Sunday, April 23, 2006

You Should All be Fired Up!

Tape: You Have Permission to Dream Big

Speakers: Wayne & Suzanne Callender

Stock Number: BWW277

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Motivational Aspects:

“At first, the dreams are small”, Suzanne starts with saying that she just wants to get the bills paid on time, but later, the cars and houses came into her dreams.

Suzanne starts her speech saying how much her uplines toilet seat motivated her. (No, I am not joking.)

“Can you imagine the day when you do not need that job any more, when you can have your limousines…with all your Platinums in it.”

Cult-like aspects:

Wayne tells us that his boss at work has never drove him around neighborhoods showing him the kind of house he will help Wayne build, but the upline will do that.

“You are special; you are a child and a kid of the King. It is about you recognizing that God did not create any junk, if you know that you have divine permission to succeed, Our simple question is to ask you, ‘When are you going to recognize it yourself?’” [This is a form of phobia indoctrination because if it is true that you have “divine permission to succeed”, then you will fall out of favor with God if you do not.]

“You can be some ones example, or you can be some ones excuse.”

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

$200 toilet seat (wow…now, am I the only one who thinks this is MESSED UP?)

New Porsche

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

She says that if you do not have a lot of money, you worry about where you are going to get money for things. [While I agree that you should not worry about where you will get money to pay for necessities, the solution is not the acquisition of money, but the reliance on God. Read Matthew 6:25-34 to learn about where to go to for these things. It says that reliance on God is the source, but the Gentiles seek after the fulfillment of these things. We need to rely on God and be wise with our spending.]

Suzanne says that life is all about having a good time because it is short. [To the contrary, life is not about playing and having fun. While relaxation is good and desirable, a balance must be kept. Remember that work is also a biblical command. I have concerns over the children who grow up with everything already provided for them. If you ask me the meaning of life, it is not to have fun and play all the time because life is short, it is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ because life is short. I can work to spread the Gospel as well at work as I can anywhere else, but if my life begins to be about playing, I can lose focus. Matthew 24:44 says, “So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him. You also need to be ready all the time to defend the faith (2 Timothy 4:2).]

Other Notes:

Suzanne uses the messed up analogy regarding air and money. If you have a lot of air, you don’t think much about it, but when you do not, it is all that you think about. Well, in BWW, several groups teach that money is the same way. If you have a lot of money, you don’t think about it, but if you do not, you think about it all the time. [This is not an accurate analogy. The amount of money that you have does not have bearing on how much you think about it. What has bearing on how much you think about it is if you are hung up with money. If you have desires to buy yourself a whole bunch of goodies to play, you are probably going to be hung up with money, but if you are living a frugal life, you will not be.]

Suzanne criticizes getting an education and working for your wages as “selling your soul” Instead, she says “we should really be building up and nurturing yourself, and taking care of yourself, and relaxing and enjoying you life, and living it.” [Work is a noble thing, and while relaxing is important, if your whole life is devoting to relaxing and playing, it will most likely lead to problems rather than solutions. After all, we were created and placed in the garden to work it before the fall, and even after the fall, it was six days of work and relax the seventh.]

Wayne addresses in his speech that this business is not about getting things to flaunt, but it actually about humility. Shortly after this, however, he talks about a woman whose family thought that she was wasting her life because they did not believe how much money you could make in Quixtar, so Wayne took out the money in his pocket and had her hold it fanned out, he put on the Rolex watch and the Britt Diamond Ring, he took a picture of her and said to take it home to show her family.

Wayne tells us that when they get all the goodies and show the cars and houses, it is not for them, it is for all of the IBO’s in the group, to motivate them.


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