Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #2

Site: www.extremefreedomteam.com


Video Summary:

This video starts a narration by Amie Weir who explains that they are on the way to Peter Island, but first, they must stop at St. Thomas to spend money on ‘bling bling’. The way she says ‘spend money’ is very arrogant indeed. It was stated as a “I have some, you don’t” attitude. The video fades to Doug as a prelude to entering the stores where the rest of the video is shot. Larry explains that “Alan is looking for more bling blang [sic] to motivate you all.” Just as he says that, Alan holds up a gold watch and pulls his large gold necklace out of his shirt to expose it. It seems that every time the camera rolls past Larry, he gives a smile and a wave, one time even winking at the camera. The scariest part is when the camera rolls past Mike Bundy and he looks into it and says slowly in a low voice while shaking his head, “Money…Come join us…shopping”. Larry is talking to the cashier about a large ring for Pam and the cashier shows the camera the cost at $169,000, which Larry exclaims as “almost free”. Jake and Alan both flaunt to the camera their matching gold watches. The camera cuts to Amie again as she is wearing a very large diamond ring and arrogantly explains that this is something “to wear when you are with the kids in the playground…just an every day kind of ring.” The cashier is showing Pam’s jewelry piece by piece concluding over $1,000,000. The video ends with a rolling phrase, “We will be back next year.[space] Will YOU [Space] Join [space] us [space] ???”

My thoughts:

First of all, what they do with their money is their business. Why, then, do they post such flaunting uses for money on the internet? I would like to point out in keeping with duplication, the people in Joe’s downline (Doug and Alan), have the same large gold necklace as Joe. What makes it worse is that they wear it in such a way to show it off. Such displays of arrogant spending of money combined with the talk and speaking shows me that these people are worshiping money and the things they buy with it despite telling you that it is 'all about friendships and helping people'.


Blogger another IBO said...

X- I watched the video a few times and made some comments on Qblog, I think it was paid little attention, but in the video, no one is ever seen actually buying anything. At one point, a voice off screen says this is Pams shopping list and you can hear Pam say maybe next year. I think the whole video is fake

Mon Oct 24, 05:48:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

I'll watch it again and listen for that tonight.

Never-the-less, I operate objectively. I take utmost care to report what I see. Remember at one point in time that Larry hands his credit card to the cashier. Amie also says that they 'shop' all day (I assume that means look around), and then they 'go nuts' (I assume that means buy things). Also note the three guys wearing the new hats and they joke that the jewlery was free, but the hats were very expensive. Also note that Jake Baker has his checkbook out and says he is down to the 'tens of thousands' of dollars, instead of 'hundreds of thousands'.

I suggest that is sufficient evidence to say they are buying and since I was not there, that is what I have to go on.

I will look for that comment and post about it more tonight.

Mon Oct 24, 04:15:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Where in the video is that comment about the shopping list and next year. I watched it again and didn't hear it. I am interested.


Tue Oct 25, 08:10:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger another IBO said...

It is toward the end of the video, right after one of the guys says his wife needs a watch to match, the store clerk is giving the price of all of the jewelry and a female voice says this is Pam's shopping cart and then you here Pam say it will be someday. I will watch the video again, but the checkbook scene and the credit card scene can all be staged. I don't think I ever see anyone outside of the store with the stuff on. I could be wrong though

Thu Nov 03, 10:48:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

I think Pam says "It will be ONE DAY" The problem is that I do not know the context of that statement. Who knows, brand new Diamond Jackie Baker could have wispered to her how awsome it would be to get that and Pam could have replied "It will be one day" or even, "It will be some day". We simply do not know.

Is it possible that you hate this group or what they do so bad that you twist everything to show how evil they are? I do not take that approach. The whole video could be staged, or it could be real. For the purposes of my analysis, I will assume that it is true unless there is direct evidence to the contrary.

The evidence for the accuracy is that:

1. They want to motivate IBO's to build the business and plug into the system.

2. The testimony of the people about what they bought (listed above).

3. With the cost of the system times the many thousands of people in the system certainly gives them the means to purchase all that jewlery

I approach things objectively without much regard for my feelings. I am sure there are times that even I am blinded by my perceptions, but I minimize that by using the Bible, not my reality, as my standard.

Fri Nov 04, 08:08:00 AM GMT-5  

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