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Cult Leader Britt

Greetings all, it was a hard one getting this one down. I wanted to take this time and remind any new readers about the index, which is also on the side bar. I will be adding a few other items to the bar in a few weeks. I am currently working on the spiritual effects that BWW had on my life as well as a descriptions and definitions section on cults to add. I don't know when these will be up, but I am working on them. I also want to stress that if you were part of these motivational organizations and think that you have failed yourself, you have not. This is a dangerous system that has hurt a lot of people, you are not alone. Best of luck, let me know if i can do anything.


Tape: The Preservation of Freedom

Speakers: Bill & Peggy Britt

Stock Number: FED15

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This tape is a Saturday night at FED 2002. Bill gets up and impresses the crowd with his money, material things, and then launches into a ‘sermon’ on the biblical view of poverty and power of the tongue. The problem is that Bill has twisted the scriptures to make it appealing to the audience. The tape is full of attacks on poor people, educated people, and anyone else who is not a diamond. The ending is typical for Bill Britt; he speaks phrases and has the audience repeat them back to him. This occurs many times from the ‘Hello’ to entire blocks of time.

Motivational Aspects:

Bill says at the beginning that there were not any functions, no “proof of the business”.

“They will pay you minimum wage, or maybe a little better if you are a doctor or a lawyer”

Bill defends the charge against being materialistic by saying that when you are broke, you are materialistic.

“How many gals would like to be married to a guy who hauls off and does nothing? ‘Here dad, here’s my weenie’”

“I had my wife working for 16 years because I wasn’t making enough money…most guys that is why they have their wives working, because they are not making enough money.”

“Success is how many people are better off because you are alive?”

Cult-like aspects:

“We were it’s a pyramid…then we were told it’s a cult...and you’re the cult leader Britt. You know what we have in America? A lot of poor people…and I love ‘em all. You know why? It takes about 500 people to serve one rich guy.” [This is an ad hominem attack – attacking a trait of the critic in stead of engaging the point of discussion]

The almost scary chant-like ‘Hello’ where Bill says ‘Hello’ and the crowd echoes it back without prompting is in this tape.

“One way [of creating wealth] is to take advantage of other people, like the big corporations in this country have done recently (referring to Enron)….One way is to love money and use people. Another is to love people and use money. In this business, everything’s turned up side down. It’s your downline first and you second. What you help other people get, you are qualified to have.” [Suggests that if you only follow us, you will make it. There are no other ways to attain wealth]

“I just not to [a poor person], how about you?” [Suggests that if you just follow me, I will make you wealthy because I am wealthy.]

“Most of you in here that don’t make it are going to let a nimrod steal your dream because you don’t have it set in your heart good enough” [If you don’t make it, it is your fault and the world is against you.]

“This is the easiest, simplest business on earth to be free with. All you got to do is help other people be free.” [The system always works if you work enough.]

There is a lot of clear cut rich verses poor. The poor can be poor and that is OK because the rich need them to be workers. [Us verses Them indoctrination.]

“We just worked hard for a while so we can play hard the rest of our lives.” [You can play hard the rest of your life if you work hard for us now.]

“Some people do anything to stay broke. You have to admire them…I love poor people, they are the nicest little things you ever saw. They clean your house, take care of your property, wash your cars, keep everything up to date.”

“We are about making the individual stronger” [you are weak and need our help.]

“Today in the business, it has to be easier because there are more proven facts, there are more proven techniques of building the business, there is more laid out for you to grow by with the meetings and the suggested tools you can use. When we started, it was like a trial and error method that had to be tested a little bit all along the way and fine tuned. [This suggests that they have already paved the way and you should listen to what the leaders have to say. This is thought control as it suggests that you should not do your own thing, but instead, follow the already beaten path.]

“You can never determine success by the dollar bill” [This is conflicting with the entirety of the message that is being given. The poor people are seen as unsuccessful while the rich people are successful. This is often used in cults to confuse the mind to become susceptible to indoctrination.]

Bill explains success because we are not taught it. He explains that the only way to learn something is from someone who has been there and done it. [The point is that you should listen to all the diamonds because they have been there and done it.]

Bill explains that we need success principles, but you can not learn those principles anywhere because they are not taught in schools. He explains that this business teaches them and they can because they have “thousands, and thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people that are learning it”. [You can get saved here because no one else teaches these principles.]

“We find that people who have a foundational basic belief seem to do better than people who have no belief what so ever.”

“Work is all it is, its getting out every night and looking for the winners and separating them from the losers.” [Who is Bill Britt to discern a winner from a loser?]

“We based our business on all power is in submission, not in rebellion. And when you use the words in the proper way, that these words are seeds and when planted, God grows them, and you reap them… [Every person] is right now living the life of the words they have sown in the past.” [This is thought control; teaching a person to think a certain way for the advancement of the leaders agenda.]

“God’s got it so that no vision you can gather up is undeniable to you if you will do the work, and have the belief and have the faith to make it become a reality.” [Fear of leaving the cult system indoctrination; makes you question your own faith in God if you leave.]

Bill goes through another long period of time of downing people who are doctors, lawyers, dentists, educated people, and everyone who is not a diamond. He continues on and on and on repeating the words are seeds, poverty is ‘them’, etc, etc, etc. You must remember that this tape was recorded at about 11:00 PM or later on a Saturday night after a whole day of listening to these people.

Next, he goes on about the uselessness of college and that the only way to learn how to do anything is by doing it. He then makes teaches what it takes to build the business: “If you work 5 nights a week and do the 9 [core steps], you will be a multi-millionaire, that’s it. Period!” [System over person doctrine.]

“Who could ask for anything better? Here’s a business that follows God’s principles, here’s a business that’s absolutely free, absolutely clear, the teaching is absolutely phenomenal, our system is all over the world, it absolutely works, no matter what your language is, no matter what your age it.” [I think that a few of these points are debatable.]

“If I make more money by sleeping to 12:00 one day than you make all year, one of us is stupid and you need to figure out which one it is.” [The scary part is how everyone in the arena cheered at this point, presumably because they all believe that is going to be them.]

“Are you a man or a mouse? If you are a man, you are going to do the best you can for your family.”

“Whoever you are, you are welcome in this organization. You are not to be judged, you will not be judged, you will be accepted full face value as one of our family, Amen, and we’re proud of every single one of you, and glad you have a dream too, and glad you want to make a difference in the world, too.”

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

“I got in the business for 5 reasons: Money, money, money, money, and more money”

“We have no debt, we have hundreds of millions in the bank, Hello (hello)”

“These diamonds are real. These are stage diamonds. We don’t wear them every day, just here to impress you. If they sparkle, I hope they hurt your eyes.”

“This ring I had to get special permission from Elvis Presley’s people…to get one made like it, so I made cuff links like it too.”

7 houses

33 cars

6.5 Million in a house…wrote one check for it.

2 Roles Royce

2 Ferraris

2 Excalibur’s

Can’t count the Mercedes

5 Limousines


“I got everything. If I see it and want it, I buy it”

“We started buying homes, buying cars, buying everything we wanted, very materialistic” [I just loved that quote].

Tapespeak for those wishing to brush up on BWW lingo:

Hello [expressed at the end of a sentence similar to how one would here the word ‘Amen’ in a southern Baptist congregation]

Every rich person needs a lot of broke people.

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

“I am the most hated person in this business by choice…I don’t want any person who does not like what we do to like me.” [Take a look at Matthew 5:23-24. This is a very simple verse the Bill is in direct violation of. ‘If your brother has something against you’ indicates that you have done something that you need to go and make right (whether or not the other person has acted one way or another; this is business between that person and God). The command directly to Bill is to go and make all this wrong into a right before he presents any worship to God.]

Bill complains a lot about his lack of money before he was in the business, however, I would like to argue that he was not using his money as the steward that we are called to be with our resources (which money is included). Other tapes include details about his having a small private jet on a bank loan, about 20 dogs, and Peggy on one tape even states “We just liked the nicer lifestyle). This is covetousness; the last commandment is against it. The biblical model is to love the things of God, not the things of the world. The pursuit of money is dangerous and leads to ruin.

“Unless you own something, you really don’t care about life much. When you have nothing, you usually care for nothing.” [It does not take ownership of something to care about life, it takes an understanding of God and our position in God. It takes and understanding of grace, mercy, and the fact that we all have sinned and are deserving of death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.]

To summarize a long story, Bill held a meeting so many years ago when at the end, a prospect challenged him with quoting Matthew 19:24. Bill did not have an answer for this, he threatened the man and the man left the room. Since this verse is so often quoted out of context by Word-Faith people, an exegetical explanation is in order. [The charge often replied by Word-Faith proponents is that this verse indicates the ‘needle gate’, which they suggest is a small hole in the wall for a traveler to get through at night after the main gates are closed. There is no biblical or extra-biblical account for this. Further, if you read the next verse (Matthew 19:25), you have to wonder, if this was a well known ‘needle gate’, why were the disciples so astonished at the answer and question ‘who can get in?’. The text is literal. Jesus is talking about a needle. We must read one more verse (Matthew 19:26) to get the explanation and answer. Without God, no one can get in, with God, people can get in. This discussion was prompted by the question of the Rich Young Ruler, when Jesus told him to sell all his belongings and follow Him. This does NOT mean that we need to get rid of everything we have, it was a test because Jesus knew that the rich man placed love for his belongings over love for God (thus a violation of the first commandment). Point stands, money does not grant you acceptance to heaven, in fact, it just makes things a little harder because you are tempted to place faith and security in money instead of God.]

Bill goes into Deuteronomy 28 and claims that poverty is a curse. [This is another common verse for Word-Faith proponents. This is an Old Testament covenant between God and the nation of Israel. In that day, a blessing from God was viewed as a prosperous nation as a whole, in no way did it apply to the individual. The obedience spoken of here was to hold the entirety of the law as defined in the book of Deuteronomy. The nation did eventually turn away and the curse happened in the form of the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles.]

Proverbs 6:2 and 18:21 are quoted out of context. [These verses are taken by Bill to mean that we have the creative power that God has; this means that anything we speak will come true if we have faith. This is not correct. If you read Proverbs 6:1-5, the context is clearly about making a foolish vow, which the solution is to humble yourself in apology and hope for mercy from the person you vowed to. Proverbs 18:21 is about self-control as it relates to sin. A parallel New Testament passage is James 3:1-12.]

Bill states that this business is your ministry and you will bring more people to that religion by setting up a board and easel than all the people in the churches and synagogues. [This is very similar, though a distinction can be made, to the basic aspect of all religious cults that the true church has left the earth and this system is the true restored system. See C.A.R.M. for more info on religious cults.]

Bill says that more people will come to Christ here than in any church with all the people including the pastor. [The boasting of the organization about this makes it clear that it is proud of the fact. Further, coming forward in such a place by a person who is seeped in Word-Faith theology is not coming to Christ at all. I will suggest that Bill Britt is leading millions of people astray every year. Are people genuinely saved there? Yes, because God is so sovereign that He can act through our own foolish actions to bring one of His elect to saving faith. Even if that happens, God, not BWW, is to be praised.]


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