Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #14



Video Summary:

This starts with nice soft guitar and a few scenes, then gets thrashy with scenes of a car driving down a road, soft again with a mountain overlook then one of the Extreme Freedom Team members in a hot tub (of course with an XS), then it moves to a few other party scenes with all the participants including a time lapse table hockey game that apparently went on over several hours, perhaps a day or more…the video clip lasts quite a while. Like a few other videos, there are scenes of everyone eating a catered meal. We finally get into the bulk of the video: the white water rafting tour. We end with a sign that says, “Rip Roaring Adventures”.

My Thoughts:

Some adventure for the Extreme Freedom Team. The cost of a trip at Rip Roaring Adventures is $39.95 per person, but you can get a $10 discount on the website. Sounds fun! Lets all of us negative broke losers go and do the same thing, make our own amateur video and post it on the internet…any takers with that?


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