Friday, August 12, 2005

Hog Nasty RICH!!!

Greetings all,

I will be off in the woods with no technology at all for a while, so I wanted to get this weeks tape up before that time. I will not be able to comment from Sunday to Saturday.

Tape: Listen to Bill

Speakers: Alan & Michele Leininger

Stock Number: BWW130 (BWW130 has two messages, I'll get the other part up later)

Recording Type (see post of ‘Recording Types’): ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

“Who is the most excited?! Anybody ready to Go Diamond?! How about C.A.M?!...Anybody ready to get Hog Nasty Rich!” – That just says it all. I selected this tape because it is one of the most disturbing tapes that I have ever heard. I commented a little bit on Quixtar blog about this one once. This is one of the most cult-like tapes in the BWW system. This tape covers a brief bit about the past, but mostly some lifestyle updates. He does some teaching near the end that is full of cult-like conflicting messages. Here is the last thing he says: “Some of you all need to quit figuring this thing out, you need to listen to these guys, take it on total faith, take a shot, a chance, hay, you trusted college, come on, trust them a little bit, and see what could happen in your life.”

Motivational Aspects:

“I just know that in the next year, this whole weekend is going to be full with recognizing new diamonds” – lot of Diamonds coming out of this room.

Michele tells that everyone could be up on stage as a new diamond if they just keep the faith and put some effort into it.

They describe that they are taking some pictures down off the refrigerator as they have gotten their covetous desires. “Get some long term goals and short term goals up”

“This business allowed me to be a full time mom and I never had to put my children in a day care.”

Alan tells the story of Greg Duncan and how he was in his 4th year at medical school but left for his business because the business was an income source and medical school was an income drain. That impacted Alan and as a result, he did not attend the medical school that he was accepted into.

“Let’s compare bank statements. Let’s compare lifestyles. What do YOU do Monday morning?”

“I don’t know what sitcoms are on. You know why? I’m too busy succeeding”

Cult-like aspects:

“We had no excuse not to succeed. We have Bill & Peggy Britt, Paul & Debbie Miller, Mike & Susie Bundy, Joe & Marybeth Markiewicz. If we didn’t succeed, it was our own lazy, stupid fault.”

Chase the thought process of the leaders, chase the way they think

“Are you living the lifestyle of going diamond? … Are you driving the miles? Are you willing to go wherever you need to go to show the plan to whoever you need to show it to”

They described how they had to train themselves many nights not to fall asleep because they were working a job as well as this business.

“Live the lifestyle of GOING Diamond, then you will live the lifestyle OF a Diamond.”

“I learned how to listen early on” – tells the Bill Britt story of the two things that separate a ditch digger and a millionaire: The way they think and what they do with their spare time.

“What you think is going to be determined by what you put in”

A funny little contradiction here: he states at one time after the Britt story of how he (Bill) hasn’t looked at a news paper for many years “I cancelled the newspaper. Now, I am not telling YOU to cancel the Newspaper” and a few moments later, he states: “Many people in this room have heard Bill say that, but they won’t do it!” This is very similar to the conflicting messages very common in cult theory.

He dwells on the way you think being the key to changing your lifestyle. He explains that the way you think has been programmed in you from birth and from the people around you. The solution: Learn how to listen by taking what they heard from stage and apply it.

Explains that we should not feel sorry for Mike Bundy that it took 22 years to go Diamond because at least he learned to count to three: Implication is that if you can’t ‘count to three’ you are somehow worthless.

Work ethic: “We hear 5 nights a week” and then he goes into guilt trip mania about going to work for 5 days a week and by sending your wife (like she is a closet beast or something that needs you to send her) to work for 5 days. He then asks why you are not rich yet. The solution: “Try this for 2-5 years”

While I submit that comparisons are not appropriate, Alan dwells many times on the aspect of comparing your lifestyle to Bill or Larry. He suggests that your neighbor is not any better then you. “Oh, maybe you have a better car”. Why in the WORLD does your “better car” make you more subject to be a better person, or does it? He says at one point here that he is not better than anyone else. This double message is just confusing.

“Work is not a cuss word. It’s OK to lose a little sleep” – Why in the WORLD then is work outside of BWW a putdown?

“Associate with people who are in life where you want to be. Associate through the CD’s and Tapes”

“[Micheles dad] is a great man but he has stupid world thinking”

Alan explained that he even changed his buying to buy more things such as vitamins as a way to do volume.

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

Anybody ready to get Hog Nasty Rich!

Excursion (Big SUV loaded with 10 inch LCD TV screen, game hookups, video, DVD’s, all so the kids can ride to school in style)


Lexus (because he is totally in submission to his upline, he bought a GS430 Lexus; fully loaded, chrome wheels, everything, including a special fancy radio system.)

Brand new $6000 trail bike, wrote a check just having fun

Kids got to spend $400 and $600 on clothes (I hate to see the long term consequences of this!)

Pool, house, 1.5 Million Dollar property all came from this team (hmm…not Quixtar?)

Tapespeak for those wanting to brush up on the official BWW linguistic:

At least he could count to three!

Just broke at a different level

Sleep when you’re dead

If Bill told me to jump off a building I would do it because there would be a big net of money to catch me.

Wonderful Faulty Theology (Perhaps I will eventually tackle these on my Exposing Apostasy Page (

Speak your diamond-ship into existence. Speak it how you want it to be. Speak it all and have the faith it will. Speak your husband into how you want him to be, and your self how you want it to be.


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