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Types of Recordings

Hi there everyone,

One thing I thought of: there are certain types of tapes you will encounter in the BWW system (and most assuredly other systems as well). Instead of using the same words over and over again in the Brief Summary section, I thought it might be suiting to create a post to explain the types of tapes, rarity, and recording method. I will add an extra category in the tape description section with the type of recording. Reference this post to see more details about those types of tapes.

Types of Recordings

“Basic Mix” – I define this tape as the basic style of tape that is recorded at a weekend function. This is by far the most common type of tape. They will include some updates on what the speaker has been doing, mostly in terms of a new house or car they are driving, family updates, J.O.B. updates, and the like. They tend to have some background information, though not much compared to the Rally tape. They have updates and what this business means to them. These often have some ‘teaching’ tips at the end, most of which is the same exact thing telling you to keep doing the 9 core steps and using the 3 powers, and sometimes for good measure, they will throw in the 3 never’s. The primary purpose of this type is motivation to keep the people plugged into the system.

Rally – These are the tapes you will be handed after seeing a presentation. The system promotes to have many of these on hand, as these are the testimonies of the successful people in the business. These are handed out first based on your own life situation (if you are a doctor, you will most often be given a doctors rally, Ph.D. a Ph.D. rally, etc.) The point is that if these people can do it, so can I! These are recorded at the Rally/Seminars that are once a quarter (there may be more or less depending on the particular team). These are a comprehensive story of the persons own life, often following a similar pattern of that of the evangelical church testimony story, that is, how terrible life was and then this miracle business came along and set the speaker free, then how good things are now because of the business.

Seminar – These are also recorded at the Rally/Seminars, though they are very rare. The reason is that they all say pretty much the exact same thing. (It can be argued that most of the tapes say the same thing, but it literally becomes monotonous because the flavor of the individual speaker is not there. These cover things like the 9 core steps, 3 powers, 3 never’s, or other things like contacting, list building tips.

Teaching – These are teaching tapes that differ from the principles taught in a Seminar tape. The primary difference is that the Seminar tapes tend to cover all aspects of the business in one step. The Teaching tapes tend to exhaustively cover one principle. The most common form of teaching tape is the prospecting / contacting tape. This is to keep the business rolling along, of course. Other topics of past included how and why to use Ditto Delivery, client building tips (yes, critics, they do exist).

Product – These are very rare, but I do have one or two tapes lying around. They are often recorded at weekend functions and cover specific information about a particular product. Information could include product details or product marketing. The most common is probably Greg Duncan’s tape “XS energy drink: Tastes like a Million Bucks. (BWW111)”

“Super Rally” – I use this term because these are the long, often 2 tape sets from the last speaker on a Friday or Saturday night at the weekend functions. These are going to be tapes from the very top people in the business as they ‘pour out their heart from stage’. These often mix a lot of past history, a lot of motivation. These are dangerous tapes because they tend to be very motivational. It is not uncommon from IBO’s to pop these in when they are felling down to become lifted up and motivated.

Diamond Speech - This is the speech that a person makes on an FED stage when they are first recognized as Diamonds. These tend to be a short rally, lots of tears, screaming about finally making it. Rarely are there teaching points, but a lot of motivation and all the hard things they went through to make it.

External Speaker – These are tapes from people who have come in to speak for the business but are not IBO’s (or at least high level IBO’s). Such speakers have classically been Paul Harvey, Dennis Waitley, and more modern Quixtar tapes have included such people as Shad Helmstetter, Bill Quain, and even Josh McDowell (much to his discredit in my opinion). These could cover anything.

Nine Core Steps:

Although I found that the order of the 9 core steps differs by team, these are non-the-less them. These are the steps that if you consistently and persistently do these, they tell you that you are 2-5 years away from retiring a millionaire (or at least flushing that stinking J.O.B.)

  1. Listen to a Tape every day, be on Standing Order Tape
  2. Read a Book every month, be on Standing Order Book
  3. Attend EVERY function, meeting, or business function.
  4. Show the plan (5 nights per week)*
  5. Use the Products, do 150PV for a single; 300PV/month for a couple.
  6. Be Teachable to your upline
  7. Be accountable to your upline
  8. Develop Member and clients (about 50 PV a month)
  9. Be on Communikate.

* When you first saw these steps in my group, you wrote 2-3 times per week, but if you listen to the tapes and attend the functions it was clear that the real serious people go out 5-7 nights per week.

Three Powers:

These popped up as teaching points about 2003 sometime. These are positively frightening and very cult-like, but they are openly taught as of sometime around 2003.

  1. Power of Unity – Only do what is taught by the system. Do not try to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or do things your own way.
  2. Power of Submission – Always be in submission to your upline.
  3. Power of the Spoken Word – Always speak in the positive, confess in the positive, and never speak anything negative or anything that you don’t want to happen.

Three Nevers:

These are taught in Seminar tapes and other teaching point tapes. They are meant to keep the group from getting ‘sick’ if you will. Unlike other points in the business, these are good principles to keep in mind (well, except that downline part). Ladies and Gentlemen, keep faithful to your own spouses and help other people’s spouses be faithful. And leave other people’s money alone.

  1. Never mess with someone’s spouse.
  2. Never mess with someone’s money
  3. Never pass any negative downline.

If I have missed anything, please leave a comment or pass me an email.



Blogger Kurosawa said...

I like the way you have this weblog set up. It's great to see some of the key items from these tapes posted so we have some understanding of the tools for those not initiated (and hopefully never initiated). The thing is, as I "stroll through memory lane," if you will, I look at all of these rules and principles they share with the sheep-er-prospects and, if they weren't twisted as they are, I could agree with them and even endorse them. A lot of the CORE rules, with modification, would be good for any businessman. If I were to rewrite them it would be:

1. Read up and get info on the latest trends in your industry. Get facts you can count on to better establish a plan for success.

2. Endorse your products (the old "Why drive a Ford if you work for Nissan" line comes to mind here), as it shows potential customers you believe in the products' integrity. Yes, this isn't much different from the CORE rule, but it's one I can agree with. There's no need to do a particular amount of volume, however, just buy what you need and leave it at that.

3. Listen to those with more experience than you and who are successful in your industry, and be willing to take their advice to heart and to mind, but in the end, YOU are the decision maker for your business. In relation to AmQuix, upline DOES NOT own you or your business. YOU do. So if you find a way to do something and you want to try it out, go for it.

4. Attend only the functions, meetings, and so forth that are relevant to your needs. If someone is 300 miles away from you and has nothing to say or provide you haven't heard or don't have, why waste the time, money, and effort when you should be focused on what's happening in your area? Besides, most of the gatherings in the business are repetitive anyhow, so in that case, unless you have new people to attend, it'd be a waste anyway, in my opinion.

5. Building a client/member base is a no-brainer in any business. Of COURSE you want people, as it's the only way your products and services get purchased and used. One of the other CORE rules I agree with. Get names, get business, and get some results. Just do it with integrity.

I think that sums up the rules. If this is what was taught, I think we'd see a different side of this business.

As far as the three powers, I see the programming issues there. My take on them:

1. Power of Unity – Only do what is taught by the system. Do not try to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or do things your own way.

My version> Do what is taught if it actually WORKS for you. If 'the wheel' isn't turning, then look at what's wrong and fix it. Heck, reinvent it if that's what it takes to make your business happen. The successful people may have had something then when they created the method, but times change, as do people, so this 'miracle method' may have grown stagnant. ALWAYS keep coming up with new ideas.

2. Power of Submission – Always be in submission to your upline.

My version> This is total crap. It also leads to the double statement of telling you that it's YOUR business, but you have to do it THEIR way. How is that? If you're the Independent (read solitary) Business Owner (read personal in control), then why do you have to do what they tell you to? Instead of being 'in submission,' be 'receptive' to your upline. You never know, they might have an idea you can use, as per the first power, but don't let them cow you.

3. Power of the Spoken Word – Always speak in the positive, confess in the positive, and never speak anything negative or anything that you don’t want to happen.

My version> I can mostly agree with this, but I invite the following revision. Always TRY to speak in the positive, TRY to confess in the positive, and TRY not to speak anything negative or that which you don't want to happen. Let's be realistic, folks. Sh!t happens. If you're business is faltering, people are quiting, your PV/BV drops by half, and you've made no new successful contacts this week, you are lying to yourself and everyone else by responding "things are awesome, man" when asked how you're doing.

A better response would be "well, things aren't going so hot right now. I have some kinks to work out in my business at the moment, but I'm optomistic that things will turn around soon." It still ends on an upward note, while not denying the negative. It's just stupid to deny the existence of negativity, as what is positivity without it? But don't let the negative bring you down, that much I agree with. Keep a positive vibe in your life, just don't forget about the other side of the coin. For all you advocates of the plan, just think of the negative as fire under your butt to get things moving, eh?

The 3 Nevers are actually really good, minus number 3 as you've said Xana. 1 and 2 are common sense. ANYONE should know better than to mess with someone else's spouse or money. As far as the downline 'never,' I have a problem with that. I'm thinking that, if someone in your downline is causing a problem, deal with it. They own their own business, just as you do, but they are involved with you, and as such, like it o not, will be judged with you. Don't allow an idiot to make you look like one.

Sat Aug 20, 02:07:00 AM GMT-5  

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