Sunday, August 21, 2005

All Stoked Up with No Where to Go

Greetings all,

Here is this weeks tape. Enjoy.

Tape: D.R.E.A.M.

Speakers: Alan & Michele Leininger

Stock Number: BWW130

Recording Type (see post of ‘Types of Recordings’): ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This tape was recorded at a ‘Dream Weekend’, now officially billed as ‘Winter Conference’. It is your classic ‘Basic Mix’ heavy on the teaching end. He goes through several points on how to get your dream. In summary, they are to get a burning desire for something, get enthusiastic, develop a positive mental attitude, and speak what you want into existence.

Motivational Aspects:

“We are at the age now where Bill Britt started his business”

“I’m not wishing my time away anymore like I did when we were not diamond”

“[The kids] are the reason we continue to go out and build this business” – Michele describes next how they want their kids to have anything they want to have and that all dreams they have are achievable. I see this as very deadly as it encourages covetous behavior and ‘possession obsession” if you will.

They teach that if you are in the room, you are meant to build the business, you just need to make that decision now and do it.

Just get a burning desire and you will achieve your dreams. Alan talks about walking out of work totally free 12 years earlier.

You need to be enthusiastic!! – says the root of the word is ‘God Within’. That may be correct, but I can’t not find it anywhere. If someone has the root for that word, please let me know so I can correct accordingly.

You make money when you help people make money! (The sad reality is that the facts show that most people do not make any money. The BWW system reliably shows 80% of money comes from tool sales which means that people are not succeeding.)

Cult-like aspects:

Over edification of Upline

“You just have to go through the steps to build the business. If you want to be where someone is, you just have to do what they did to get there.” She then teaches that you just have to keep doing the core steps repeatedly and then you will be a diamond on stage.

EXACT QUOTE: “Just put two years of steady effort in, just two years of this is all you did, you concentrated effort doing all you could do to build this business, don’t check results, just go out and build your business, that you will be diamond”

“Those with faith will claim the promises, but only those with patience will obtain the promises” – the results will come eventually if you keep on pumping.

“I love living in this bubble world. People go ‘your just out of touch’ absolutely and I love it” – This wreaks of information control.

He belabors a bunch of points of what he does saying all the while that he is not telling you to do those things, but the underlying message is that if you do not do those things, you will fail because the diamonds simply don’t do them.

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

“I highly recommend that you try the money thing”

New Porsche (upline bought one for his wife)

Trips to Hawaii

(Upline) – Jewelry, money

7200 square foot house – I liked the way he said this. It was dropped into mid sentence in what sounded like a bragging point.

3300 sq ft pool, needed a cover for filter, but added a whole gathering lounge, changing rooms; ended up with a 11-1200 sq ft building.

Tapespeak for those wanting to brush up on the official BWW linguistic:

Money does not bring happiness, but neither does poverty

We’re just getting started

Wonderful Faulty Theology (Perhaps I will eventually tackle these on my Exposing Apostasy Page (

Get a burning desire to be successful.

He sees his upline as perfect, but suggests that he guesses they are not. Such a thought comes from the belief that they have grown so far that they have reached a state of mere perfection. All the people tend to say this about the upline across the board.

More word-faith material, one point near the end he even suggests that if his brother did not believe that a brain tumor would kill him, it would not have. This implies that we even have power over the sin in the world.

He literally gave the glory to his brother’s salvation to the BWW team, not to God.


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