Monday, September 05, 2005

A Big Hairy Audacious Dream!

Tape: Get in the Game

Speakers: Kent & Jackie Allen

Stock Number: BWW247 (Part 2)

Recording Type (see post of ‘Types of Recordings’): ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This tape is by a couple is totally indoctrinating into Word-Faith theology (a false Christian system) and what makes it worse is the preaching of that faith system from stage. There are prayers for the greater success of the IBO's, Bible verses quoted to motivate business owners, and then a 3 tier system for total assurance of growth: Commitment (even in the face of wanting to leave), Trial and Tribulation, and the Dream.

Motivational Aspects:

This speaker retired from Pharmacy about 13 years from this 2004 tape, but he still works hard finding people with a dream.

He just broke a new Eagle, so this thing is GROWING!

“I hope you are not at home sitting on your rear end!”

“I want to commend you [for sitting out here tonight]”

“You need a BHAD: A Big Hairy Audacious Dream!”

He talks about being your own boss and giving yourself permission to go back to bed.

Cult-like aspects:

He tells a story of a basketball coach who says that he is a coach 365 days a year. He then says that is the way he treats his business, and he hopes everyone treats their business like that.

There is lots of edification of the late night speakers, who will be Ray & Carol Youngblood.

“Surround yourself with powerful relationships. As I say power...I mean people who are very positive, who believe in the highest you, who genuinely want the best for you, who see in you what others can not, or will not see.”

“Those who do not go through the fire with you can not go with you to your next destiny.”

“Someone who does not fight with you in the battle, should not celebrate with you in the victory”

“We are to seek and restore those who are fallen. When we get to the Pearly gates, will He tell you that you were too forgiving or too judgmental?”

Kent talks about marriage and the commitment being the part often times lacking in our culture (I am writing from the U.S. point of view). He then moves on and talks about the commitment to the business should be the same as a commitment to a marriage. “Until you make a commitment to this, someone may take it away”

Kent then talks about committing to Paul, Rocky, etc. He made a commitment to a team and was determined to make it.

“There are times you will consider running, but if you made a commitment to an individual and a friend, and a team, the internal part of you will not allow that to happen [Fear of Leaving Indoctrination].”

“I believe the reason you go through trials and tribulations is to identify who is with you and who is not. I believe the good Lord puts things in your path so that you know who is going to celebrate the victory, who deserves to celebrate the victory with you.”

“You gotta have something that motivates you”

Very scary story: He has a young college student in his group who did not have any money for the function (Winter Conference) and she decided to return all her Christmas presents to use the refunds to go to the function. He references Henry Skagg’s comment on the young girl and edifies this as one who is totally committed.

The power and importance of this team obviously is very central to him, he takes time out to edify it even more and then says that he does this intentionally.

Here is how to go home totally assured you will go eagle and accomplish all your dreams and goals (The disclaimer is that you are not lazy): Understand there is a Master Plan, and that God is in control of that Master Plan. “Once you understand [that], you will have total expectation, anticipation, and participate in the victory.”

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

“How many of you ladies need to look in the checkbook and there is 187,000 dollars just floatin’ around.”

Material dream to put Jackie in the mountain home

A big fully loaded truck for Jackie to go antiquing.

Wonderful Faulty Theology - Perhaps I will eventually tackle these on my Exposing Apostasy Page:

The lord is just working to get these speakers a place in the mountains!

They give praises when everything is going good [but apparently not the bad].

“Someone who does not fight with you in the battle, should not celebrate with you in the victory”

The prayer of Jackie Allen at the end of her part of the speech: “Lord, we are weak, but we are made strong through You. I ask you to use us, I ask you to use the people in this place tonight to become more prepared for greatness, for greater success. For the flames are stronger and the passion burns hotter, fueling us for the greatest break though ever, taken us all to the next level.”

He lists several people who he claims are ‘about as perfect as anyone could be’


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