Thursday, September 08, 2005

Some New Changes

Hi there everyone,

Here are a few changes I am making.

First, I have included a site index on the main page. This is located on the side bar directly above the ‘LINKS’ section. I will try to have this updated on a regular basis. It is currently in order by the stock code. I will eventually order them also by speaker, but not tape title, (sorry).

The next is books. The BWW system relies heavily on business and motivation books. Many people think that these books are very good and have a lot of useful material in them if you are in the business or not. While some might have some good things, most contain some very damaging points from a Christian point of view. Since I am a Christian, and everything in my life is an extension of my life and relationship with Christ, I will analyze the books and teaching from that perspective. I will have a section for Christian points as well as other aspects of them.


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