Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Bunch of Idiots

Tape: Keep Your Dream

Speakers: Terry & Lori Taylor

Stock Number: BWW186 (4 Message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This is a tape made at Winter Conference for the Miller Covington team. During this business conference (I think), he stops to talk about vertical alignment instead: God first, marriage second, country third, business forth. Lorri stresses how much you need to get it into your heart that the business is about bringing new people to the function.

Motivational Aspects:

Neither Terry nor Paul (Miller) has had a job in 22 years!

Seeing the success stories make you believe.

Cult-like aspects:

The Master of Ceremonies announces in the introduction how important it is to be a ‘wingman’ and totally stick with your upline. [This is keeping a one to one personal accountability with the upline for teaching or professing (in this case dreams that can be used to turn someone around if they announce they want to quit; I have experienced this personally) which is a common theme in cults.]

“One of the things Lorri and I did… we decided to make a commitment and we sold our couch for thirty-five bucks, we sold our TV for a hundred dollars and we went to Miami Florida to make a difference.” [The problems with this story are pretty evident.]

“If you are checking us out, you know that this is the right place to be. We’re doing the right things, it’s the right place to have your family.” [Appeals to the people who are looking for family association; draws people in by claiming to be making a difference, doing things right, etc.]

In the middle of a lengthy discussion about ‘vertical alignment’ (religious alignment) he talks about the importance of duplication. [It is important to always follow what the leads says to do. In fact, with this organization, duplication is one of the major rules; existing as one of the three ‘powers’ (Power of Unity (duplication), Power of Submission, and Power of the Spoken Word).]

Terry seems to worship Bill Britt quoting his teaching more than once in this short 13 minute presentation. [Bill Britt is set up as the all wise guru that knows all.]

“You learn about commitment in this business (he is talking, not about business in this business meeting, but about marriage); commitment for life. [Is this the ONLY place you can learn this? There are marriage counselors that might have a better edge to help here.]

Speaking again from Bill Britt about what one man or woman can do for the betterment of this country, “Go out into the living-rooms and dens and show this plan to people. Go out among people instead of sitting there watching your TV with nothing going on in your life, and complaining about things not happening, and complaining about this or that not happening in your life; go make things happen. Go give people a dream, give them hope and you do it one person al a time, does that mean you’re not going to run into a bunch of idiots…no; you’re going to run into them all the time. You are going to run into those people that are complacent and going nowhere with their life, but you know what? We went through a lot of people to find you, and we will go through more.” [I don’t think explanation is needed here, either.]

Lorri gets on for about 30 seconds at the end and announces that her three kids with a business are in the audience and tells how each of them have new legs, and then she starts to cry as she is saying that, “Isn’t that what this business should be about [apparently she is referring to bringing new legs to the function]…if it doesn’t mean that to you [big sniffle] then you need to find that in your heart so that you can grow to another level.”

BWW Tapespeak

Get a Check-Up from the Neck Up

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

Terry talks about how there were never lawyers back in ancient times and he stressed that was because people had an alignment right with God. This was his starting point about talking about the ‘vertical alignment’. [No, people were not more in alignment with God then, either. If people were in such great alignment with God, why did God destroy all mankind except Noah declaring the total evil of the world (Genesis 6), why did Moses need to set up so many judges over the people (Exodus 18)? If people were in such alignment with God, why did Paul feel it necessary to tell people how wicked mankind is (Romans 3:10-18)? The entire basis for Terry’s conversation is getting yourself to a place where you feel good about yourself so that you can build your Quixtar business. It is not about YOU; it is about God. It seems like he may have made this argument to say how bad the world is getting, and that they have the answer in this business. The answer is NOT in Quixtar, the answer is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are sharing Quixtar with people, the Gospel is compromised because you can only share one thing at a time. Steve Schlissel made this point clear in an article here.]

Other Notes:

There is some controversy over what the functions are actually for. Many system IBO’s will say that this is about ‘teaching’ and ‘training’, but Terry even brings up in this tape the issue that they DON’T talk about such things (except that they will talk about it the next day for a bit). He emphasizes that they talk about the ‘why’ to build the business, i.e. motivation. So in effect, people are constantly buying into a system that gives them nothing new but new stories of motivation and very little else (I think I have 2 tapes on products, about 15 on basic mechanics, which all contain the same information, and about 500 tapes on basic motivation.)

After talking about God and how important he is, Terry moves into a list of things that the Miller and Covington team are, which he says is very good for all the people (including ‘your wife and children’) to be around. Here is the debatable list:

  • You will see people that will do things right
  • People that are of integrity
  • People that are honest
  • People that do not lie to you
  • People that their word is their bond

Here is why this list is debatable.


Blogger Dorothy Still In Oz said...

Xanadustc -
I love your blog. I'm glad these videos and tapes are being put on the web for all to see. It's good to have the reference to send people to when they're asking what the problem is with the cds.

Thank you for doing the work!

Mon Oct 31, 12:23:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Thanks Dorthy,

I hope that people are getting the help that they need from it. It is my prayer that people will start to get educated about things such as the motivational businesses and recognize them for what thye are.

I am also so deeply hurt that they push apostic garbage as truth.

Thanks again,

Mon Oct 31, 08:38:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger blusdrmr said...

I hope people realize what kind of hypocrite you are. Claim to be a Christian and then blast other people with negative garbage and steal thier dreams and goals away from them. What god do you serve? Allah? Satan? Buddah?

Stay away from this guy's Kool-Aid, people!

Thu Nov 17, 08:38:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

As a Christian, I have the responsibility to expose the false use of the scriptures which is used for peoples own gain. This site as well as provides amble real documented legal evidnece for the dangers of the Quixtar model when used in conjunction with Motivational Organizations such as BWW, WWDB, etc.

Where in scripture does it command me to be tolerant of a system that teaches covetousness, greed, cultish tacticts? On the contrary, I am commanded to uphold the truth and the law of God. Sorry to say, sir, but you are the one drinking the purple Kool-Aid

Thu Nov 17, 08:48:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Joecool18 said...

blusdrmr said...
I hope people realize what kind of hypocrite you are. Claim to be a Christian and then blast other people with negative garbage and steal thier dreams and goals away from them. What god do you serve? Allah? Satan? Buddah?

Joecool said....And bill britt had an affair. Who's the bigger hypocrite? Quixtar leaders tell you to get out of debt, but ok to charge those functions and CD's... who's the hypocrite? Howie Danzik lied about building his business to diamond as a single. Who's the hypocrite?

Thu Nov 17, 04:09:00 PM GMT-5  

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