood of the business
  • Be excited; if I don’t show the plan, someone else will
  • Listen to the words people say; Qualify people, then cycle through them
  • Always ask of upline, not tell or inform!
  • Many people think they are customers of Quixtar, not IBO’s of the corporation

Another undated team training; I think this was the last one I ever attended

He gave an assignment to see how teachable we are. The Emerald asked us how many people were on MCI. (Only a handful of hands went up), and then he gave an assignment: For those who are not, get on MCI; there is a promotional and you will get 200 points if you do that. [I don’t know how many people did get on MCI, I know that I didn’t because I didn’t even have a home phone and had no intention, or money for that matter, of getting one.]

  • Power of Spoken Word:
    • Write what you said
    • Write out the correction
    • Feed the corrected words
    • Hear yourself speaking
    • Watch everything you say
    • The future of your business is in your hands, and you must start new with what you have
  • Unity:
    • Don’t let excused keep you from succeeding
    • Holding down yourself slows down everyone else on the team
    • You are with or without the team: It is one decision
    • Make a decision to STP 5 nights per week
    • Unification shows in your face
  • Submission:
    • Defined as the ability to use a multitude of counselors
    • The person with the most submission is the most powerful [I have no idea where they are getting these definitions and descriptions from. They are flat scary]


Over the time the business, I received a few Christmas cards, and several congratulations cards as I moved through the levels. I also even got cards from Go Diamond, Q12, and things like that from the upline Platinum and Emerald. Where are the cards now that I left? Where is the contact from these ‘friends for life’? Except for my best friend from many years back and one other person who was crossline, I have not heard from anyone in the business since I left except the upline Platinum who responded to a few emails that I sent. In those, One asked me if I needed to order anything because another upline is pushing for Silver. I am waiting now to see how long it might go before they contact me for anything.

Self talk cards:

The business teaches self-talk so much and that the only way to make it is to use this method. I had a bunch of cards in my business card wallet that I looked over several times per day. Most were self-talk. These are them:

“3 Steps to Contacting

1. Know that everyone you meet is looking for financial diversity.

2. Write down / memorize lines.

3. Practice constantly.”

“8 Steps to Contacting

1. Be genuinly interested in the other person, but your objective is to contact him.

2. Expect people to be interested; be excited and have conviction.

3. People only respond to you based on their own self image, not on yours.

4. Listen for needs and use those needs to set up the approach.

5. Every situation presents the opportunity to meet someone new.

6. Always answer a question with a question.

7. Know that you have the best business in the world and that it is up to you to let people know that something better is out there.

8. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, they only make you stronger.”

“Steps to make a decision

1. Focus immediately on the ‘No Lose’ model [from ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’, Susan Jeffers, ISBN#0449902927]

2. Find out all your options

3. Establish your priorities

4. Trust your impulses

5. Lighten up. The decision will not kill you

After the Decision

1. Throw away the picture

2. Accept total responsibility for the decision

3. Don’t protect, correct.”

[I had a card with a bunch of beaches of one side and a bunch of symbols representative of work on the other side with a vs. in between them. This was a means of suggesting that I could choose work or freedom. I had another card that was basically the same thing in words.]

“Contacting line to memorize:

I can’t go into details here, but briefly, we are expanding the customer base to a variety of businesses both online and offline with your income based on the volume of sales generated. What is a good way to get a hold of you so that I can get you the rest of the information?”

[One card was ‘the 5 truths about fear’ that are detailed in ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’]

“I remember all my contacting lines at all times and am very good at thinking on my feet. People are always glad to tell me their needs and I always come up with a good contact line from those needs.

I constantly practice contacting. I have absolutely no fear in contacting what so ever

When I am in the presence of other people, I am always calm, relaxed, and quick thinking. I have complete control over what I do and I choose to help others by helping their finances.

I know beyond all doubt that I have the best business in the world and I excitedly tell others about it with great conviction. The people I speak with sense that I am going somewhere and they want to come along.

I meet someone new in every situation. Not only do I meet people, but I also contact them. People are looking and I show them the plan.

I have achieved all my contacting goals for the month and my counseling sheet shows as such. Because I contact so many people, I always show 20 or more plans in a given month.” [This self-talk is under the category of ‘fake it until you make it’, because it never came true].

“I anticipate the growth of my business at all times. I know beyond all doubt that I have succeeded in creating a world wide business team.

Everyone I see is looking for an opportunity to make more money and I tell them about the perfect model to help them with their dreams.

Every single month, I grow more successful by growing by leaps and bounds, not just simple addition.

I talk to people every day and everyone is looking. I show 25 plans every month and every month I change pins with proper structure.

I am an eagle with three eagle legs and I have reached my goal of Platinum Producer.

I know beyond all doubt that everyone is waiting to talk to me and I know that my bills are being paid off as soon as I get the bill in the mail. I have several thousand dollars in the bank.”

Note that all of these self-talk phrases are in direct accordance with ‘What to Say When You Talk to Yourself’ (Shad Helmstetter, ISBN#0671708821), which is a cornerstone book to the BWW team.


In final conclusion, the effect that BWW has had on me is staggering. Though the system is ‘optional’ as they say, they also tell you that no one has made it without the system. Further, this business is taught to be the will of God. I don’t remember a function where Rex Renfrow (at the top of our team) did not offer an end of function statement which included the following: 1. He would say that if you didn’t think the function was worth it, talk to him and he will refund your money, however, you should also quit the whole business after that. 2. He would follow that by saying that this business is in alignment with the will of God and ask the question ‘Why would God NOT want you to do this?’ “With this”, he said, “you can lead people to him, solve their money problems, get them free from a job.” Next, if you are dabbling in the system, don’t ask for your uplines help unless you are fully committed to the system, because that is the first thing they recommend. I got in because I wanted to make money. Since I have never run a business, I wanted to take advice from people who have, so I did what they recommended. I bought tapes, books, attended seminars, and all of these are ‘cash only’. The only real teaching that the system does consistantly (the majority of it is motivation) is to do 100PV at least in products and teach others to do the same. For that, I used the credit card. I did bring up the issue about not liking to use the credit card, but I was assured that the Platinum bonus would pay those off. Paying the price was the ticket to freedom, and that required the system AND the products.

In the end, I can not credit BWW for anything but the loss of $25,000. As I reflect back, I would be 100% debt free today, but instead, I will have to pay off loans for several years. I want to save people this stress. In summary, these are the points that BWW did to me and I will have to work hard to correct them:

It taught me to buy on credit

It taught me to covet material things

It taught me to get things to impress people so they would want to find out what I know (i.e., a platinum for the Gospel, as Danny Snipes often says)

It taught me poor work habits and ethics while on the job

It taught me to spend money out at coffee shops hanging out to meet people

It taught me to look like a fool trying to meet people at every party, social gathering, etc for the ever continuing expanse of building my business


The 8 Team Player Steps

  1. Listen to a Tape a Day; be on Standing Order Tape, about $6 a weeks (price raised to $7.50 by the conclusion of my time)
  2. Read a Book a Month; be on Book of the Month, $10-12 a month
  3. Attend all meetings; $3 for opens 2-4 times per month; $6-10 for trainings once per month; $100 + travel for four conferences a year; $10 for Seminars four times a year.
  4. Be Accountable to your Upline
  5. Be Teachable from your Upline
  6. Use and promote the products
  7. Show the Plan (STP; later was changed to the terminology Share the Presentation) 3-5 times per week.
  8. Develop Members and Clients; 50 PV per month (This step was often downplayed and cast aside)
  9. (Added later) Be on Communikate; $25-35 per month. (BWW’s own telecommunication system)

The 3 Powers

  1. Power of Unity: Be totally unified to the team and subject to its teachings. Don’t try to do anything new or to reinvent the wheel
  2. Power of the Spoken Word: All things will come together to the level that you speak. Only speak the positive things you want and never speak the things you have that you don’t want.
  3. Power of Submission: Always be in submission to your upline(s). Whoever has more submission has more power.


Blogger Fear Fighter said...

Posted by (XanadustC) at 2:04 PM 0 comments

Good Details, but very, very, very wrong on many aspects!!!

I am thinking about posting my profile and life detail like yours. Just to show you the similarities but difference based on one aspect and that is showing the plan. As I read your entry I was wow at how similar our experience was but also very different. They parallel in years one and almost two and then I grew as I see where you did not. You put a ton of time into this Blog entry. It is just that BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG stuff that you always see on a negative site. But for those that are smart and can see the benefits here is the Black and White. The only thing you have to decide is what side of the fence you want to be on.

Like any business xanadustc Cleary states has over head. Over a 4 year period he adds up his total over head. All this is in business tools to educate him self. The only aspect that he was fooling him self was the fear category that he talk about but did not solve. He would have done great if he would have over come one thing. He Probably would have gone platinum. Made $32,000 min and maybe gone on to Ruby, min say $62,000, or Emerald and even Diamond. But he clearly shows you his non doings with the business in one area where we call it “ Where the Rubber Meets the Road” . He forgot to show the Plan. Ya he might have shown 10- 20-30 plans, but talk to any successful real-estater or insurance salesmen and see if they did that many overviews to be successful. They will laugh at you. The bottom line is where (xanadustc) says he went out to contact 100 people and only made it to 3 and had 97 to go. You see he did not show the plan nor meet enough people because he let fear get in the way. Now he has a gag story online with all the other people who want sympathy.

(XanadustC) comments on 2/18/04

“I set a goal at the conclusion of the last function (Winter Conference) to talk to 100 people about making extra money. With about 46 days to go, I still have 97 to go (i.e., I am not doing well). I keep trying goals, trials, etc. but I am running into difficulty. I decided to take an extensive walk like the good old days”

Yes this business will not work if you want to make money if you do not show the plan and talk to someone. How ever it is as you can see a great place to learn and educate yourself based on the teachings and NO I DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THIS IN CORPRATE AMERICA.

Lastly (XanadustC) comments about BWW teaching people to buy on credit is just the opposite. You should not have used a credit card to that extent. If you were in submissions like you say to an upline mentor they NEVER would have condone that! That obvisoly would not work in the long run and would have prventled this whole BLOG. You should have gotten a second job so you did not create debt. Your loss was based on your own laziness. The only problem with our business is yes that is works, but also it is just that your own business. If you do not show the plan it will not work. Just listening to tapes and being a fan does not make you NFL player on the field getting paid on Sundays. Your education from buy the tools was like lifting weights eating great and stretching a lot. May be even watching film.

But you never got in to a 2 a day hot summer day practice and thus ever got in a game. Please people, Anyone reading this. Realize this!

Our Team teaches the right things to do and they work if implemented to a great degree which is so so so so rewarding to see people you help succeed and grow as people which is not capable in most jobs environments. Lastly I know my writing skills are not the best like (xanadustc) were so thoughtfully laid out, but then again may be while he was studying and thinking it out sooo much I was out showing plans imperfectly and succeeding. This is the best opportunity in the world. You just make sure if you take the challenge that when you unzip yourself to see what’s inside of you that you grow past the fear instead of zipping yourself back up because you are too lazy to change what you see inside yourself.

Thu Sep 15, 10:41:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Way to make assumptions. Yes, I had fear, but I also overcame a lot of it. I did show a lot of plans. I talked to a lot of people.

What you just suggested that I needed to do is called Doctrine over Person in cult theory. The premise is that the system always works if you work it. That is not the case. The A/Q model is inherently flawed because of the constant flux of participants. Is it possible to grow? Yes.

Let me throw out one more point: Assuming that I DID in fact go Platinum and beyond, how many other people would be in my expressed situation? The answer is a lot (at least 100 for a stable platinum). If you lok at this system in the total big picture, many, many more people will ALWAYS be losing money for every one person who is gaining money. The money must come from somewhere, and the statistics inidcate that the majority is not comming from retail sales.

Next point, I was in TOTAL SUBMISSION to my upline the WHOLE TIME in the business. They DID tell my to use the credit card because the volume is important. If indeed, your upline is not like that, you, sir, are in the minority. The reason I can say this is that the SYSTEM is promoted as much as the PRODUCTS. What would be the case if I was in BWW, but not buiying products? I could not argue that I was in a business. What if I did Quixtar, but not BWW? I would be out of submission with the upline. Where do I go now?

This document expressed the social implications, which indicates objectively that this system is a dangerous cult, thus such topics exist on cult analyst website as a cult group (the SYSTEM, not the CORPORATION).

One last point, you know NOTHING about my qualifications, therefore, you make a statement such as "because you are too lazy to change what you see inside yourself" in total ignorance. You, sir, are in a cult. The sooner you realize that, the better off you will be. What is your pin level? How much money are you CLEARING after all your expenses? What is the TOTAL income vs. outflow in your entire group?

Thanks for the comment,

Thu Sep 15, 11:48:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

One more thing, Fear Fighter? Who is your upline?

Thu Sep 15, 12:02:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger TD said...


I really enjoyed this post. I was in WWG for a number of years and experienced almost the exact same thing. It’s amazing to read your notes that you took during functions at the time; I recognize much of the teaching from my own experience. Thank God, my H and I finally realized what it was doing to us financially, socially and spiritually and then left the organization. Interestingly, it was around the same time as you, according to your timeline. I can’t wait to read your upcoming post on the spiritual aspects of the business.

Fear Fighter said - “You see he did not show the plan nor meet enough people because he let fear get in the way. Now he has a gag story online with all the other people who want sympathy.”

Most critics are not after sympathy; we want to help others avoid our mistakes. Also, about fear getting in the way, it isn’t our fear, it's our conscience. You see I always inexplicably (at the time) felt bad for my customers, prospects and downline, because I knew, deep down, that I was not offering any of them a good deal, only a good deal for myself. What “Fear Fighter” is actually referring to, unintentionally, is that in order to succeed at this business you have to the point where you believe that you are “offering” them something, when you are not, IMO.

Fri Sep 16, 05:33:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello X,
I would like to thank you for your time and effort in MLM and for your time and effort in creating this blog. I also thank PW from the MLMSurvivors Club for informing me of this site from a post he made at that group.
I am a rock solid promlmer. I believe in the concept of MLM but I also believe that problems exist in the industry of MLM. If I can I would like to help clear things up, get the bad boy right so to speak.
I am not involved with Amway now but was a distributor in the years 1993 to 1995. I was in a group called INA (International Networking Association). Prior to joining I had heard about the negative aspects of Amway. But in May of 1993 I read an article in SUCCESS Magazine that stated MLM was the trend of the future and it mentioned Amway among others. So I said to myself, "How can this be. Everyone knows that Amway is filled with fanatic, brainwashed, cult zombies."
I decided that the only way to really find out was to join them to see what happened. From the very moment of joining I was on the lookout for the bad to happen. I listened to several tapes and was surprised to find it made sense to me. So I bought some products, enough for me to get a check. And I received one for a small amount of 3 or 6 dollars I forget which it was.
At this point I had not received any pressure to buy products but I did receive invitations to attend a CORE meeting. So finally on a dark and stormy night I drove alone to a hotel meeting in the San Diego, CA area. What I saw was my direct giving training on how to build the business. There were 60 to 75 people in attendance all very nicely dressed like you would see at any corporate meeting. I came dressed in a 3 piece suit and was feeling pretty dapper until they came to a time where new people were to stand and identify who they were and what they wanted out of the business. Finally it was my turn and with a flushed feeling I told the group who I was and what I did for a living and where I lived and naturally I said I wanted financial independence out of the business. I got to meet some very nice people and talk to my direct.
Later I went to a cross line meeting that was closer to home to see what it was like. It was ok but not as well put together.
So far so good I thought and the next thing I did was attend a big ralley that was being held at the Long Beach Arena. It was a three day event Friday night all day Saturday and finished up on Sunday. I had me a room at a local hotel and again I went alone. I had to be sure of what this Amway thing was before I would even mention it to anyone else. It was called a "Diamond Symposium". Over the weekend I listened to 16 speakers. 15 of which I thought were excellent and 1 that I thought was a kook. I don't know how that one guy ever made diamond. Anyway I came back from the weekend having learned 3 things on how to build my business.
1). You had to some degree trust your upline.
2). You had to use the products.
3). You had to believe you could build this business.
So within let's say three or four months time I listened to several tapes I attended two CORE meetings and I attended one major function. I felt I knew as much as I needed to know about Amway and would not attend anymore unless I brought someone to see the business.
Now the fun part comes when I actually attempt to build my Amway business. It didn't go so well. I got shot down in flames left and right. I asked my direct what was the matter. He asked me, "Did you tell your prospects that it was Amway?" I said yes and he said, "Thats why you haven't had any success." He told me that if you tell people that it is Amway they will not sit down and listen to you. So I had a choice, don't tell them and have a chance to build my business or tell them and not build my business.
Now the INA, IMO, treated the business building in a very business like manner. But I still had a big problem with not being able to tell people it was Amway up front. So I never did build a business with Amway. But the real gem,IMO, in all of this is the books that I read. They have changed my life forever. They answered my questions and showed me the way.
Now I have to ask this question. How do seemingly intelligent people who have read more books than me and listened to more tapes than me and went to way more meetings than me and still they blame it on their upline for their failure?
To me the answer is obvious.

Sat Sep 17, 06:35:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...


Thanks for the comments. I would like to respond:

C>I am a rock solid promlmer
X>I am not. The following are a list of simple reasons:
1. Cost of MLM products are generally much more expensive than that of competing products [this appears to be to pay all the people in between].
2. The money is in growth, so more emphasis is generally placed on recruitment over customer sales.
3. The markup on products for sale is generally too small to make a significant [i.e. living wage] profit.
4. The time required to build and maintain a network far exceeds the reward for doing so [especially since the MLM I know of with the highest retention rate is Reliv @ a little over 50%].
5. If you ever do succeed in turning a significant profit, it is always for having a large network of people who are making little if any money at all
6. Statistically, 99.9% of people lose money in MLM

I would suggest reading Robert FitzPatriks “Myth of Income Opportunity in Multi-level Marketing” if you have never done so.

C>But in May of 1993 I read an article in SUCCESS Magazine that stated MLM was the trend of the future and it mentioned Amway among others
X>I truly hope that you base your opinion of MLM on more than this. MLM is not a trend of the future according to current statistics. That article is over 10 years old now. According an expert in the field of marketing, in 2000 only 0.33% of all sales were MLM and the vast majority of those made by distributors like yourself (if you are a distributor somewhere) and like me during my years of involvement.

C>So I had a choice, don't tell them and have a chance to build my business or tell them and not build my business.
X>This is a point worth mentioning because of it’s importance, but I will not say anything else because you hit the nail on the head correctly. We left the name out unless the prospect brought it up. The name Amway, however, was left out and defended as a good company, but not ours. If you follow the name changes over time, you will see that Quixtar is really Amway, USA; thus, I was lying to my prospects per my upline teachings, though, I did not know it.

C>But the real gem,IMO, in all of this is the books that I read.
X>I will repeat my statement to you that I have made to another. If you are a Christian, you are leading yourself astray with these books. If you are not a Christian, I would suggest you read the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

C>Now I have to ask this question. How do seemingly intelligent people who have read more books than me and listened to more tapes than me and went to way more meetings than me and still they blame it on their upline for their failure?
X>I didn’t fail. I left a dangerous cult and now I try my best to educate people on what that system is. If BWW (and other AQMOs) is NOT a dangerous cult, why then:

1. Is it listed on ex-cult.org
2. Is it on Steve Hassans page (a foremost expert on cults.)
3. Is it seemingly modeled as organized crime
4. Is it testified against in court by cult experts

In conclusion, although I disagree with the general principle of MLM, my focus of this blog is to:

1. Expose BWW as a dangerous cult based on it’s own teachings
2. Show how the teachings of BWW and the motivational / business books are CONTRARY to the teaching of Christ
3. Let other people know that they are not a failure if they leave this MO or other ones.

I find it very sad that you think that I failed a business and am blaming my upline. That is like being a follower of Jim Jones, leaving the cult and then being blamed as someone who is did not transcend to a higher level with the rest of them after the Kool-Aide. I truly hope that you critically review your position and recognize that I am not bitter. God will call us out of things which enslave us only to equip us and send us back to fight against it.

Here are links I referenced for this reply:







Sat Sep 17, 11:45:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello again X,
I appreciate your response to my post. Thank you.
I want to apologize to you for implying that you failed. It was not my intention to do so. Your attempt was way above and beyond the call of duty. I think what I was trying to convey was my lack of understanding how anyone could let themself be controlled to such a level as you depict. Especially after having read many books.
Speaking of books, I would like to clear one thing up about what I said in my first post. When I said the books showed me the way, it was not what you think. I undertook the journey in MLM to try and find the way to money. Money means different things to different people. To some it means power to others it means security, ect. To me it means lifestlye. So here I go almost eating the pages of these books trying to find the answer. I read every page of every book. I did not want to skim through the books, as so many people do, as I was afraid that I might miss the knowledge that I needed. Yes, I became more knowledgeable but something else happened along the way. Something that I was not even looking for. I found the greatest thing that a human being can find. What I found was Jesus Christ. On Sept. 21, 1993 as I was preparing to go to work at about 5 am I had a vision given to me. I went to work that day crying like a baby. Not out of sadness but happiness.
I did not join Amway until Oct. 28, 1993. But from sometime in May that year until Oct. I was reading mass quantities of books. My brain seemed like a computer processing data. My coming to accept Jesus as my savior had nothing to do with Amway. In fact, as I said before I had heard the negative about Amway already and fully expected to find fault with it. But I didn't. Inside me I did not want to join. The weekend prior to me actually making the decision I had miserable time. I could not sleep. I tossed and turned and prayed to God to help guide me. But unfortunately I did not here any voice from above say one way or the other. I was on my own on this one.
Unlike you, I had some spiritual input at an early age. My mother took my brothers and I to the Church of Christ. But going to Sunday school does not make one a believer. Like you I also came from a dysfunctional family. At the age of 15 my parents started fighting and eventually split up and divorced.
Not being a true believer, I let what I heard from others take me away from the church. Knowing what I know now and looking back on it that was just my excuse. The real reason that I left the church was that I thought I could not live up to the 10 commandments. I thought I would fail and so I found any excuse that would fit to backup my decision to downplay it.
X, I am way off topic. I realize the purpose for your blog is the exposure of the Britt network. I do not have first hand experience with this group but have heard it mentioned several times at MLMSurvivors group. I respect your wish to do this.
X, I like you. The reason why is I feel a common bond with you because of your involvement in MLM. It does not concern me of your feelings of MLM because it is none of my business. Some people like and talk of sports or whatever else that they are interested in. Me, I am fascinated with MLM. I will talk to anyone about the good, the bad, or the ugly of it. I started out being attracted by money and now I am more interested in the people in MLM or out of it. You talk of your financial and social impact of MLM on you and they are very important subjects. I too care about those subjects but what really makes my socks roll up and down is the psychological impact it has on people.
Every time I come to your site I read more and more of what you have to say. Your site is very massive and it will take me some time to digest it.

Mon Sep 19, 03:05:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...


Greetings again, C!

Let us clarify our points a little more and in a bit more detail and understanding.

First, you said:
“I think what I was trying to convey was my lack of understanding how anyone could let themself be controlled to such a level as you depict.”

I would like to ask if you have read any material on dangerous cults? No one ever knows what they are getting into when they start a journey down the road of a dangerous cult. Steve Hassan has some of the best, especially this point of debate, since he found himself in a high leadership position in the Moonies. His site is www.freedomofmind.com. His first book is certainly worth the read: “Combating Cult Mind Control”. You must make a distinction between the religious definition of a cult vs the psychological definition of a cult. I study cults from both sides, mostly because the religious community as a whole often has bought into modernism and post-modernism leading to a decline in understanding that the Bible applies to sacred AND secular portions of life. To understand the difference between these cult definitions, compare these two sites. Both are good; the first is a definition of a cult from a religious point of view, the next is from a psychological point of view: http://www.carm.org/cults/cultic.htm and http://www.freedomofmind.com/resourcecenter/articles/BITE.htm.

C>When I said the books showed me the way, it was not what you think
X>I think I do know what you were talking about, but lest I put my foot in my mouth too far, I would like to know what books you are reading. Could you post or email a list of them to me?

The reason I say this is that many books used in the business / motivation area talk about God a lot, but they are anything but good. They are well seeped in the Word-Faith movement which exults man and has him believe that if he has enough faith, he has the same creative power as God has. The BWW system endorses such books as “The Tongue, a Creative Force” (Charles Capps), “Hung by the Tongue” (Frances Martin), other books by Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuler. These books are false Christianity. How About “Prayer of Jabez”? The whole point of this book is that if you just pray right, you will get what you want. What ever happened to “Not my will, but Your will be done?” (Matthew 26:39). The point here is that God is in control, not us. Just be cautious because the pursuit of money is deadly. Your focus should not be to make lifestyle, but to work ministry and bring Glory to Jesus Christ. To counter the argument of “Why go to work for eight hours”, I would like to remind you that 1. Work is a pre-fall condition. Making an honest living is biblical indeed, and 2. Work itself is a ministry zone. I witness to people a lot and even counsel people a lot at my work. My views are well known and I debate them often, but I am one also one of the more respected persons by the Christians, Hindus, and Atheists alike. My stand for Christ and the fruits of my labor for Him have paved the way to share witness and testimony. I literally had to unlearn what I read and learned from the books. I have read well over 150 of them. Reading is a hobby for me.

C>Me, I am fascinated with MLM. I will talk to anyone about the good, the bad, or the ugly of it
X>I am also fascinated with it. As you can see, I am fascinated with it because it has led to financial sin more than anything else out there. I have a book topic on my desk to start writing soon (I have been waylaid a bit), part of the book will have an MLM section because MLM is a thing that spurred up merely as a means to attempt to improve the way to covetousness and materialism. Such things interest the heart of sinful man and such things can lead a faithful man astray. I watched it happen to a person with another MLM as he was lead from a faithful servant to a money hungry, greedy fool in the pursuit of a lifestyle because he finally found a group of people who told him he could have both. Does Jesus say that? Matthew 6:24 says “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other You cannot serve God and wealth.”. Of course the MLM counter of this is that when you are poor, you are serving money because you are working all day. That is not true; work is Biblical. When your pursuit is on money, that becomes the problem. MLM teaches a pursuit for money (though they often disguise it with ministry, helping people, etc.). Your life becomes and extension of the MLM and all the aspects that you are suppose to take your faith, your MLM takes control. You are left with a choice: Do you share the Gospel of MLM or the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Some people will argue you can do both. No you can’t. God will not share His glory. Pick one and stick with it.

I have put in many hours of study on MLM theory, multiple business, etc. I have done interventions to give materials about MLM’s to people and I have been asked to do yet another one as soon as my contact gathers more info about the person.

I have to go now,
Let me know if you would like to see any of the resources I mentioned. I also have a nice PDF about the Reliv business that I gathered after a long period of talking to their recruiters. It was used to give the new Reliv MA an understanding of his business, because he literally did not know what he was in.

Talk to you later,

Mon Sep 19, 07:15:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello X,
To answer your question about having read anything on dangerous cults. The answer is No.
Your recommendation of Steve Hassan's book sounds interesting to me. I feel I'm all about "Combat", it figures deeply into my philosophy of my thinking when it comes to MLM. You and others have made such mention of cults and their practices that I think I should read up on them and at least be somewhat knowledgeable about them. Maybe I'm a cultist and don't even know it. I really don't think I am though.
About the books I have read. I went to my file where I keep such information and could not find it. I know I still have it somewhere. I will try to recall from memory but before I do I want to say that I have never read the books you have mentioned. I know I have read other books that express the same type of view. When I started my reading of books I had already said to myself that if what I read made sense to me I would keep it for myself but if it did not I would reject it. Going back to the statement of my "vision" it seems to be a bit overly dramatic. I would feel truly blessed if it were a divine intervention but probably more likely it was my subconsious erupting due to the information my mind was processing. I don't remember the books so much referring to God himself but more to biblical references in general. Which I found to to be a common thread between the books. Whatever I saw that morning was very trumatic to me. Afterward I felt that the old me had died and the new me took over. It was a very strange experience indeed. I had nothing like it before or since.
X, I have to go now. I will be back later to continue on.

Tue Sep 20, 06:32:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello X,
I'm back. Last night I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. Just FYI, not that it matters, each day that I work it is a minimum of 13 hours from the time I leave my front door until I return home. Add time for eating, sleeping, and just taking care of routine family business I like have very little time to be on line.
I would like to make a quick comment to Fear Fighter and TD if by chance they still visit your site. To Fear Fighter I would like to say that by your name I relate to you. I too feel people are controlled more than they may realize by fear. Be it fear of rejection to fear of success and the many other subtle forms in between.
To TD I would like to say I also have felt your feelings about offering something to others and having serious doubts about it. I feel that it is impossible to build a MLM business with that kind of feeling about what you are asking people to do.
The first book I read was "How to Win Friends and Influence People". I had heard of this book twenty years before I actually read it. I thought it was about sales and selling people. When I finally did read it it was to me more about people and how to treat them.
The second book I read was "The Magic of Thinking Big" which you make mention of.
The third book I read was "The Art of Selling" by Tom Hopkins but I may be wrong.
The fourth book I read was "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself".
I remember I thought this book was good because it told me why most motivational books, tapes, and speakers do not work for people.
By now I was hooked on books and read many more and not all of them were recommended to me. I went to the library and sought them out.
One book that I liked that was not self help was "The Road Ahead" by Bill Gates. This book made me want to get online.

Wed Sep 21, 06:37:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...


Your openness of mind is a good trait. Indeed, almost no one in a cult thinks they are in one. They will recognize such a thing exists, but they don’t think their own group applies. Steve Hassan has a whole page on the web just to about motivational organizations attached to Amway / Quixtar (BWW, WWDB, Interbiz, etc).

The books that I mentioned are the out front – blatant ones. I’m sure you have seen my analysis of Magic of Thinking Big. This is the type of book that is the most dangerous. You see, anyone with a solid doctrinal understanding of faith in Christ will spot rapidly the dangers of ‘Hung by the Tongue’ and some other ones (another very serious issue that is relevant, but off topic is that many people are FALLING for such material because the doctrinal root in America is being eroded away by people trying to fit into the world.) I also read ‘How to win friends and Influence People’ off your list, and ‘What to Say when you Talk to Yourself’, but I have not read the other one. What to say is also rooted in the Word-Faith movement, How to win friends is probably the safest of the bunch, I would have to read through that one again to get any thought behind it.

You may wonder why I care about the worldview? As a Christian, understanding the worldview behind something is as important as the material itself. The worldview can poison the material. The best book to cover this topic is Nancy Pearcey “Total Truth”

You did make a comment I would like to question: “When I started my reading of books I had already said to myself that if what I read made sense to me I would keep it for myself but if it did not I would reject it” I don’t know how you discern this way, but a few things. 1. Anybody can make a good argument for an apostic view that looks very convincing. 2. Your intellect is still fallen and is susceptible to gravitate to your own desires. Just keep this in mind.

If I missed anything, let me know. I am tired myself. I have a lot of things on my plate at the moment.


Wed Sep 21, 08:07:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello X,
I'm in the process of reading your blog. I know you are busy and I appreciate your time respoding to my posts.
I'm here because I want information. You are a very empowered human being and I like that. You feel you have something important to say and you have a passion to say it. The average person would not take the time to do what you have done.
I will not post again until I'm finished reading or unless I have a question.
Thank you.

Thu Sep 22, 12:43:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello X,
I just finished your first year in the business. I have questions and comments and would like to mention them to you.
I am leaving today on a trip out of state for some work I have to do. I do not have time to ask my questions right now. I will post them later when I get back home.

Fri Sep 23, 03:32:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello X,
In January 2001, your first month, you said:

"I was not really interested in going to the Sunday morning service, but I did. At that meeting, I first acknowledged Jesus Christ. I credit that as the place that I came to Christ, but I do not credit the organization because I was not listening to what they had to say and then future meetings, I discerned that they were teaching a false Gospel based on Health and Wellness, AKA Word-Faith. As stated in the introduction, this is not a spiritual document, but a social / financial document."

I find it interesting that you came to Christ at that time. I was not in Amway yet but also accepted Christ prior to joining.

During your first year you did way more than I did. You actually sponsored someone. I am curious as to the performance of these people.
My question is "Do you know the reason why the people in your downline left the business?"

Thu Sep 29, 05:32:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Welcome back, C,

First, let me distinguish this one thing. The BWW system (as well as most of Evangelical America) have a very easy-belivism basis for 'comming to Christ', it is based off of the alter call (originally known as the 'anxious bench') started by Charles Finney during the second Great Awakening. This was a sin, the same context as David asking Joab to number the armies of Israel. It was to 'determine how effective we really are'. As such, I do traditionally hold that as my 'salvation point', but I do not believe that is when I actually came to the Lord. You see, there is a distinct difference between intellectually knowing the Christ is Lord and Savior and actually having FAITH in Christ as Lord and Savior (Read James 2:18-26) Enough of that detail, back to your question...

I actually sponsored 3. The first person was in for about 2-3 years and hit 300 or 600, I don't recall now (I think it was 300), he also had 2-3 legs. The second person I sponsored was what we called an "alien abductee" (i.e., after we sponsored him, he totally vanished)...After we didn't see him for a few months, I called him and told him to return his kit for a full refund, but he never did.

The third person went 300 his first month, and went 2 wide in that same time.

The first person quit to pursue more money (funny, we thought that is what we were doing). He is still a good friend..he is debt free today, happily married, and is a successful auto mechanic making more than enough for his family.

The third moved 1000 miles away and did not see building the business as a good use of time, he is a musician.

All of their downlines, I am not too sure why they all left; I moved away at the same time as my downline, so my group was in the hands of my upline and since they never wanted to tell me negative (remember the rule: "Never pass negative downline"), I never heard anything about them again.

Thu Sep 29, 07:42:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello X,
Thank you for your reply.
Tonight I read the rest of your blog. Very good, very good indeed.
I have much to talk about with you and will come back later when I have some time.
Until then, bye for now.

P.S. Very good poem.

Fri Sep 30, 06:33:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello X,
That was quite a stroll down memory lane for me. I have not been associated with Amway for 10 to 12 years and have forgotten much of the experience.
I said before I joined Amway in 1993 and I did. But prior to that in 1991 I also joined. I was what you called an "alien abductee". There is an explanation for this behavior.
X, unlike you and many others I chose to continue on in MLM. Sure, I could have quit after one non-productive experience but I didn't. I went on to experience many more MLM opportunities and many more people in MLM.

What you say about MLM I do not disagree with because what you say is true to you. I ask you to take a big step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

Amway was founded in 1959. This was before color TV, transistor radios, 8 track tape players, personal tape recorders, microwave ovens, VCR's, cassette players, personal computers, cell phones, call waiting, three way phone calls and a host of other inventions to numerous to mention. What I'm getting at is technology has moved on but MLM thinking has not. MLM has incorporated new technology to advance their cause but it remains stuck in its own old way of thinking.

I think that the reason that the Britt and Yeager organizations developed the way they did was because the system works but only to a degree. They look at people as sheep who have to be told what to do and how to do it. It is the reason for the "revolving door" effect. X, if every person that ever joined a MLM company did what you did then every person on the planet would be sponsored by now. The fact is, that every person does not do what they are supposed to do. The reason is human nature.

The new technology that I mentioned above took time in some instances to be accepted by the masses. In particular, microwave ovens. I remember people expressing doubts that they were safe to be around and were afraid they might be radiated. I think the same to be true with MLM but for different reasons.

When I was in Amway I listened to many tapes. Now after many years I remember a tape that was talking about people complaining about the fact that there were no leaders in their area. The answer to that problem was if there are no leaders in your area then become leader yourself.
Another tape I remember was from an emerald who stated, "If I had known in the beginning how much I would have to change to be successful in this business I would not have done it."
Another tape I remember was from a person called Coleman Orr. I'm not to sure on the spelling of his name. I think he was crossline from the WWDB organization and I'm not sure about that either. What I am sure about was how much I enjoyed his tape. It was "fire and brimstone" wall to wall Amway. He really got me energized and I loved it.
That was then and now is now. Times have changed and so have I. While growing older in MLM I've grown wiser and have learned from my mistakes. They told me in the beginning I would be owning my own business and now I do. I own my own international direct response network marketing company. I take directions from no man or system. Nor do I attend or sponsor any meetings or events. All I ask of people is to improve themselves there is always room for improvement. The best way to do this is by reading. Readers are leaders and leaders are readers. All you really need is a library card and the willingness to learn.

"Fear fighter" said you have to know which side of the fence you are on. I say there is yet another fence to cross even after that. I am there waiting for others to follow.
"TD" said she did not feel inside that she was truly offering a good deal to others only a good deal for herself. You cannot build a MLM business with those feelings. I have felt those feelings before. While in Amway, I can remember years ago looking at myself in the mirror and asking myself did I really believe that one day I would be on stage with 10 thousand downline listening to my every word. I could not really see it and believe it happening and when a person feels that way no matter what they say or do it subconsciously becomes a selffulfilling prophesy to fail. If I could not see it happening for me then those below me would also pickup on those same feelings and would not join or if they did they would eventually quit.

I hold no grudge against Amway. Amway was the start of my journey not the end. I say to anyone involved with Amway today "More power to you fore you have a rough row to hoe." Can you imagine any MLM company telling its people that they should consider their chance for success as little as a small island surrounded by a vast sea of indifference and constantly pounded by the waves of negativity.
I say do what you have to do to learn what you have to learn to get where I am today in MLM.
MLM works because I and others like me exist. That's it. Period.

Mon Oct 03, 05:58:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Greetings Commander,

Let me get this one done quickly: You said “What you say about MLM I do not disagree with because what you say is true to you.” Why, Commander, are you subscribing to such post-modernism? The facts are out, the statistics are very clear: there are only a very few people who ever prosper from MLM and it is at the expense of those who put money into it. For example, one MLM I analyzed was Reliv. Here is an outline with a link for who actually makes the money:

“www.reliv.com/docs/2003EarningsDisclosure.pdf is where the corporation itself disclosed the earnings (this is the 2003 Earnings Statistics Sheet). According to the document, 100% of ALL company payouts are made to the top 7%; thus 93% of people in 2003 did not see any company profits at all, thus the only way for 93% of people to profit is retailing. On page 27 of the companies 2004 10K filing, they report 58,800 orders for retail (going directly to customers), in the same region (USA), there are 47,190 distributors, or 1.25 orders per distributor (This does NOT count sales made directly to customers by the distributor). The average sale of the orders was $106.11. Assuming all those distributors are MAs (in reality, only 25% were according to the same document) and receiving a 40% commission, that is only about $41 per year per distributor in retail sales through the direct selling program. The company claims it does not track what each distributor sells retail (despite rule F.2 in the Reliv Policies and Procedures [10/03 US] requires each distributor to report this figure). There were 207,170 wholesale orders processed, or 4.39 orders per distributor at the average of $504, so each distributor on average ordered $2212.56 in products. Assuming the 70% rule is achieved and that all distributors are MAs, $1548.72 is sold for $3871.98 at a 40% markup. Profit for the year is $2323.26 per distributor, less the $663.84 that is consumed by the distributor. Therefore, the only way to make any substantial income is to be in the upper 7% who receive company payouts which requires you to have a lot of people making little or no money (note that I did not factor in time and expense of building a part time ‘business’) in your organization. Even if you are in that 7%, 65.52% of those people are at the average income of $1307.88 annual income according to the 2003 Earnings Statistics Sheet.”

Robert FitzPatrick did analysis of many more MLM companies than I did, he found similar results to the all. The bottom line of any MLM is that to make livable wage, you MUST have a group of people who are feeding the system.

Also, all MLM’s have the problem of distributor turnover. Reliv claims to have the lowest number (I can not verify this claim, but it is a high retention rate for the industry). “In 2004, the retention rate was 58%, so 42% of distributors fall out of the business as a whole. I don’t have a figure for those that fall back and don’t requalify but stay in the business.”

When considering these facts, MLM is not a good opportunity for the masses, but rather, the masses throw money into it hoping for their day all the while promoting others to do the same. If they ever do make it, it is because they have successfully convinced enough other people to so the same. Look at every single MLM and for one person to make money, several hundreds have to be feeding the system.

You asked me to step back and see the big picture. I have, sir, I have looked at the picture from the eyes of a member, the eyes of a theologian, the eyes of a cult analyst, and eyes of a consumer. I would YOU to take a look at the big picture.

You comment that MLM is stuck in the old way of thinking. I fail to agree. Quixtar was the great MLM revolution which combined high tech with high touch; since then, many MLMs have followed suit and placed their products online, but it is system that still requires high touch. You need people to meet people, without this aspect, the system collapses because the turnover will occur. One old tape says it is like a drain in the bathtub; you have to keep putting in new people below you or else the drain will suck you out, too.

You say, “They look at people as sheep who have to be told what to do and how to do it” Yes they do, this is why they have developed into a cult. Have you read any of Steve Hassans site yet? There is a link under ‘groups’ for A/QMO’s with a very comprehensive analysis of the BITE model against the MO’s. Check it out (http://www.freedomofmind.com/resourcecenter/groups/a/amway/).

You say that the reason people leave MLM is human nature, I disagree. Human nature is why they got in. They want a fast way to money and the covetousness of the system pulls at the sinful nature of man and draws people in. The reason people got out is because it didn’t work. It isn’t that they didn’t work it. Myself and many other people worked it very hard, but the system is inherently flawed in that only a small handful of people make money while the rest feed their hard earned dollars into it for the pipedream that will never occur.

You say you have your own company. I would like to ask, are you clearing a profit that you can live off of? (I ask because it is a hobby, not a business, if you can not), also, in your network, how many people are profitable and how many are not? How mauch money is spent to make how much money?

You say that leaders are readers and that all you need is a library card and the willingness to learn. The problem is that approach places you under the submission of the author. What if he is wrong? Adam and Eve, in the garden, pre-fall, could not discern good from bad, right from wrong, they had to depend on the revealed word of God. Satan attacked at the place he knew best: Question the authority and absolute law of God. It worked then and it continues to work today, which is why I wrote this site to teach people where the ‘business and motivation’ materials used today (and sadly often by the modern evangelical church) are teachings contrary to the truth of the scripture.

You make a comment: “You cannot build a MLM business with those feelings. I have felt those feelings before. While in Amway, I can remember years ago looking at myself in the mirror and asking myself did I really believe that one day I would be on stage with 10 thousand downline listening to my every word. I could not really see it and believe it happening and when a person feels that way no matter what they say or do it subconsciously becomes a selffulfilling prophesy to fail.”

As this person said, these are good feelings to have and I agree. It is called ‘Emotional Control’ when a cult uses tapes and books to change your feelings to do what the cult tells you will make you successful.

You say: “Can you imagine any MLM company telling its people that they should consider their chance for success as little as a small island surrounded by a vast sea of indifference and constantly pounded by the waves of negativity.”

I ask you, what negativity? Am I negative? NO! I am objective. I see the statistics. I see the lost homes, destroyed families, broken marriages, bankrupt people, deaths, lost friends, and for hundreds of stories like that, there is 1 person who jumps on stage and boasts about a new 7000 square foot house and a new Porsche for his wife. Across the landscape of MLM, millions have been left pulled up into a personal little hurricane and left beaten and destroyed only to line the pockets of the companys and support systems. Check the facts, where am I wrong?

Mon Oct 03, 09:29:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello X,
What you say is true. I do not argue the facts they speak for themselves.
When I say there are more fences to cross then to believe or not to believe in MLM you have to know what you are speaking of. I think I said in my first post that there are problems in the MLM industry and I believe there are.
I assume BWW was your first and only experience with MLM. Am I right?
I ask you how you can speak to me with much more experience from various experiences in MLM that you have it all figured out in only your one attempt at MLM?
I say the measure of a man is his willingness to hit the MLM wall at 100 mph and still get up and dust himself off and try again having learned lessons in the failed attempts. This I believe is true in any endevour not just MLM.
I have been involved in many MLM businesses and have checked out many many more. I see problems that I believe that these MLM businesses will not work. Amway included. Not that they will not work provided everyone does what they are supposed to do. My problem with Amway was I did not want to do what was asked of me. I also did not want to bring people into a system I did not create because I believed the system to be at fault in many areas.
That is why I choose to create my own hybrid MLM. This business I believe answers all the objections that people have about MLM.
My business is totally unique in the industry of MLM.
I am MLM Samurai. I give more to people than I take. The business has value more than the cost involved.
Normally I do not chose to raise the MLM dead. I find it much easier to recruit new people into my business. But you are an exception to this rule. I would very much like to have you in my business. I think you have great potential that has yet to be tapped.
If you answer No then it is finished. If you answer yes then we have much talking to do.

Sat Oct 08, 02:46:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Greetings Commander,
Send me info for your MLM.

Sat Oct 08, 10:25:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger commander91710 said...

Hello Xanadustc,
Please send me a mailing address where I can send you a small package.

Send to: commander91710@yahoo.com

Mon Oct 24, 04:05:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger insider said...

Hi there! Sorry to hear of your experiences. I was wondering one thing. In you expenses you mention buying tapes and bracket some of them as being for downline. I assume you did, but it's not clear if you account for the income from on-selling the tapes to your downline?

Thu Nov 03, 11:26:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...


Yes, I accounted for that. All the figures are directly from my hard copy reciepts after balancing inflow and outflow.

Fri Nov 18, 09:11:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger onestore said...

It is with sadness, to hear what you went through because I have only been in business so far - 3 months, and I am 15% and I have a brill team growing and well, I never had it hard to contact and meet people.

I loved the tapes, the books but I also never took this business as a business to TEST out. I took it head one, for real, a business for life.

I have already as I speak, reached 7,000 but already signed up another 8 and following the system of 6/6/8/6/6 but there is also a science to it, which I wont share here, and this science in building the business was not through studying 6 books a month or 6 tapes a month.

I read 12 books a month, and 60 tapes I listened to a month. Yes. I've taken this business seriously and personlly, for me, the business is EASY!

But, I hold no blame on you as I hold no blame on BWW. I just wish, you was in my team so I could have known the struggle you gone through and do what I do for all my downlines;

All are my mates, and it hurts when they struggle so, I go out with them, prospect together, and we have so much fun, and we feel strong when we are together. I am a leader, and I determine the pace, and well, I wish you was in my team cause it sounds you got a great heart mate, you really wanted to do it, but needed guidance, and a running team mate, like I am for many of my downlines.

There is so much to the business than people know, but I know it so, for one reason;

1. I always counsel, everyday with uppline.

2. I studied the system on how to build relationship and I love helping people, and I learnt, deep inside, that if I put people first and not PV, and really care for them, spend time with them first, build relationship with them, and care less if they get in or not, whatever good in this life there is, it will open its doors for me and it has.

3. Diamonds don't scare me. Personally, I can complete the race faster than many diamonds today because the system is easiar to learn, the information is there and ready but most of all, I got awesome leaders.

I hope all the best for you and hey, drop me a line but no negativity about business. But drop me a line to see how you're doing. No. I don't want you to join me in business. Just one human being to another, in hope all is well.


Mon Nov 28, 12:17:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...


Thanks for the comment. You are certainly a testament to the people in the business, as many of the people who comment to me base nothing on fact and only heresay of the diamonds' ramblings.

Whether you agree with absolute truth or not, it is real. It is an absolute truth that this business is a destructive force on the American (and world-wide) landscape.

A few comments, I often don't address (and I should more), the many positives of this business: to list a few, many of my downline learned for the first time how to write checks, dress well, quit drugs, alcohol, etc. Such is the case in many cults: conform or leave!

But the fact that thousands of people are hurt by this system annually compared to the very few who succeed (and even those that succeed, many have legal or other challenges) indicates that this is not a worthy endeavor.

You do appear to make an assumption: that I did not have guidence. I contacted people in my upline constantly for counsel on every area of my life. The very last time I did, I observed something that really made me question. The situation was that my car had broken down and I was look for a new one. [When this had occured a few years earlier, I was counseled to find a Honda because they are good, last a long time, good gas milage, etc. I did indeed look, but I was not able to find one within my budget, my upline 'approved' of my decision to pay cash for another car which lasted me about 2 years problem free.] The last time I was looking however; I was counseled to find either a Monte Carlo or a Tauras, because those models are 'ubiquitous', I was discouraged from a Buick...(I ask you, what is more popular of a car, the former two or the latter?) Against firm counsel, I bought the Buick, but I then noticed that my sponsor has a Monte carlo, as did his sponsor, and his sponsor had a Taurus...interesting.

Moving right along, the vast majority of the people who get involved will simply spend thousands of dollars, be emotionally drained, and fizzle out...this is pure tragady. Every so on, a person such as your self comes along and you grow very fast. If you have not yet already, you will become the shining star of the team, you will be counseled on the importance of the tools because not everyone will be like you and they will be needed. You will be part of the elustrious 'round table' of leaders; you will be granted special favor.

I encourage you to read a verse of Scripture...Proverbs 16:18. I encourage you to be sure that you do not become prideful, it will be your greatest temptation, and cause your largest fall.

Whether you believe it or not, onestore, I have hundreds of more hours of study into this and similar businesses than you do. I am not negative, I simply know the facts regardless of what your upline tells you about people such as myself. You will either be one of the people who feeds on the people downline (as they are spending money on the system and over priced products) or you will be a person who is feeding those upline. Statistically, the Quixtar business can not support itself. The reasons are simple:
1. Cost of products are generally much more expensive than that of competing products [this appears to be to pay all the people in between]. This indicates that non-IBO sales only suppliment the income of Quixtar; Robert FitzPatrick of Pyramid Scheme Alert did an analysis of MLM companies and retail volume, almost nne of them do any, Quixtar is on that list.
2. The money is in growth, so more emphasis is generally placed on recruitment over customer sales. (most teams teach to look for people in this order: IBO, then Client, then Member. Is that like your team? If so, why? Because the money is not in sales, it is in recruitment in the sense that money is made from your downline buying products; a wholesale buying club wth the occasional outside sale.
3. The markup on products for sale is generally too small to make a significant [i.e. living wage] profit. This indicates that without recruitment, you can not even make it.
4. The time required to build and maintain a network far exceeds the reward for doing so [especially since the MLM I know of with the highest retention rate is Reliv @ a little over 50%], you will have to contend with the fact that not everyone inyour downline will grow as fast as you and they will be quitting at an unprecidented rate.)
5. If you ever do succeed in turning a significant profit, it is always for having a large network of people who are making little if any money at all; you will be relying on the incomes from peoples day jobs to support the business. Those are the very jobs that the majority of the business is constantly cutting down.
6. Statistically, 99.9% of people lose money in MLM, so this will cause a major loss in downline.

Please accept these statements and consider them. You are still in the honeymoon stage of this business. It is all rosey to you right now and you look over my site apauled over how 'negative' a person can be. I am not negative, I am speaking the truth...in love, believe it or not, otherwise, I would not waste my time on this blog.

I pray daily for those who are and were hurt by this business.

Peace in Christ,

Mon Nov 28, 07:08:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger qstarer said...

I don't understand why you were purchasing so many books & CD's. Our upline didn't even let us purchase those until we were profitable. And they also said this business is a very expensive HOBBY! So treat it like a million $ business, it just seemed like you set the goals & educated yourself very much, but didn't take enough action.

Tue Nov 29, 10:47:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger qstarer said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Tue Nov 29, 10:51:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...


Who is your upline?

I know that this post is long (I have it as a pdf file at 39 pages standard size paper), but did you read the part where a tool receipt I got said, "Tool flow = Group Growth. Keep up the good work!"? I can also verify based on many tapes from many BWW LOS's that if what you say is indeed true, it is the exception, not the rule.

I was in total upline counsel and total upline submission. I was doing what they suggested because I was 'teachable'.

Also, since you state you are profitable, what is your total income and the expenses incurred to get there? how about that info for your downline as well?

What is enough action? I was outside my house EVERY SINGLE NIGHT...The flaw is not me, it is the system.

Tue Nov 29, 11:56:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Dr. S said...

Hi All!
Im Dr. S(im a ER Doctor)
My wife who is a CA has been involved in BWW for the past 15 months. My role so far has been that of a observant supportive husband.

My wife got invloved when one of her friends discussed Quixtar with her and gave her some products to use cosmetics and some vitamins, my wife really got a great benefit from these products and she got excited, and the next thing you know she registered us(well I didnt really know too much about Quixtar) in this business.

I usually spend about 50-60 hours a week at the hospital and was not very active with my wife in Quixtar.

My wife however is doing very fine the first couple of months my wife just bought and used the products and listened to some cd's that the upline would lend her.

However for the last 12 months or so my wife has been following the 'system' she has built the business to about 4000 to 6000 pv and has a team of about 35+ distributorships, she is getting a cheque routinely between 1000 - 1500 dollars form Quixtar.
My wife has developed a good set of loyal customers who love purchasing the cosmetics and vitamins, and many of these customers swear by these products, and the rest of the team are mostly all couples with professional backgrounds.

My wife flew to England about 3 months ago with our 5 year old son and sponsored her sister and brother there. And now according to her there are about 15 distributorships in England and I hear talk of them going 1000 pv next month. Also my wife pointed out to me she being the CA that their trip to England would be a business write off, as well as all the cd's she has purchased from BWW because they are business toolsand related expenses.

With all these things going on I attended my first business meeting and spoke privately with the upline emerald who is a senior IT guy and his wife resigned her job as a RN to spend more time with their family, they are an Indian couple so we have lots in common. I have decided that I will attend at least 2 weekly meetings a month and seminars whenever I am free.

I am quite excited about this business and firmly believe that in the next couple of years we can also reach the Emerald level.

As you know for every success story there will be many failures, but that is the rule of nature.
I know this personally because at the age of 30 I became a doctor, after many years of studying and thousands upon thousands of dollars I fulfilled a life long dream.

I feel the business model is very good the products and guarantees are great but you have to understand it. However its the same as my profession its great but their are always bad apples in every field. I do feel this business is not for everyone though, I would sponsor a middle class or above couple before I sponsored a student, or a retired or unemployed person. It just makes the business easier when your working with upwardly mobile people, thats my take on it and I see alot of professionals in the Indian community who are Emeralds and Diamonds and that all of them are from professional backgrounds and thats what really got me excited.

However in reading this blog I noticed one common theme that this person never sold any products and never had any customers, the first thing my wife did was talk about Quixtar and then she gave them products right away telling them the great results she got from using them, so she was making money every time she talked about the business, so I think that is a very important component.

However the most important thing we need to understand is no matter what a person is doing in our Quixtar business we need to respect everyone and not view them as simply moving products. And yes there is work to be done, its not really the work but the results you get. But we have to remember its a Business!

take care!
Dr. S

Fri Jan 19, 03:13:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Ummm, Dr.S.,

Read the thing next time, i know this is long, 40+ pages printed in Word format actually, but if you DID read it, you will note that I made plenty of sales.

There is a strong difference in studying hard to become a doctor and going Emerald in Quixtar. My hope is that you will learn that before you go bankrupt and giving all your time to this thing fruitlessly.

Sun Jan 21, 11:15:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Michael Hagen said...

It taught me to buy on credit
It taught me to covet material things.

It taught me to get things to impress people so they would want to find out what I know (i.e., a platinum for the Gospel, as Danny Snipes often says)

It taught me poor work habits and ethics while on the job

It taught me to spend money out at coffee shops hanging out to meet people

It taught me to look like a fool trying to meet people at every party, social gathering, etc for the ever continuing expanse of building my business




Tue Feb 12, 02:57:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger ricgal said...

All I can say is that in this business a person must use a grain of salt.

Don't keep spending more than you can afford.

Don't just sponsor one or two.

Don't push people.

Do sell to customers.

People are human. Self interest happens.

Signed: a slow-growing 10 year veteran

Sat May 10, 12:49:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger David said...

I was in it back in the very late 80's-very early 90's, when it was called Amway. The big pins in my up-line were Emerald- Bruce Dreyer; Diamond and above- Marshall Johnson, David Taylor, Rex Renfrow, Bill Britt.

It's totally a cult. However, those, who try to sue Renfrow and Britt, are wasting their time. Legally, they have no ground, on which to stand. Even though there is a lot of pressure to follow the Britt system, there is no rule that says one has to.

They spend an aweful lot of time preaching morality and Christianity. Yet, I have found a website, which lists, in detail, the number of affairs, divorces, and even suicides, of many big pins and their spouses and children. I saw several names of people I met and have heard of. There are too many to list here.

Wed Sep 17, 06:09:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger David said...

By the way, I go to church to hear sermons; I don't need to hear them at business meetings.

Wed Sep 17, 06:19:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger David said...

Here's that hyperlink for those interested.....


Wed Sep 17, 06:25:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger ltddarling said...

Hello if any one reads this and can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. I have heard one Coleman Orr talk and I would like to here more so if any one has an old tape I could buy or any MP3s that would be great!!!


Fri Jul 10, 09:46:00 AM GMT-5  

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