Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Saw the Coliseum Full of People and I Realized I Was Not The Only One Who Was Nuts

Tape: The BWW Team

Speakers: Ray & Joanne Melillo

Stock Number: BWW225 (2 Message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’


“When you are free, you get to wake up when you want, unless you are on the Britt team and we are here to serve.”

You are the magic of the Britt team. The 9 core steps that the people are doing to go eagle are what the big pins are professionals at.

Joanne tells us that everyone in Britt have the ultimate coach in Bill and Peggy Britt.

“You are on a championship team. You’re not just part of the farm system, and the farm system is essentially the 2-5 year plan. The bottom line is: You’re going pro. If you want to go pro, you are going to stretch those muscles and pay the price and come to the practices.” (Note that she is using a sports analogy).

Joanne suggests that after going to her first weekend conference, she saw all the people who all thought that it was a good thing, so she concluded for herself that it was a good thing.

Joanne says that they are growing because the people in this business are will to sow, water and reap. She uses a lot of biblical based analogy to talk about growing the business (mostly out of context I might add.)

“I just hope that you’re carrying the light everywhere you go and that you have chosen to separate yourselves and to be part of the farm system that’s going pro.”

An interesting comment came up where Joanne was at a sports game with her kids and they were all in the dugout getting reay to play the number one team when anther parent came up and wanted to know how everyone is doing. She said, “I am not asking you [Joanne] because we never get the truth out of you. Everything is always good, great, etc.” Joanne comments back (trying to be smart) “I know, don’t you hate people like that.” [Joanne is deluded at this point, it is not black and white ‘always grumbling’ or ‘always great’. There is a fine line between a positive attitude who is real and a faker just says ‘I’m great’ all the time.]

Ray says that all the great values of America are fading everywhere except in this BWW team.

“I’m not sucking up to no paycheck for 22 years and then getting laid off and taking a half pay for the next 22 until I get put out to the pasture at 60 and then live until 80 begging some relative to put up with me while I’m senile.” [Do you really want to follow a man like this? If you don’t want your relative to take care of you, properly plan for it. May I recommend Crown Financial Ministries?]

“I’m not interested in a 70% divorce rate.” [Really, this article from the NY times lays total waste to that thought. The divorce rate is actually getting better and at last count was 0.38%. The reason they said this is that one of the selling points of BWW is that marriages are saved.]

“I’m not interested in what America stands for unless America stands on the word of God and on the principles of honesty and integrity that I have learned from the Britt team.”

“Your boss is looking to drop kick you the first sign that his job is shaky and I don’t want anybody in here getting punted, so lets stand tall partner, lets stand firm, lets share the dream 5 nights a week, and lets come up here with a couple of dozen diamonds next year.”


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Lets come up with a couple dozen Diamonds...yeah right. Then they'd have a smaller share of tool money.

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