Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #1

Greetings all,

This is a new series to be posted on Tuesday night until the conclusion (12 weeks). Since this blog is to expose the teachings of the Britt World Wide system as well as explain the implications and results of the system, I figured that I would post some details about the extreme freedom team. I was originally going to appropriately call these posts “Extreme Lifestyle Flaunting”, but I finally settled on the current title. BTW, I did not forget about "Magic of Thinking Big", it is on my desk here. I will start posting from it again real soon, so keep checking back.

The Team

The Extreme Freedom Team is a name applied to the core group of Larry Winters BWW business, who is downline from Paul Miller, downline from Bill Britt. The group at the time of this writing is the Diamond and above qualifiers which consists of Larry & Pam Winters, Joe & Marybeth Markiewicz, Danny & Renate Snipes, Alan & Michele Leininger, Mike & Susan Bundy, Jake & Jackie Baker, and Doug & Amie Weir.

The Website

This website is a series of videos from the groups various activities. For a general overview, the videos tend to flaunt material goods and display a rebellious attitude toward society. As you read through these, remember that the BWW system operates as a mind control cult designed to promote a ‘foolproof’ system that followers are encouraged to follow and they, too, will enjoy the lifestyles herein. The sad reality is that BWW costs the average follower an excess of $2000 per year if they are truly following the system while the average income from Quixtar is $115. An analysis of the Quixtar plan by Robert FitzPatrick of Pyramid Scheme Alert, out of 300,000 people, 297,285 people will make an average of $1060.11 per year (page 35). Sadly, the money used to purchase the lifestyles in these videos comes mostly from the sale of tools, functions, and tapes.

Money and the Bible

I would like to point out the Biblical basis for wealth as it will be important while reading this series. The money is neutral. I am not using this post to preach a poverty Gospel, however, it is clear from the teachings of the BWW system that they are teaching a prosperity Gospel. To set it straight, here is SOME of what the bible says about money (there is a lot, I will pull out the relevant points here).

First, read Matthew 19:16-22. This passage does NOT mean that a person must give everything away to be saved (yes, there have been apostic theologies called ‘poverty Gospels’ that teach this). In this verse, Jesus is testing just how well this young man kept the commandments. In fact, he failed the first one. This man loved his money more than God, which is why he went away grieving. For him, his property was worth more than his soul. POINT NUMBER 1: Money is a problem when you put it before God.

Next, read 1 Timothy 6:3-6. In this verse, we see the problem with using the platform of Godliness to gain material goods. In the last part (vs. 6), we see that contentment, not dreams, is the way to gain. Contentment and dreams are two opposing sides of the spectrum. POINT NUMBER 2: Contentment is the path to sound living.

Next, read 1 Timothy 6:9-10. It is clear from watching these videos that a total all consuming love for money is the motivation behind the actions. POINT NUMBER 3: When your focus is earning money, you are subjecting yourself to great temptations for practicing evil.

With these points in mind, I want you to know that having money is not a sin. Going on a good vacation, having a nice car, a nice house, etc, are not sins. The problem arises when you use a deceptive system of mind control to fleece people out of hard earned money so that you can buy a whole lot of things, make videos about it, and post them to motivate people to do more of the same.

Now to get into the actual post:

Site: www.extremefreedomteam.com


Video Summary:

Doug Weir opens the video with his face close in the camera and explains that they are playing whiffle-ball on the tennis courts at Peter Island. He introduces the rest of the people, which consists of the Freedom Team men except for Larry Winters. Doug is wearing a very large gold necklace, as are some of the other people. Doug explains that this is a ‘covert operation’. The video simply consists of a group of men hitting a ball in turns. One thing that I notice is that the guys are acting very childish. At the end of the video, Markiewicz stuffs the ball in his mouth.

My thoughts:

Why on earth they recorded this video is beyond me, further, why would they post it online? The substance is a little lacking and for motivation? I don’t see what is motivating about seeing a bunch of guys sweating and taking off their shirts, unless their motive was to expose their gold necklaces.


Blogger dallas said...

If you really knew these guys, you would not feel the way that you do. I am sorry that you feel that way about these men. Success is merely luck, just ask any failure! Evidently you did not have what it takes to be the type of men that these guys are. I am not saying they are perfect, but they are helping alot of people and creating a lifestyle for their families that all of us work 45 years to try to achieve. Don't knock them for being successful.

Wed Nov 23, 09:22:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Greetings Dallas,

It would appear that you have been sucked into the full fledge influence of the BWW cult (or some other MO of Amway / Quixtar). Statistically speaking, they help 1/1000 people make a 35,000 dollar a year job sucking money out of the other 999. Good luck with that.

You can succeed very well working only 25-30 years (a lot better than you can make it in Quixtar) by being a diligent worker.

I don't knock these men for being successful, I knock these men for being con artists that use the bible to try to justify why they are such good Christian men.

If you want to prove me use, use the Bible to do so, otherwise, you don't any ground to stand on.

Good luck with your network, you will certainly need it.


Fri Nov 25, 02:10:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger optimistic relationship builder said...

I know exactly why you call yourself X. You have Xed yourself out so you want others to join. I really feel sorry for you being such a sad Individual. Because of your short comings you put out your opinions about what you think know. I am sure there have been some jerks in this business, but I bet its some jerks at all jobs and even churches. It's amazing how people like yourself would rather knock others for wanting more and willing to sacrifice than to encourage and help give hope. At least these guys are willing to get out and drive the miles to try and help people they don't even know. I'm no dummy, I know these guys benefit but so do I based on the work I do.

I have a gym membership that was sold to me by a salesman who told me I could look like Rocky but it's amazing, I've had this membership for 3 years and I still have gut and my arms are getting softer. I am really disappointed. I've paid for this thing every month, but the disappointment is in me for not doing what was required of me to get the results promised upon purchase.

I went to college for five years and paid at least 7000.00 a year. As my grades went down and I could not receive free schooling, so what, the financial aid kept giving me more loans to continue and it did not work. Here I am five years wasted, about 35,000 and I still don't have a degree. Who should I blame? The guidance counselor told me I could do it and he believed in me, but it just did not work. Who do I blame?

These guys are trying to help people who want to own their own business. But it's not a free lunch, it takes work and money. My wife and I work in the corporate world and we are 26 years old and we have always wanted to own our own business and we saw this and did not know what to think but as I checked this business out I saw it was real. I'm an African American and none of my friends are in business with me but I went out and found some guys who wanted more out of life and was willing to find out what it would take to make it happen and its happening. It's not a pie in the sky, it's not a get rich quick scam, and it’s a business. Just so you know; most of the people who get out of this are those you are looking for a get rich quick scam. It's not brainwashing, brainwashing is telling people what to think. The freedom team teaches people how to think. There is a difference. To identify the negative is nothing special, try coming up with your own thing.

I'm done, but don't try to come at me about the bible. Trust me; you don't want to go there with me. I have studied what it says about money save that conversation for someone else...

Sat Mar 25, 10:55:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Thank you for your comments, ORB. I have posted a reply at:

Sun Mar 26, 08:37:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger broomeknives said...

the bible also says-ecl-10-19
a feast is made for laughter and
wine makes life merry but
money answers all things

why would God want us to be broke when all of the heroes in the bible are filthy rich

Sat Dec 27, 12:46:00 AM GMT-5  

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