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Building Quixtar with BWW Part 2

BWW Basics Manual (BBAS 6/02)


Chapter 1 – Training and Support System

This chapter is broken down into four sections. I already detailed many of these points on previous posts, which I will link in the respective sections.

  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Business Support Materials
  • Cutting Edge Technology Tools
  • A Proven System

Section 1 – Meetings and Conferences (See Types of Functions for more information)

Although there are actually more meetings than they list, the only meetings they list are Opens, Teem Meetings, and Major Weekend Functions. All of these and more are talked about in the link above. Prices for these are also in the link above.

Open meetings are held in cities all over US and Canada. According to the manual, these are best used for introducing a new person, or for a second look for a person who has seen a home meeting or a one-on-one. At the end of the Open meetings is a training session for IBO’s which allows training to people across the country.

Team meetings are held monthly or bi-monthly. These are great for teaching new IBO’s about the basics of building the business.

Major Weekend Conferences are “where thousands of IBOs come together to learn success strategies. These meetings are held by the most successful business leaders and will diverse enough to relate to any person that goes to a weekend meeting. Most successful IBOs will tell you that their biggest revelations about succeeding in this business came from something they learned at a Moajor Weekend Conference.

Section 2 – Business Support Materials (See Types of BWW Tools for more information)

Standing Order Tape Program is a weekly tape offered to each IBO on the team as a cost effective way to train the whole team.

Book of the Month Program is selected by the committee and most of these will be new releases “available to you before being offered through retail outlets.

The lamplighter is a free publication with articles relevant to BWW business which includes schedules, new materials, and stories about lifestyles of high level IBO’s.

Section 3 – Cutting Edge Technology Tools (See Types of BWW Tools for more information)

Online Support is an internet service provider available (dialup) internet. It is well priced at about $15 per month.

IBO Business Websites (these were replaced by One Domain) give a “professional Online Presence with your own personal IBO Business Web Site.

Communikate is a communication system to keep in touch with upline, downline, and contacts. It can store 2000 contacts, screen calls, send/receive faxes, and more. The scary thing is that the Goads actually wrote a song to promote Communikate. It was featured on the business songs album “The Dream” (Note that if you did not know it, The Goads write songs about building Quixtar for sale to BWW IBO’s.)

Section 4 – A proven System

“If you are going to build a strong income through your personally-registered groups, this system will prove to be invaluable.”

“Please understand that you are not required to use any aspect of this system. It is available for your use, as you see fit, and as your business budget dictates.”

Recommended Tools

  • GS1 – What to Do Next
  • PM137 – The BWW System: Education for Financial Freedom (Snipes)
  • RR102 – Getting Started with BWW & Quixtar (Taylor)
  • RJM23 – Get Plugged In (Grogan)
  • RR101 – The BWW System (Durso)
  • RC41 – Owning A Business System (Bell)


I pretty much covered an analysis of these points on my previous posts talking about the basic teaching and tools. Those links are:

Types of BWW Functions

Types of BWW Recordings

Types of BWW Tools

I will not take a whole lot of time talking about things I have already covered, but I can talk about a few things new.

First, I will draw your attention to a few comments from tapes that I already posted an analysis:

From Are You Discontented?, I write:

About the system:

  • Jack talks about book of the month and then criticizes everyone that is only reading one book, calling the Book of the Month program doing the minimum.
  • Tape of the week is done the same way. He says that you should be buying more tapes than that. He says to use the business to finance it.

From Secrets to going to Platinum, I quote:

Jake says, “this is the number one secret: The Britt System…You must learn how to promote and edify…if you will plug into it at all cost, it will give you life and a life of more abundance.” And Doug confirms, “I also figured out that the Britt System was the key, and if I was going to sponsor people, I had to have the books and tapes to get them started right.

From Keep Your Dream, I write:

There is some controversy over what the functions are actually for. Many system IBO’s will say that this is about ‘teaching’ and ‘training’, but Terry even brings up in this tape the issue that they DON’T talk about such things (except that they will talk about it the next day for a bit). He emphasizes that they talk about the ‘why’ to build the business, i.e. motivation. So in effect, people are constantly buying into a system that gives them nothing new but new stories of motivation and very little else (I think I have 2 tapes on products, about 15 on basic mechanics, which all contain the same information, and about 500 tapes on basic motivation.)

Next, I would like to point out a few rules in the Quixtar Rules Compendium:

Rule 7 (Business Support Materials)

In the body of this basic point, we read, “IBOs who choose to sell or distribute SM must emphasize that the purchase of SM is strictly voluntary”

Rule 7.5.3 states “IBOs who choose to sell BSM shall not say, suggest, or imply that the use of any such materials will guarantee success”. Please contrast this with the exact quote from above: “If you are going to build a strong income through your personally-registered groups, this system will prove to be invaluable.”

7.7. Limiting Expenditures: “Each IBO who chooses to purchase or sell BSM must ensure that the quantity and cost of BSM are reasonably related to the sales volume and profits of that IB.” There is an exact quote from many tapes that says, “If your car is running out of gas, do you take gas out or put gas back in? The tools are the gas of this business, if you are not doing well, don’t stop your tool flow, you need to increase it”. I first heard this quote from Kumar, but I have since heard it in Nardone’s group as well.

7.8.2. “Each IBO who chooses to sell tickets to seminars, rallies, and other meetings is obligated to buy back tickets purchased for the purchaser’s personal use for a period of 30 days after the event, provided the IBO attended the event.”

Concluding Remarks

Although one little sentence in this manual suggest that tools are optional, the overall teaching of the system is that they are required. Please heed the rules above regarding this, particularly the rule 7.7, you should not be spending more money than you are making, however, the speakers always belabor that it is not spending, but rather, investing. Take note that 85.9% of the tapes I have are all about motivation. They are not teaching you through this system, they are making you the ultimate and repeat customers that fill their pockets with money month after month.

Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3
Chapter 2.4
Chapter 3
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