Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #12

Site: www.extremefreedomteam.com


Video Summary:

This is an older video. This starts similar to the other snowmobile video with the credits. It is still the same amateurs, only a few years less experience than in the other one. Of course it ends with the “come join us” message. The final brief conversation is meant to promote desire to be with them, which requires paying the cost.

My final thoughts:

I pray that I was able to get the details out as to the problems with the Extreme Freedom Team as they described on their own videos. My honest prayer is that people are not lured into this cult. What you see here are a bunch of guys that have sold their soul short. They have gained the world, but I fear, based upon the attitudes expressed in these videos and the teaching system, that they lost their soul in the process. I pray also that these men might come to understand the damage that they are doing to people as they push for their fancy cars, nice vacations, and big houses. I pray that they would repent and stop hurting people. They are not bad people, but they are deceived people. They have bought a lie and now they are selling it to others for the covetous desire of materialism.


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