Sunday, October 02, 2005

You Are the Brokest You Will Ever Be!!!

Tape: What Are You Capable Of?

Speakers: Alan & Michele Leininger

Stock Number: JM42 (2 message recording)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This was recorded at ‘Family Reunion’. Michele talks about the life of a diamond, the kids, and what it took to build the business: Speak what they wanted, not what they had; You have to go out and ‘give yourself away’; Develop wealth mentality. Alan asks the question: ‘What are you capable of?’ and then explains we can do anything we set our mind to, but we simply have to be told what we can accomplish.

Motivational Aspects:

They started at 24 as ‘DINK’s’ and now boasts “Lots of money, lots of kids.”

Alan explains that relative to Larry, he needs to apply for food stamps, but relative to everyone in the audience, the audience needs to apply for them.

Alan gives an analogy of learning to walk and building this business. He explains that we didn’t quit trying to learn to walk, and we all walk, so everyone can build the business.

“We are the brokest we will ever be…it will only get better from here”

“I went Emerald on my B list, but I went Diamond on my C list.”

Cult-like aspects:

The association with the people in the business made them what they are. Alan says that he doesn’t know where they would be if it were not for the team.

Alan talks a lot about your ‘box of thinking’ and that you become a diamond by changing your thinking through the tapes, books, meetings, etc. [To make it, you need to apply the ‘proven’ system which is nothing but indoctrination to encourage further use of the system and dependence on the leaders.]

Michele describes the ‘inner circle’ of leaders for Larry Winters team. [The circle of leadership where it is exclusive only to the high performers is a trademark of a dangerous cult.]

“It doesn’t take a long time to build the business, it is just the decision to go out and do the work.”

Speak what you want to have, not what you currently do have. [Thought control]

Michele explains that you just have to go out and ‘give yourself away’. You need to step out and speak the goals you want no matter what people think about them. [Behavior control]

Alan explains that we are capable of making a difference in the world, and that you simply have not been told you can do it. [The implication is that this system is the vehicle to turn you into a difference maker. He says that a mentor will give you these things.]

Alan tells a story about his son, Aaron, at the track and tells him that he is capable of making a jump. Aaron was a little nervous about it, but Alan told him that he can do it, but he has to make up his mind to do it. Aaron successfully jumps and then Alan tells him that he was capable of doing it but had to have someone tell him he was capable of doing it. Then, Alan uses this story to tell everyone that they are capable of going Diamond. He goes on to say that everyone is already doing what they need to do, but they need to keep doing it. This thing that they are doing is reading the books, listening to the tapes, and attending the functions. [Thought control, behavior control]

“It’s OK to fail, folks, but it’s not OK to quit.”

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

In 9 months he spent $80,000 on motor cross for the kids.

“It seems like every other day I was writing 3 or 4 or 5 to 6 thousand dollar check to somebody.” About $120,000 total paid as cash.

Their daughter, Kristen, has 63 pairs of shoes. She is 9 years old.

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

She explains that we need to develop a ‘wealth mentality’ and criticizes a girl at a Christian school for suggesting that they buy the cheapest shoes for the team because there was no specific redeeming quality of any of them. [We are called to be stewards of our resources, and that is exactly what this girl was doing. There was no reason to spend the resources the school had on expensive shoes when the cheaper ones would suffice. Michele states that ‘God owns it all, so we should have the best’. God does not use the ‘best’, he uses the faithful.]

Michele explains that God owns everything and He wants you to have the best. [Read John Foxes ‘Book of the Martyrs’ to see the ‘best’ that people received historically. In America today, there is a soft ‘make me happy’ form of Christianity that is sickening to the extreme. If God wants us to have the best, Jesus would have lived in a mansion and entertained the sinners there, but Jesus had no place to even call home. If ‘I want best for you’ attitude from God were true, Paul would not have written a quarter of the New Testament in prison, Paul would further not have written about the suffering Christian will endure. That being said, God is a loving God, but this life is all about Him and the advancement of His kingdom, not about our worldly success and comfort. He will supply all our needs through His riches and Glory for the advancement of His kingdom, not to go Diamond. Note that the context of this passage is supplication given to a sacrificing heart to the kingdom.]

“Our God says that we will provide for us, too. And all we have to do is just ask Him for it, and go out and KNOW that we deserve it.” [This is solid apostasy! We ‘deserve’ it? Not, we deserve death and eternal punishment for our sins, but it is only through His love, His grace, and His power that all of us do not succumb to that end! 1. God is not our magic genie in a bottle waiting to fulfill our desires. 2. He will only provide us with the needs we have when we are living a sacrificial life to the kingdom. 3. We are not deserving of anything, but in His love, we do receive.]

Other Notes:

This one is based on total speculation, but Michele is telling stories about her kids and how each one seems to fit a certain role. I was reminded of the ‘roles’ people get cast into in a dysfunctional family. A healthy family ‘splits’ roles; no one person fulfills the role of the ‘comedian’ or ‘mediator’, but in a dysfunctional home, those roles are split and cast onto each person. This is similar to what Michele described.


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