Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #8

Greetings all,

I wanted to alert my readers about a few changes that have occurred on the Extreme Freedom Team since the linking started. If you recall, shortly after the Extreme Team Linking occurred, the site went down for a weekend and many of us (myself included) thought that they took it down or it got overloaded, or something. Well, indeed, it was just down for a weekend, but it was up and running. Before it went back up, I created a post called Extreme Freedom Team Link talking a little out the site. In there, I made the comment, “It was a link to some video footage created by Heroic Inspirations, Inc. which is somewhere related to the Quixtar / BWW associated business of Larry & Pam Winters. Since that has been posted, the Extreme Freedom Team site now has a disclaimer at the bottom which reads, “ANY INDIVIDUALS, MATERIALS, AND ACTIVITIES APPEARING IN ANY VIDEO, AUDIO, PHOTOS, GRAPHICS AND TEXT ON THE EXTREMEFREEDOMTEAM.COM WEBSITE ARE INDEPENDENT OF ANY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY OR CORPORATE ENTITY”. If this is true, I would like to pose a few questions. The first would be: If these are not to promote any business, why do most of them say such things as “Break Six”, “Come Join Us”, etc? Next, is it a random coincidence that the Extreme Freedom Team just happens to be made up of Larry Winters' complete Diamond downline? Next, if this is just a few shots of fun vacation footage, why the fuss over legalities such as this disclaimer? Next, why is this disclaimer also on there, “WE DISCOURAGE AND DO NOT ENDORSE USING THIS WEBSITE FOR PROSPECTING PURPOSES” and what are we prospecting for? There is a true statement which immediately follows that one which suggests some type of business opportunity…why?

Next, if you check on the site as much as I do, you will notice that some of the videos have gone up and down. The video under the name, ANOTHER VIEW OF THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE came off and went back up slightly edited. In the original, there was an ending that said, “Diamond, Be Wiser” and it was a take off of the Budweiser logo. That has been removed (which is a needed improvement in my opinion). One of my favorite videos was removed over a week ago and has not been put back up yet, it was the ST. THOMAS, HERE WE COME! video. I really liked the part where Bundy looks into the camera and said, “Come join us! Money…Shopping!” To those at Heroic Inspirations if you are reading this, if you could put that one back up, I enjoy watching it.

And finally, if you have not been over there in the past week, there is a new video. I wanted to do that one today, but I didn’t have the time. It is a good one, it even ends with a bible verse, but sorry, you will have to sit through 15 minutes to see it.

Well, enough talking, on to the post:



Video Summary:

The video starts with credits of all the people on the trip. They get off the bus in order strutting into the camera like they are snobby superstars. The rest of the video is simply a bunch of amateurs riding snow mobiles with occasional sentences throwing in like these: “Hey, You got a little backbone, you go Emerald, and you merely climb this hill. Hey team, there aint no hills like this in Minnesota.” “Hey guys, wow, this is the Extreme Freedom Team at our jobs, this is our job. We’re at work. Take a look around, look at our office [pointing to the open snow covered mountains]. This video ends with Joe making the ‘live freedom report’ on Communikate ending with the classic phrase, “Come join us.


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