Sunday, October 09, 2005

Work Our System 7 Nights per Week

Tape: The Price of Victory

Speakers: Henry & Sue Skaggs

Stock Number: BWW186 (4 message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

Kick off speech at ‘Dream Night’, a.k.a. Winter Conference. Henry uses several analogies to get the audience to dream a dream that will keep them out 7 nights a week working the system.

Motivational Aspects:

Free since 1995. Henry has not had a job since he left the military.

“Diamond is done THIS YEAR.”

Sue tells that you don’t need the college background, money, or personality in the business. She says that you can work on everything it takes to build the business.

“What is your dream here at Dream Night? What’s gonna keep you out there 7 nights a week?”

Cult-like aspects:

They were waiting in front of the doors for a few hours before the functions opened and ran to get the front seats. This was before the time of Eagle, which have the front rows reserved for them since they are the ‘truly committed people’. [This hints to the dependency of the system, though it does not prove it.]

Doing anything to get around the upline. [Same as above.]

Sue says that there is a proven system to follow. [Don’t make up your own way, we have the answers.]

Henry teaches that you need to have a dream that is big enough to keep you out 5 and 6 nights every week to show the plan. He tells that he could not look at his wife and new child and say that they are worth 4 nights a week and ‘I will get you free in about 5 years’ [This is a form of Cult of Confession. The ‘dreams’ are used by the upline and the person to keep them working the system even though the working is not paying off. I submit that it is better to be at home with the family than to use that justification to leave them every night because the statistics show that the majority of the people make $115 a month.]

The Christmas presents came after counseling with the upline. [This emphasizes the need to talk things over with the upper level people before making a decision.]

Henry compares going to war in Iraq with showing the plan and suggests that you need to think about the fact that you are not in Iraq and are home and says that will motivated you to go out and show the plan. He then says that if you are not financially free, you are ‘still on the plantation’. He concludes that thought by saying “If you have a JOB, you are a slave.” [This is just disturbing. Henry seems to be pulling out all stops to get people working and plugged into the system 6-7 nights a week. He suggests that working is equivalent to slavery.]

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

Sue is wearing a $6,000 dress from Nordstrom in San Francisco, CA

Brand new CL500 Mercedes

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

Henry is very well influenced by the Word-Faith movement from the get go. He announces early in the message that he always can “speak things into existence.”

This answer is from a previous post:

[The charge often replied by Word-Faith proponents is that this verse indicates the ‘needle gate’, which they suggest is a small hole in the wall for a traveler to get through at night after the main gates are closed. There is no biblical or extra-biblical account for this. Further, if you read the next verse (Matthew 19:25), you have to wonder, if this was a well known ‘needle gate’, why were the disciples so astonished at the answer and question ‘who can get in?’. The text is literal. Jesus is talking about a needle. We must read one more verse (Matthew 19:26) to get the explanation and answer. Without God, no one can get in, with God, people can get in. This discussion was prompted by the question of the Rich Young Ruler, when Jesus told him to sell all his belongings and follow Him. This does NOT mean that we need to get rid of everything we have, it was a test because Jesus knew that the rich man placed love for his belongings over love for God (thus a violation of the first commandment). Point stands, money does not grant you acceptance to heaven, in fact, it just makes things a little harder because you are tempted to place faith and security in money instead of God.]

Henry states that he does not want his son to have to answer to another person. [Little Henry is going to have to deal with Authority in his life. He will just have to get used to it. The Fifth Commandment is “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you. (Exodus 20:12) This command is there so that you learn to obey and submit to authority. In the case of children, that means parents, teachers, and God. But the implications are far larger as they teach how to submit to all authorities, including a boss, police, and still God. It appears that Henry is teaching his son that submission to authority is a bad thing. The irony here is the total submission and loyalty to the team that Henry belongs to.]

God is so good [for giving Henry his material possessions]. [I don’t even think I have to tackle that one.]


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