Monday, August 29, 2005

You can Do IT!!

Tape: Don’t Ever Make Excuses

Speakers: Henry & Sue Skaggs

Stock Number: BWW247

Recording Type (see post of ‘Types of Recordings’): ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This is a brief speech at a winter conference. It is a basic mix without any teaching principles. Henry talked a little about their background and what kinds of things they have purchased in the last few months. There are a lot of cult like statements in this tape, especially the edification of a 14 year old girl who worked to get a function ticket and then said that if she could get the money to make it, anyone could, because if it is a true priority, you will find a way. Henry also speaks a lot of God, but with his faith being derived from the BWW system, it is wrought with the faulty beliefs of the Word-Faith movement, which is NOT true Christianity.

Motivational Aspects:

He says early on that the goal of this talk is to motivate them; he also clearly says that there will be no teaching points.

33 months in the business, they walked away from a job, now they focus on teaching people to be free financially

Big dream was to be at home with the kids

You can build this with kids, with a job, etc.

Henry was able to retire his mother from work.

Freedom will free you from stress

Good structure - 21 legs on standing order

1 check in the month of November out of 8 was combined, more than they made in the military in their last year working.

Cult-like aspects:

Like usual, there is a lot of seriously edifying a lot of people upline, and crossline. When I say this, this is no giving credit where credit is due, this is just listing people and saying how wonderful they are without any qualifications.

The cards that are passed along from Diamond club are a hit. In this tape, Henry talks about getting two now (one form Rocky and now from Kevin & Beth Bell), he jokes about what they might say “come and join us if you want to be a big boy on the big team…but if it pushes me on, it will be good”

Lots of ‘build your dream’ talk.

Henry talks about social security (mind you he states early in the tape that he is not quite 40 yet), hasn’t worked in 9 years, “They tell me that if I work, ‘til the age of 62, so first off, I got to go get a job…they will give me $547 a month or if you continue working ‘til your 67, you’ll get $778 a month…good trade off, trade 5 more years of your life for $200 and your almost dead by now” then he goes on.

He talks about his large check and then tells the audience that he is going to tell them how underpaid the audience is; he then tells them that based on a 40 hour work week, and getting $100,000 a month, they should be making $625 an hour, then he pops the question: “How are you doing?”

“Don’t ever forget where you came from, because you might end up back there, and I didn’t want to do that”

“What is 5 nights a week worth?”

The end of this speech has a very disturbing story. It is about a 14 year old girl who has been going to open meetings and team trainings (her mother is in the business). She wanted to go to the function, but had to pay her own way. She worked hard and got the money to come. The bad part about all this is the way she was edified. Henry read an email from her on stage. In it, she comments, that if she can work hard and raise the money to get to the functions, anyone can, it just depends on what is truly important to you.

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

Shopping for all the things for a new house without much concern about prices

S500 Mercedes, AC/heated seats, massagers in the seat, $95,000

CL500 Mercedes (“For all those ego-maniacs out there” – Yes, this was HIS quote)

Yukon XL Denali, to be traded for an Escalade

Bought house, 7000 sq ft, 21 rooms, $15,000 on window blinds, 22 closets (5 walk-in), 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, a fitness room.

Tapespeak for those wanting to brush up on the official BWW linguistic:

If Bill told me to jump off a cliff, I’d jump…cause down at the bottom, something good would be down there, like a whole big old mattress of money.

Wonderful Faulty Theology (Perhaps I will eventually tackle these on my Exposing Apostasy Page (

For all of his material belongings, he praises God, Rocky Covington, Bill & Peggy Britt, Paul Miller, Kevin & Beth Bell.

“Don’t tell me sowing and Reaping and Believing in God isn’t true”

“This isn't bragging, I give all the glory to God – All I did is do all things in His book”

“The dream is real, do you know what the dream is? It is obeying God’s principles, and all your dreams will come true.”


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