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Get the Clients So You Can Buy Our Tapes!

Tape: Client Marketing

Speakers: Sharon Ghassami, Rob Sanicola, Tom Moran

Stock Number: BWW191 (2 Message CD)

Recording Type: Teaching (Client Sales)

Brief Review:

This is a rare tape, it teaches that you need to get clients, but there is a twist! The goal is to fund your business, so the clients are there to pay for your tapes and other BWW tools, which will allow you to get a big network where the money is really made. This is confirmed by a Dave Severn tape (BWW88, Width, Momentum, & Depth) where he actually teaches NOT to have more than 10-20 clients or you will be too distracted to build the network.

Teaching Points:

Sharon teaches a ‘show 10 register 10’ system. She teaches that you show the business to people for the opportunity, if they do not want to build it, offer the clientship, if not that, the membership. [The emphasis on recruitment over sales is one of the red flags proposed in “MLM’s to Avoid”, a list of potentially dangerous MLM’s put together by Jon Taylor who is a consumer awareness watchdog.]

In talking about the stability of your business, Sharon still agrees that you need to count the number of standing orders and people going to functions.

She teaches that people have ‘revolving door’ businesses because people are not making money. She says that Client Sales is the key to funding to the tapes, and the tapes are the key to building the business.

Sharon’s basic idea is to show the plan to someone and lay out the 9 team player steps, if they show any not-so-good body language, make them a client or member instead, so that they can save money on the products and they may eventually become an IBO. [Her approach is good and forthcoming, but she fails to mention reality. The problem is that the Quixtar Products are not even competitively priced in most cases most people will not just roll over and buy products online.]

Rob talks about client contacting. He gives a very theoretical non-specific (by this I mean absolutely no details at all) plan to have every person making $800-1400 per month on client sales. He does not even talk about membership unless a person backs down on buying at retail (he will also give the member price to family).

Rob suggests that the high quality in the products justifies the sale of them at retail. [It has been my experience that the products are not of any higher quality than other brand name products, though they are much higher priced in general.]

He starts to talk about the importance of the system and that Standing Order is the thing that will teach them to be profitable, but they quit because they are not making money because they are not out generating clients.

Rob leads with energy drinks (for the younger generation) and MCI (for the older generation). He says that you can lead with any particular product you want. He violates a little rule here, he gives the example of talking to an older person and he says, “[Talked about kids]. You must have some phone bill…funny thing, I own my own company, I represent the MCI network.” He then moves from ‘having the product sold’ to prospecting for business. [First, making any real money on MCI is a joke. You get 100 PV for signing someone up, and then on that plan, about 1 PV or less comes trickling in for every one of those you sell. He violates rule 4.12: IBO Relationship: “No IBO shall represent that he or she has any employment relationship with the Corporation or any of its affiliated companies and/or other IBO’s.”]

Rob promotes what he calls ‘Full Circle Marketing’, which is getting a client started on one product and then as they are happy, moving on to examine other needs that need to be filled. [I have not problems with this, it is good business strategy and not deceptive.]

Tom starts in with your network being your security, and thus the goal. Clients help to boost retention. His goal is to get clients on ditto delivery so that he does not have to “make the phone calls, follow up, and try to catch them and chase them to get something from them” [Welcome to the wonderful world of MLM!] He says that you need to give them an incentive to stay on ditto delivery

“Eagle is what we are shooting for…an eagle today represents about 20 IBOships, about 2500 PV, profit is about $400 – $500 a month.” He wants each person to get 10 or more clients in every one of those 20 businesses for maximum profit. Doing this will make that eagle $1200 dollars a month profit.

Tom does give some very good ways to get and keep clients. I have no problem with his approaches or incentives.

“We don’t have to worry about legal things, we don’t have to worry about making things, we don’t have to worry about tax things, we don’t have to worry about anything, all we have to do is introduce clients, customers to our products.” [On page C-2, we read that YOU, the IBO, are responsible to make sure you have any business licenses that might be required, you have to know if your business is governed by zoning laws, and several places throughout the code of conduct similar statements are made regarding sales of nutritional supplements and cosmetics as well as cleaning chemicals, etc. Also, did your upline tell you that Quixtar charges YOU sales tax for retail price, not wholesale price. You need to fill out a form to get the money refunded every year. Indeed, there are a few things that you need to worry about.]

Other Notes:

Much to his credit, Angelo Nardone opens this tape talking about the importance of client sales. If there were more tapes like this (I have 2 or 3 total on sales), there might not be as much problem with BWW’s approach to business.


Blogger another IBO said...


I know this is a little off the subject, but are Bill and Peggy Britt still married? My brother-in-law, who is still an IBO went to a conference in N.C. this weekend and came back talking about them on stage together.

Mon Jan 16, 03:33:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

November 31st, 2003,they filed for a legal seperation, but a seperation is not a divorce. It was over Bill Britt investing $50M in an illegal ponzi scheme. I do not know if he started it or was an unknowing investor. I never heard if they ever divorced.

As far as them still appearing together, they tend to do that to produce an image for the people who do not know they are seperated. They were at the last Spring Leadership I was at which was April 2004.

Peggy is not interested in losing money, and statistics show that every time a couple has divorced, large masses of people quit. If that occured and was public knowledge, it might devestate BWW.


Mon Jan 16, 03:57:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Mevious said...

Dave Sevren on a BWW tape? Thats gota be old school :-)

Then again, there aren't too many CDs available within WWDB with General Patton on it (Sevren). From what I heard, Sevren is much more similar to Bill Britt's speaking style than any other WWDB speaker.

Wed Jan 18, 04:22:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Yep, there are several new ones actually. The old classics are still availible:
USA22 - Pigs don't know Pig's Stink
JLB23 - Along with the Baby comes Labor Pains

But there are five that are less than three years old:
BWW40 - What makes you come alive (I was in the audience when this was taped)
BWW88 - Width, Momemtum, Depth
BWW89 - The Three Little Pigs was NOT a Fairy Tale
BWW235 - 212 Degrees
BWW435 - You Can Build This Business

Thu Jan 19, 11:13:00 AM GMT-5  

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