Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #10

Site: www.extremefreedomteam.com

Video: REASON #46

Video Summary:

This has to be my favorite video of them all. The video starts with the statement, “reason #46 to be free… The video pans to Doug driving the Porsche. He says 1st gear as he holds up a finger with a very large ring on. There are two phrases which become very important later as we will see. The first is, “Do not try this in your car.” And the second is, “Professional driver on a closed course”. He counts up with the large ringed finger 2nd gear, 3rd gear up to sixth gear. He screams out, “Oh yeah, Baby! The camera pans to the dash board to see the speed at roughly 125 miles per hour. He then screams, “Freedom baby!!” and then he takes both hands off the steering wheel holding two fists high up in the air still going the same speed. The camera person slips a bit and you can see cars going by. That is right, the ‘professional driver’ is Doug Weir (only he is not a professional), and the ‘closed course’ appears to be an interstate. Amie moves the camera onto herself and flaunts her looks and faces excitement into the camera. For whatever reason, they end it with the sound of police sirens as a clip says, “To be continued.

My thoughts:

Houston, we have a problem! We have some lying on board, this is clearly not a professional driver on a closed course. You can see that Doug is on an interstate. He is also clearly and deliberately breaking the law for the purpose of motivating you. The siren at the end is a nice touch. It shows a trend that I have observed in the Diamonds, as well as the plugged in rank and file people (myself included when I was plugged into BWW as deep as I was), and that is a rebellious attitude toward things. We have a command to be in submission to the authority be it the boss, the police, the law of the land. The only exception to this is if that authority asks you to break one of God’s commandments. In fact, I did comment on this case once with Doug Weir when I analyzed Radical Freedom. (It is the very last part of the post from the red to the light blue). 1 Peter 2:13-17 details honoring authority.


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