Sunday, March 05, 2006

Incoherent Unification

Tape: Unified Through the System

Speakers: Annamae Wright

Stock Number: BWW198 (3 Message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This is a talk about unity, and it appears to be given to the ladies panel at a specialty conference. Annamae is really all over the place (especially for a talk on unity, which she comments on these aspects at the beginning) with her ramblings. I’m not even sure if she said anything coherent throughout the talk. This is another short talk, but some good research went into it.


This business is good because it has been around for so long.

You have to be strong to build this business.

You have to be submissive to build this business.

You need to be teachable to build this business.

You have to be accountable to the upline, the business, and your spouse.

Annamae says that she was even counseled by one of her uplines and were told they were too excited, so they got rid of that person, and two years later were diamonds. She said that you have to be excited.

According to Bill Britt, groups that grow fast are unified and excited.

Some people are in the business that they start to “forget all the things that they should be remembering”. This amnesia is brought on by such things as disunity.

“God never gives you anything, He never puts anything in front of you that you can not succeed at. You have everything inside of you to do whatever you need to do in this business.” [I fully disagree here. First, who said that God put you near this business. It is clear that Satan operates as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14), remember also that people who seek after wealth fall into the trap of sin and destruction (1 Timothy 6:9-10). It is clear that we are tested for many aspects of the faith, and here in America, there is no greater temptation than that of desiring to get wealthy. Next, you have NOTHING of any redeemable quality in you outside of the spirit of God (if you are not a Christian, you don’t even have that, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ will show you how to get it). The contrary opinion is rooted in the modern psychology which believes that within us is all power to glory and salvation. Nothing could be further from the truth (see John 15).]

“You need to learn how to appreciate the system you are in because it is absolutely awesome. It is a system that has created wealth, it has created peace of mind, it has created lifestyle beyond wildest dreams.”

“You need to be doing core, you need to be doing that so you can teach core. You need to be going eagle so that you can break eagles.”

She speaks of a bad situation in her life that she came through “only because of my own tenacity”, her self assurance, the pathways that she laid down for herself. “You all have it too.” [I warn that to put that glory to yourself is the same pride that destroyed Satan, and here is a woman on stage teaching people to work hard at gaining that very power. I will say that if the experience she mentioned on the tape is true, giving credit to yourself for that and not God is the ultimate blasphemy.]

“God is all inclusive in taking care of all of us.” [I don’t know if she is hinting at Universalism here, but in any case, this comment is not supported by scriptures. There is the common grace which all men receive, but there is a special grace which only His people receive.]

She ends with a brief quote from Ecclesiastes, and then tells people to put on the armor. The armor according to her is the BWW system. For the people that have been in awhile, she admonishes them to polish is, while the new people need to toughen it up by being core and eagle. The swords are “our attitudes, goals”, etc. [I’m sorry, but the armor we should be wearing is outlined quite nicely in the bible (Ephesians 6:10-20). When the armor of God is attached to yourself, I trust you will be able to see the BWW system for what it is: a scheme to lure people after the temptations of money.]


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