Sunday, November 27, 2005

If You Don’t S.T.P., You Don’t E.A.T.

Tape: Heart

Speakers: Ed & Elise Vicinanza

Stock Number: BWW192 (4 Message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Motivational Aspects:

These speakers are multiple winners of the Melillo Growth Cup, and they are even current holders of it!

Elise talks about how the people here were going places in life where as the people that she was working with were not going places in life. This caused her to want to learn more about it.

“Our entire upline has been here for twenty, thirty years…thirty five years. They’ve put their who life on the line with integrity and loyalty, obviously, this works.”

“Hard is when Eddie had to work Seven days a week, three months in a row without a day off. That’s hard work.” [And here is the power of employment: CHANGE SOMETHING! If I am being over worked in my job, I find a new one where I do not have to work so hard. If you get into total rock solid work, Amen to that, keep it up, if you want family time, find something else. There are many jobs to suit your needs. Sorry for this rant, but I am sick of the people on stage talking about how they were ‘victims’ of the work force. Eddie worked three jobs sometimes, he chose that. Dave Severn ate pancakes the end of every month because they ‘ran out of money before they ran out of month’, of course, on another tape we learn the reason, “I smoked like I was on fire and drank like I was trying to put it out!” People, in and out of the business, take responsibility for your life. Don’t blame your job or horrible boss for your problems if you have problems that you can solve on your own.]

Cult-like aspects:

Elise talks about the need for child-like faith (Reference to Matthew 19:14) to build the business and then continues, “Things are going to cause you to waiver. Family is going to tell you it’s not going to work, maybe your partner is going to tell you it’s not going to work, those little seeds of doubt, and I want to encourage you that when you get that little seed of doubt, you plug in a tape, when you get that little seed of doubt, you pick up the phone and call your upline, when you get that seed of doubt, you read something to change that negative thought, and you pray that God will help you to get through that issue.” [Elise suggests that when you start to think that this business is not going to work, you need to plug into the system more and/or report those thoughts to the upline. This is very commonly held in cults. It falls under the category of thought stopping. I will also point out the suggestion of praying to God. If you are in this business, I would like you to pray to God about this verse in relation to this business: 1 John 2:15]

“So many times, people talk about the price…How ‘bout you forget the price and just decide to pay the price and just go out there and go after your freedom whatever it takes, it doesn’t make any difference, it doesn’t matter what anybody tells you.”

“There is nothing here to check out…You got to be sold and you got to be bold. The company's on track, BWW’s on track, your upline’s on track,”


“Unless you S.T.P., you don’t E.A.T.; If you don’t S.T.P., you don’t get rid of your J.O.B.”

Other Notes:

It is interesting how Elise starts out by saying that you need to find out where to fit in this business because you can not make a large income (6 figure) in your part time. This is an honest statement and the only reason that I bring this up is that on various contacting and prospecting tapes (to be analyzed later), you are always contacting on the basis of ‘in your spare time’. I bring this up to make the parallel between this and other cults who use deceptive recruitment tactics; in this case, you are recruited to make money in your spare time, but it really takes a lot more than that.

There is a point where Elise chose her words very cautiously. The exact phrase was, “I am working for somebody else’s dream and they are making the money and I am not. And so that’s where I started to get more fired up because I thought there’s something wrong, I got to work more, and build this more, and have faith more, so that we could have more for Eddie and I; so that we could live the lifestyle like others have…have… suggested we would possibly have.” (emphasis mine, the cautious part.) It seems that she does not want to ‘promise’ anything like in the good old days when they (and even I, in my group) were taught that if you consistently and persistently do the 9 core steps for two years solid, you would be making money. (of course, it took Larry Winters 7 years of doing this…so much for the promise).


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