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The Secret is the Britt System

Tape: Secrets to Going Platinum

Speakers: Doug Weir & Jake Baker

Stock Number: BWW162

Recording Type: Teaching (contains the Winters team, or better known as the Extreme Freedom Team’s, secrets to going Platinum.)

Brief Review:

This was recorded at a Spring Leadership. Doug and Jake tackle the undertaking of teaching the secrets to going Platinum. Briefly, they are Look like a Platinum, Think like a Platinum, Work like a Platinum, and have the Volume of a Platinum. Two particular things that stand out: 1. The Britt System is the most critical part of going Platinum and 2. During the conversation on volume, the entire emphasis was on personal use and not one time did either of the speakers mention retail sales, member sales, clients, or anything of that nature.

Motivational Aspects:

Doug is currently a founders Diamond, on his way to Crown Ambassador, and he runs ruby volume every month outside of his Diamondship.

Jake is in second month of Diamond Qualification.

Cult-like aspects:

“You lose a little credibility when you bring your prospect up meet your upline Platinum and all the leaders at your open meeting are wearing suits, and they look nice, and they dress like professionals, their hair is trimmed like a professional…and yet you go up there and say, ‘hey, I am one of the next Platinums on the team’, and yet, you don’t even look like one of the next Platinums on the team.”

“What I did actually either took away from the team every week, or it added to the team every week.”

“You don’t end up tired the next day because of the sleep you lost because you had to stay out late, you are tired because you had to get up early. Yeah, you had to get up early for the job deal. You got to change that thinking from hourly to becoming and entrepreneur.”

Here is a very scary quote: from Jake, “When you are a blessing to the team, when you are supporting this team, I am going to tell you that the system will actually build your business for you. You have to learn how to have a game plan, and you have to learn how to counsel.”

“[People going Platinum] are independent thinkers within the game plan we’ve put together.”

Doug tells us that “the ones going Platinum the fastest are the ones that don’t move without communicating, they don’t make a decision without checking upline first.”

Another interesting point Doug makes, “When I was going Platinum, I could call Joe Markiewicz or I could call anybody that know me or my sponsor and you could hardly tell the difference between me and my sponsor because we spent so much time talking on the phone or being together and counseling that I started to talk like him…I have called and his wife thought I was him calling on the phone because we just picked up so many of the [characteristics].”

“Our system is so good. We got these nine steps, we’ve got this incredible Britt system, we know there are four habits: listen, work, associate, change your buying habits.” But he goes on that you need to figure out the unknown because you don’t have the same situations as the other people who came before you.

Doug is telling the story lifting up an IBO who drove three hours on a weeknight to attend an attitude, “so what if it is a three hour drive, so what if I roll in at four ‘o clock in the morning and lose a couple hours of sleep. I might get one little nugget from Larry Winters that helps my family be free for the rest of their lives.”

Jake tells us that we need a board and easel, literature packs, and other BWW tools in your car.

Doug pounds hard on personal use, suggesting that people are not getting in their business because they do not believe. Doug even tells people plainly to buy products they do not have a use for so that they can at least say they use it. Jake confirms with a joke about panty-hose.

Jake says, “this is the number one secret: The Britt System…You must learn how to promote and edify…if you will plug into it at all cost, it will give you life and a life of more abundance.” And Doug confirms, “I also figured out that the Britt System was the key, and if I was going to sponsor people, I had to have the books and tapes to get them started right.”

Jake makes the concluding remark, “It only takes one year to change your life with this Britt System. You go after it with all your heart and you learn how to become a Platinum through this organization and we will see you at the top.” And Doug make his concluding remark, “One thing every Platinum has in common…is they didn’t have a quitting mentality.”

Teaching Tips (how to go Platinum)

Your look is key. You must dress ‘successfully’, for men, you should not have facial hair. Tongue rings are certainly a no no. No long hair, no piercing, etc. Doug talks about wearing his ‘uniform’. “Dress a step above and better than the people you are around.”

You need to think like a Platinum. The meeting (open meeting) has to become yours in your own mind, not your uplines. Think like a business owner, not an employee.

You have to learn how to both counsel and game plan. “Game planning is sitting down and knowing what your goals are and getting with that mentor that has been there and done that…Counseling is more of the relationship side of the house.” (Jake), Here, he mentions ‘how is your life going’. Jake actually mentions everything in our lives during this discussion with the suggestion that you take any challenge or problem to the upline.

Follow the map of the BWW system.

Work! “Do you know how many nights a week it is? It’s 5 and 6 nights per week” [Interesting contrast to the 3 or more times per week that is shown in the BWW Basics manual (BBAS6/02)] The goal is proper structure. “Proper width, proper depth, proper thought process, proper pins, proper PV checks, and this all based on counseling and game planning with an upline.” (Doug)

Finally, we get to products. You must do 7500 PV. Jake says you need to get as much volume flowing though your house as you can. He says that you need to be the best example for your team about changing your house over quickly to totally Quxtar products. As Doug says, the whole business is based on duplication, so you should be doing the things you want duplicated by your downline.

Tapespeak for the BWW Language Enthusiasts

“Speak like a platinum and dress like a Platinum and you will become a Platinum” [Often quoted to people if they are not dressing right or talking right.]

“You can’t climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of a clown” [Apparently originated from John Huffstetler]

“Come early and stay late!”

“Your upline is not a trashcan with a hairy lid.”

“Every time you get into your car and go somewhere, something good happens.”

“Leaders don’t rest in their sponsors nest.”

Other Notes:

Jake starts out with the Quote, “How many of you out there would like to go Platinum and make an extra $50,000 this next year?” [Funny because on the Quixtar approved site, ThisBizNow, we read this little quote, ‘The average bonus and cash payments earned by a Q12 Platinum, an IBO who qualifies at the Platinum level all 12 months of the year, were $41,970. I should point out the difference between a ‘Platinum’ and a Q-12 Platinum’. According to the approved Quixtar stats, a Q-12 Platinum (qualifying 7500 PV all 12 months of the year) only makes $41,970, a regular Platinum (qualifies 7500 PV 6-11 months of the year) makes less than that, depending on the structure, potentially less than half of that that number. Is Jake misrepresenting the Quixtar numbers?]

Jake asks the question of Doug as a concluding point to ‘Dressing Well’ if it cots a lot of money to dress nice. Doug uses this time to promote Diamond Clothiers, which is yet another BWW affiliation. It is a clothing store that follows around the weekend functions. The Diamonds (Charlie Durso is the Renfrow model) promote this as a good place to get clothing. Trust me when I say that it is not cheap. Suits will average the $300 range for the cheapest they have. You can pull $35 polo shirts off the discount rack, and expect to pay over $20 for a tie. There are certainly cheaper places to buy your clothing. Of course, with this option, you can “support your Britt Team” as Doug says. The only other place Doug mentions for getting cheap clothes is the Store for More section on the Quixtar site. I will let you decide if Quixtar is an inexpensive place to do your clothes shopping. Here are links to the clothing sections, find the bold print on the list on the side and the categories will be under those. These are links to the open retail prices. To determine the ‘wholesale’ cost, deduct 13% from the retail price. Here are links to Mens, Womens, and Children’s sections.

Jake talks about following Larry Winters around wherever he went regardless of the distance he had to drive because it was yet another opportunity to ‘be around the leaders’.

Jake makes a funny little joke about Wal-Mart. He is saying that all the products you get in your business have points on them, but at Wal-Mart, they do not. He then says that Demons land on you at Wal-Mart and pull your self-image down. Someone in the audience screams, ‘tell it!’


Blogger another IBO said...

"if you will plug into it at all cost, it will give you life and a life of more abundance.”

Sounds eerily like a quote from the bible. Nothing on earth can give life of more abundance

Tue Dec 06, 09:51:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Scarey, isn't it. It appears that the BWW System has usurped the position of God!

Tue Dec 06, 12:24:00 PM GMT-5  

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