Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Wilderness Experience that Became the Promised Land

Tape: The Victories

Speakers: Orrett & Christine Channer

Stock Number: BWW277

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Motivational Aspects:

“If we can, you can…all we did was pay a price and stayed steady”

“Keep your focus in front of you.”

“At the end of that rainbow is a huge, huge pot of gold. And the gold is just trickling. It’s raining gold. That’s because we were focused.” (I hope that new S230 Mercedes is in the garage away from this rain o’ gold.)

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

White S320 Mercedes Bends (though he did not know how to open the gas tank)

One payment plan cash Christmas to London

Escalade EXT: White, new sound system (2 12 inch speakers with bullet proof plexiglass to drive bass, 3000 Watt amplifier), 22-23 inch spinners with low jack.

$500 in clothes

And another $500 in clothes

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

This is an iffy point, but when the checks came, Christine wanted to leave the checks on the table to look at for about a week before putting them into the bank. Orrett suggested to keep a photocopy of the checks on the table instead, but they finally compromised and put one in the bank and one on the table to look at for a week. [Is this a violation of Exodus 20:4-5? I am undecided.]

Teaching Points:

“Wilderness is working two jobs and working in the hole, at a sewers in New York City

Orrett starts to go off on Dream’s that people have had and the results of them. He uses these highly emotional examples to probe the audience as to their dream.

Do whatever it takes to realize your dream.

“Britt sent some checks, too. Because when you’re Diamond in the Britt System, they take care of you because they consider you as someone who has value.” [So what are the rest of IBO’s? The rabble that comprises the income stream for those important people?]

The steps to succeed:

1. The birth of a dream – To know why you are building the business.

2. Nurturing of the dream – Relationships of the upline, counseling.

3. Preparation of the dream – Setting goals and plan of action and setting daily habits.

4. Action towards the dream – Showing the plan five days a week.

5. Testing of the dream – Testing the dream when obstacles arise.

6. Refocusing of the dream – Getting back on track after a testing of the dream.

7. Living the dream – Finally arriving at the Promised Land.

8. Passing on the dream – Spread the good news (which one?)

Other Notes:

His boss didn’t know he quit…that is certainly not good ethics. If you quit your job, the ethical thing to do is tell your boss!

Christine tells the people not to let the downline see your sweat, but to always paint the dream to them. [Isn’t it better to present the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? If these people were truly “walking by faith” they would not have to lie and deceive to build their businesses.]

In this business, they talk about all the free time you can get with your family, but Christine is telling about all the trips you get to go on for Diamond Club and the other places with the corporation, and the kids are not allowed to come. To the IBO’s, did you know that if you want to take your kids on those trips, you have to pay their way, and it is pretty pricey even for Diamonds.

They are doing the Dream Weekend here this week, but they are off to the UK again for the next weekend to do a Dream Night there. Is this really the totally freedom that they are talking about?

Orrett had a dream to have John Crowe know his name. [Why? John is a person]

Orrett and Christine lost houses and cars during their time in the business. They had cars repossessed and houses boarded up. They talk about not having any money, yet Orrett always worked multiple jobs. I have to ask why? Were they putting all their money into the BWW system? Where they abusing drugs, alcohol, or tobacco? I will say this: The financial state of the world is not nearly as bad as the BWW team makes it out to be, however, it does take some level of discipline to living properly.

Orrett talks about the “goodie” stage. This is when a person first goes Diamond and since they are making all this money, they splurge and start to buy all sorts of goodies for themselves. This comes in the form of houses, cars, clothes, toys, etc. Orrett proudly states that he is in this stage at the moment.


Blogger insider said...

Many of the amway trips include children, expenses paid.

Wed May 03, 07:53:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

I am not denying that none pay for children, but actually, most do NOT. A while back, you could bank your trips, save up for a few years, and bring them on that, but now if you do not use them, they send you the cash instead. I don't recall how long you can hold them before that.

Thu May 04, 08:23:00 AM GMT-5  

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