Sunday, September 11, 2005

You Must Just be Dead

Tape: A Business of Blessings

Speakers: Rex & Betty Jo Renfrow

Stock Number: BWW300

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This is a brief speech in the evening session at a Spring Leadership. It is very cult-like in nature (hence the large cult-like aspects section). There is little teaching, story, or otherwise. Rex & Betty Jo give the old time grand-parents look to the organization. Though they have profited materially from this business, this tape they have not disclosed any particular items, so I do not have a Catalog of Covetousness section. Most of what is said is fear indoctrination of one kind or another designed to keep people dependent on the system and upline.

Motivational Aspects:

All the people learn from each other, upline, downline, and crossline.

Rex teaches that everybody has challenges, but if the cause is great enough, you can get through it.

Three options when faced with a challenge: 1. Give up 2. Back up 3. Stand up

“I thrive on Negative Motivation; put me down, get out of the way.”

The most precious gifts: “The gift of time, the gift of a good example, the gift of acceptance, the gift of seeing the best in people, the gift of privacy, the gift of self esteem, the gift of giving up a bad habit, and the gift of self-disclosure; the gift of helping someone learn something new, the gift of really listening, the gift of fun (which we have an abundance of), and the gift of having others want to give to you.”

“All of us sign up the same way…it is what we do after that”

Five simple rules to be happy: 1. Free your heart from hatred 2. Free your mind from worries 3. Live simply 4. Give more 5. Expect less

Cult-like aspects

“I heard a long time ago that you ‘go to functions, go to functions, go to functions’ you may not agree with this speaker or that speaker, or you didn’t get anything out of what he said, but we always said if you go out to a weekend and you only get one little thing that you could use and apply it, you come back to the next function…each time you only get one little thing, but over time, you get what you need to build your business if you want it bad enough.” [This teaches dependency on the system and encourages a return to the indoctrination session, in this case, a weekend function.]

“I can not fathom anybody, that is exposed to this business; you come here this weekend and sit at this function that started Friday night, all day today and tonight, and tomorrow afternoon to 5:00, and you walk out of here and say ‘I didn’t get my money’s worth’, let me know, I’ll give you money back, you go home and quit, ‘cause your dead.” [This is fear indoctrination against leaving the organization.]

“If you can’t make it with the support of many, many people…your not gonna make it any other place. Maybe survive, but not really make it.” [Indoctrination of failure in life if you leave the group.]

“All of us sign up the same way…it is what we do after that” [Success or failure is due to the person, not the system]

“You have to follow someone” [Teaches dependence on the upline for your actions.]

“It’s amazing as I look around and travel around, and seeing the spirit of the people in this organization, the leaders, the closeness, the desire to give you the best, not to let you down, because I could never ever be standing on this stage, and receive the applause, the edification from these great leaders, and lifted up so high, to ever let you down [at this point, Rex cries on stage]” [Creates a sympathy for and desire to follow the leaders to whatever ends since they have such integrity and care for the people.]

“Right now, based on what has been shared already this weekend, its decision time. It’s just a decision away, you can make that decision, I can’t make it for you, nobody else can. You can decide to be a success, you can decide to be a failure, you can decide to be a quitter.” [A side note. I was in the audience when this tape was recorded. I remember it. When he made this comment, I was turning my guts that it was my time, I was making that decision, I was going to be an eagle by next function. I made that ‘decision’ a hundred times in the business. It hurts. This is system over person indoctrination.]

“Who is the who and what is the what that will take this dream out of your life?” [More fear of leaving.]

He talks about negative people [like me, the problem is that if you are reading this, you have no idea if I am negative. You want to say I am negative, prove it.] who simply want to steal your dream so you don’t get involved. They don’t want you to be successful, and further, he says that these people are going to be the ones who love you, your family, etc. He defends against these claims by stating that it is people that are giving a bad reputation, but they can never tell anything bad about the company. Click here for people giving the company a bad name. Click here for the company giving itself a bad name (a note on this one, there are some people here, but there are some that the corporation is solely responsible for). [He is teaching here system over individual indoctrination again.]


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