Monday, October 17, 2005

They Have Class, Honesty, and Integrity

Tape: Truth Pill

Speakers: Kevin & Beth Bell

Stock Number: BWW186 (4 message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This is a brief speech from Winter Conference . Kevin and Beth speak from the heart about what the business has provided. They provide many references to being in an education business, and Beth even states that the core of the business is in changing buying habits. She sidesteps the heavy costs of the products. Kevin makes an analogy of this business to the people in the movie 'The Matrix' and suggests that BWW is offering a truth pill that many people choose not to take.

Motivational Aspects:

Beth explains that the “flush your stinking job” chant does not de-edify what you do, just the vehicle that you use. She says that the job is limited in money and takes too much time while the Quixtar business is the “unlimited well”. [though I seem to think it is the bottomless pit of cash flow]

Kevin pays the bills 6 months to a year in advance and gets a rise out the audience as he asks if they would like to do that, too.

Cult-like aspects:

“I just don’t understand anybody that can come in here and listen to Cleav McLeary, hear Henry and Sue’s kickoff talk, listen to Rocky Covington, Paul Miller…all these leaders over here and not get fired up about your future. I just don’t understand somebody like that. And you know what? I don’t want to understand anybody like that.” [Phobia about leaving indoctrination]

After giving some well due praise to the United State Army, Kevin makes the statement that this is also an army. “You are in an army, too…This is a very organized group of people whose mission is to change peoples lives. And our mission is to change your life in whatever way you would have that change. For some of you, it’s financially…” At the point, Kevin gets extremely vague about ‘changes’ that they had to make before the money would start coming in, I presume this refers to the aspect of religion (that I will not call Christianity because I believe there is more than enough evidence that is not what they are promoting). [An army of people that will change the world is often promoted in cults as a recruitment ploy. The reality is that you don’t need to be in a group to change the world, and further, much evidence points to far more destruction caused by cults than help is ever done.]

“We have a family here. We have a place that somebody can belong and be proud of what they believe in and stand up for, and they can gain courage, and they can change.” [This quote appeals to the desires of a person to be in a loving family, cast off past mistakes, and change to avoid future mistakes. This is used to hold people in the system.]

Beth starts her speech by pointing out the Eagles (sitting in the very front center) and requesting to give them applause. She says that they legitimize the system, which is why they get good seats up front. [The Eagle program is a program that holds up the ‘shining examples’ on the team for everyone to see. In fact, since its formation, it is the first thing that you are taught to do. The eagle program is to be totally core with a specific structure.]

Beth talks about learning how the money is made so that you can handle the objections and people do not get hung up on the “savings mentality” which she claims has nothing to do with how to build a large business. [The black and white reference to ‘prosumer vs. consumer, something most people in the audience would have heard of by now, is misleading. She basically says here that the prices are higher than other comparable items, but you must learn how the system works to understand that is not an issue, in effect, confusing people into following the system despite they are logically not making wise spending choices on products.]

Beth says that they are in the education business in that they are educating people about a business that no one really knows about. I do not believe that was a reference to tools over Quixtar, but she does state that people are in the education process learning new ways of making money.

Beth makes the statement that it takes two incomes now to provide the same as one income in her parents generation. She claims that jobs do not work, but the Quixtar business does. [This is more phobia of leaving indoctrination]

This is interesting. Kevin states that this is a business of education. He says that they are trying to get them to open up and think about things that they have never thought about. He uses the basis of the story from The Matrix and suggests that the business is offering a truth pill. Many people chose not to take it because the comfort in the known. He says that there is responsibility in taking the truth pill, however. He then says that when you have a job, you are just a battery feeding the corporation. They give you two days to recharge, and then a week once a year to recharge. When you wear out, they get rid of you and re-place you with another battery that is stronger. [There are a few problems. The first is that the BWW system more clearly demonstrates this. One would note that in the matrix, the people never get a time off to ‘recharge’, nor do the people in BWW as they give once a week for a tape, 2-4 times a month for opens, once a month for team trainings and books, etc, etc, etc. The people in BWW are feeding the kingpins who will pass some revenue down to the Emeralds and above. The people become the feeding chamber. Next, one would note that the employee has a lot of power. I can come and go from job to job seeking the best pay and benefit. I can minister at my work, move on. I can change professions and if I am living in line with God, I will be fine. I do not crave worldly things, nor will people of God’s kingdom. There is nothing wrong with having them, but in all honesty, the problem with finances in this country (USA) is not that people are not making enough money, but that they are foolishly spending more than they make on things they don’t need.]

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

This one is a complicated web, so I will try to explain it. Their son (5 yr old) asks if people that do not go to church are bad people. The response is that God does not make bad people, just that some people make bad choices. This comment is directly after she tells that the people in her upline took their potential and decided to use it for good and that everyone can do that. [While it is true that God did not make people bad, the orginal sin of Adam accomplished that. Going to church does not qualify someone as saved, the free gift of grace does that. In any case, it appears that the comment was made to motivate people to make good decisions, i.e. build their business.]

Beth gives credit to her needs and desires being met to her husband for building the business and ‘filling up that well’.

“Are you living your life how you want to? If not, change it.” [Living your life for you will not accomplish much; you need to live your live for Christ. We are sinful and are driven by sinful desires. That does not mean we can not do good, but it does mean that there is no part of us affected by the fall of Adam. Here is the Gospel of Jesus Christ if you are not familiar with it and you would like to learn more.]

Interesting side notes:

Kevin talks about starting in 1992, and then goes on to quote information about the Quixtar website. If he were being totally honest from stage, he would have qualified that it was Amway (or at least different model) then. I point this out because the way he states it almost seems that Quixtar was the same as the old Amway model. (They are actually one in the same; Amway USA became Quixtar, Inc in 2000, check out The Name Game for the details.

Beth says, and I quote: “It is so important that [ladies] are able to overcome the objections just like the men because …99% of the people that I am sitting down with and showing them how to change their buying habits, which is the [core] of what we do, it’s the women. And if they don’t understand how the money is made, they are going to get hung up on savings mentality.”(Emphasis mine)


Blogger dallas.allbritton said...

I don't know how old this blog is & it really does not matter. I was "in the business" 2 different times & I loved every minute of every day, each time. I did not "Go Direct" but got close to know that I could had I done what was needed to make it happen. I didn't for a lot of reasons, none of which had anything to do with Amway, my upline or Bill Britts organization.

I remember Kevin & Beth Bell, VERY WELL along with all the other people you mentions, especially larry Winters whose organization i was not in. You can dissect these people and lift up all that you see is not right with them as well as those things that ARE.. not right with them and after all is said you will find yourself at a very interesting place.. The corner of they are just people, imperfect people and... THEY made it. When I got out of the business, had I sold the cassette tapes that I had for a buck a piece I would make, at least $1500.00. The box that the tapes were in measured (w/out streaching the truth) 4'x4'x4'. What I paid in tapes and time with the people of this business earned me a digree in business with an emphasis on character and a relationship with Christ. Knock Amway and the people in it till your knuckles are raw but I doubt you can knock this..... I am a very successful "person", have developed 3 different successful businesses, working on my 4th and I have a close and personal relation with Christ. ALL OF WHICH came to be due to my involvement with the people of this business and Bill Britt. You can hate the fact that you did not get what you felt you should have after listening to the tapes BUT.. that failure is not the fault of the tape(s) or the people on them but the person who does not apply what he/she heard OR their unwillingness to say.... "I-Can't-Do-This" and move on w/your life.

Mon Aug 04, 07:41:00 PM GMT-5  

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