Sunday, February 12, 2006

Remember the Feeling You Have in the Core of Your Gut

Tape: Poised for Major Growth

Speakers: Ed & Elise Vicinanza

Stock Number: BWW225 (2 Message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Sorry this is brief, but with a 13 minute tape, not much can be said. In short summary, this was nothing more than motivation. It was on Sunday afternoon at an FED, probably near the end of the weekend. Ed & Elise are motivating speakers and totally committed to the Britt team. They are Diamonds, downline of Ray & Joanne Melillo (EDC) and Angelo & Claudia Nardone (EDC).


“Clear your deck and do whatever it takes to do those 9 core steps.”

They keep talking about their lifestyle video and crying over how wonderful it is.

Take what you have been given as a gift this week (the business), and within 24 hours, you need to sit down and have a talk about commitment in this business.

Elise talks about just doing the steps. [First it was the 8 core steps, then it is the 9 core steps, now Elise talks about the 9 core steps and then some.]

“Get a big babysitting list.”

Ed talked about this being the best function he ever attended (a common phrase heard at every single BWW function), with the only exception being the second function he was ever at when “I heard Angelo [Nardone] give the 2-5 minute plan and I went forward”. [That is BWW talk for Angelo preaching a message on Sunday morning and offering an invitation to go forward. I would caution about organizations that give such calls to ‘come forward’ and then try to say that everyone is saved. To be sure, some will be, but read Matthew 13 to get the parable that Jesus gives in direct relation to this event. While you are in Matthew, look at Matthew 7 as well.]

Identify what you want once and for all.

You need to sit down with your growing upline and learn once and for all what everyone on stage learned: The power of Submission, the Power of Unity, and the Power of the Spoken Word. I reviewed these three points on a previous post at the bottom of the page.

Here is the bottom line teaching point that Ed leaves us with: “Have another meeting”.


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