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I hope You Aren’t Castrated!

Greetings everyone!

I will be doing a series of shorter tapes for the next month or so. This is to free up some space for an internet ministry project that I am working on. I will let you know the details of that as soon as it is public. In the mean time, enjoy Danny Snipes:

Tape: EDC Leadership, Go Diamond 2003 (Part 1)

Speakers: Danny Snipes

Stock Number: BWW137

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This is yet another tape where the BWW people have used the book Wild at Heart to tell the men that they are not really men unless they build this business. Although he never actually mentions the book, anyone with an understanding of the book will know that is what he is quoting. Ron Puryear did a similar speech on FED16: Dreamers.

Motivational Aspects:

“God’s hand is moving right now and it is bringing people into this business and it’s preparing people to look to this business because we’ve got answers for them.”

Cult-like aspects:

“This business gives you a chance to go into the unknown, to see if you got what it takes to do it, and I know you do because God made you a man, he made you a provider, he made you a conqueror” [ I guess I am not a real man if I don’t try this business then, I must also not be a real man if I don’t do it?]

“I hope you haven’t been castrated. I hope you got enough left in you that you say, ‘I want to be a man’”. He continues this analogy with a wild stallion being castrated to make it tame work-horse, but a tame work-horse can not bring life. [I guess now that if I have a job, I am not a man anymore and I am not supporting my family?]

BWW Tapespeak:

There has never been a time like now!

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

Danny tells us that since this organization (BWW) has been doing it right for so long, God is now going to bless it and give it the fastest growth out there. [Although God does indeed bless people who do things right and that blessing may (though often is not) be though financial means, it is also possible that you worked hard, denied all things, including the true Gospel, and have been so hard bent driven for the coveted Diamond Pin, that God gives you over to your sin.]

Danny tells us that Bill always knew the economy was going to crash, but he didn’t know when that would occur. His message was to not put your confidence in the stock market. [Danny suggests we put our confidence in BWW instead, but God tells us to put our confidence in Him for all things. Read Matthew 6:25-34. If BWW and Quixtar actually helped a large percentage of people earn a living, it would be fine, but it does not, it denigrates work (which the Bible commands), and it shifts your dependence to itself. While I do affirm that the financial situation is shaky for many people, Quixtar is not the answer. The answer is sound budgeting.]

Teaching Points:

Danny tells us that before, if you showed the plan to a kid (18 years at least, I would hope) he talks to his Dad who instructs the kid to go get a good education. He says that the kids see that does not work, so they are open to looking at Quixtar because the dad has no more credibility.

Danny teaches us that many years ago, the business (Amway) had home care products, so it took a long time to go through the products, but now with all the consumables, the people can do 100 PV every month easy, in fact, he says “We can eat our core volume in a month’s time”. [What about the cost? On the list, Danny mentions Double X, Balance health with Ocean Essentials, Concentrated fruits and vegetables, 2 cans of XS, 1 protein and 1 meal replacement bar a day, and uses a skin care system. He says this is 150 PV. Even at the VERY VERY conservative $2 per PV, that is $300 a month. That is not a good diet either. This $300 per person in on top of any real food you might eat in the given month. Is it worth it?]

Other Notes:

Danny says that the founders (DeVos and VanAndel) down to Bill Britt always does everything right and the decisions are based on the right thing to do, not a quick dollar.

Danny claims that divorce is “way down” compared to the world. I question this statement because 1. all the reported divorces in the upper levels of the business and 2. There are no credible reports of this to be found.

Danny tells us that Quixtar is not only going to be number one in health and nutrition on the internet, it will be number one in health and nutrition in the world. Then, the people in Quixtar are going to be healthy and wealthy, and people will “beat down our doors to learn what we know!”

Danny starts to give us an analysis of how men and women were created as adapted out of Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge.


Blogger Elly said...

"Is it worth it?" You ask this of the health items listed above. I say Yes!!! I have struggled my whole life with having a weak immune system, vitamin deficiencies that cause me to retain weight and have had mono twice so can still have days of tiredness. Since I have started taking the double X vitamins, drinking the protien shakes, drinking the XS energy drinks and continuing my daily exercise I have FINALLY started to lose weight again and have been sick-free for the past 5 months!! Five months may not seem long but when you are continuously sick and have tried everything (when I say everything I mean going from immune specialists to sleep doctors to naturalists and even shamen, retreats, and prayer groups) 5 months is HUGE! I am not saying that this will be the result for everyone but for some people it may be a different combination and if you dare to think that our American diet is even remotely healthy, you should look at the vitamins that are lost in our genecticly altered fruits, vegitables and cooked meats ect. I was lacking in so many vitamins its amazing I was actually able to graduate from college and function at the level I was at.

I feel sorry that you have to look at the negative. You are not less of a man (or woman) for holding a job or budgeting wisely, but for some of us, it isn't enough. I personally have so many goals and dreams that holding a job to pay off my school loans and then save for the charities I so wish to contribute to, will take the rest of my short life. Wanting to go Diamond is not a sin. It is a sin when a person puts morals aside, chooses to achieve this goal through greed and manipulation that it becomes a sin. This is NOT what these tapes teach. They teach christian principles to apply not only to your daily life, but to the business as well. American has strayed so far from religious beleifs that we have lost the core values and morals we used to all live by. This business obviously was not what you were looking for. In your anger and hostility you have chosen the path Jesus taught us not to take, resentment. People should be allowed to make their own choices and own decisions. In essence, with this blog you are doing exactly what you accuse BWW to be doing...being decieving.
I respect your deicision to choose to not continue in this line of business and I hope you can respect those who choose to continue to strive for more.

Tue May 16, 03:42:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger SpeedyZeek said...

Elly, if you've taken a broad look at what X has presented in his SOT blog, you will see that his motives are not about being negative. He is carefully reviewing how the messages presented in BWW tapes are mostly inconsistent with Biblical principles. Please take a close look at the depth of analysis X has done. If your health has improved because of a mix of products from Quixtar - GREAT, however, don't take the success there and translate that automatically to financial and spiritual success.

Take Care,


Thu May 18, 11:54:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Ross said...

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Mon May 22, 03:43:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Ross said...

Elly, it is awesome that something is working for you. I agree 100% with you that everyone is different and what may work for you won't work for others. The double X vitamins made me sick. I hated the flavor of the XS energy drinks and I felt like I had 6 shots of espresso that morning. I somewhat disagree with you with the diet in this country. I think that you can make your diet as healthy as you want it to be. If you really want to make sure you get all the daily nutrients you need you should contact a nutriologist. Also, most colleges have people who know about nutrition and you could contact them as well free of charge and I will bet you they won't tell you that you can get all of your nutrients entirely from supplements alone.

It sounds to me that you are the one who is resentful and angry. All X is doing is checking that the teachings from the tape are actually Biblical. I don't think he is resentful or that his comments are negative. I think he is justified in questioning the teachings that BWW is giving, specially if they are claiming to be Christian. Maybe you should do the same thing. Why don't you build your own opinion about them? Pick up your Bible and make sure that what they are teaching are actual Christian principles. You seem to have forgotten that Jesus warned us from false prophets Mat 7:15 and John encouraged us to test their teachings 1 John 4:1.

I also encourage you that if you think X is being deceitful with his blog, you should show him exactly where and how he is deceiving. Also make sure to show what the Bible has to say without taking it out of context.

Mon May 22, 03:48:00 AM GMT-5  

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