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Building Quixtar with BWW Part 4

BWW Basics Manual (BBAS 6/02)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2 – The BWW Basics: Building Your business

Part 2 – Contacting and Inviting

Summary of Contacting and Inviting

Once you have a list from which to work, you can get to the process of removing names. You should learn and regularly use the ‘buzz words’:

  • Online
  • Internet
  • Savings
  • E-commerce

The ultimate goal when contacting and inviting is to get new prospects to see the plan. The best approach is to invite the prospects to an Open meeting or a home plan. You can also do a One on One with the flipchart. Videos are also recommended, especially for people that are asking questions.

The book gives a series of examples of invites for in person or telephone contacting. There are approaches for different age ranges (pg 14):

  • 18-29 year olds – Internet and income approaches
  • 30 and over or regular ‘fitness buffs’ – Health and nutrition approaches

Phone teams are also recommended on Sunday night “between 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM, to catch people at home while they are thinking about having to go back to work after their weekend off.

The manual lists 18 different approaches to set up a meeting with yourself, 1 for calling for a downline for a One-on-One, 1 more for downline calls to book to an Open or home Plan, 2 for how to call a friend or family member, and 2 for ‘bold’ face to face contacts.

Along with all these, there are tips:

  • Always give two ‘Yes’ options
  • Always call them back while their interest is peaked

If the prospect asks what it is all about, they give this phrase (Page 20):

There’s no way I can explain what we do on the phone. I would need to show you several things. I have a brief CD ROM or 10-minute video which will basically explain what we are doing. Then we’ll see where you could fit into what we’re putting together. I have _____ or _____ night available. Which is best for you?

The final part in this section is the Overview or One-on-One (Page 25):

1. Set at ease – This is not a time to make a decision, or get money

2. Market areas – thousands of products without the middlemen that drive up costs of the products.

3. Quixtar and BWW relationship – Quixtar covers the product end and BWW provides the training end.

4. Benefits – “Strong source of secondary income (to be discussed at upcoming business seminar)”, ongoing income options, global market expansion.

5. Four concerns are discussed:

  • Captial – “Get started for less than $200” (Q approx. $100, B approx. $100)
  • Risk – “No capital outlay”, “100% money back on most products”
  • Expertise – BWW has the experience
  • Time Compounding – “You put in 5 hours, but get paid for what happens in 40 hours

The recommended tools for this section are:

  • FCH – Flipchart ($20)
  • GS3 – How to Show the Plan ($7.50)
  • RP891 – Private Franchising in a Dot Com World ($7.50)
  • QXB – Quixtar brochure ($7.00 for pack of 10)
  • One Domain website ($87.50/yr + $14.95/month)


I analyzed a contacting tape by Charlie Durso already. Refer to it for more information.

The first major problem I have is that they teach not to sell the plan, but show it, however, you are always to give “two Yes options”. That is selling, not showing. I realize that you are not ‘showing’ it at that point, but such high pressure sales tactics are a real good reason that such things as the Do Not Call Registry was created.

I would like to add that if you are an IBO, you are REQUIRED to check the list before you call someone you do not have a business relationship with. Please check the IBO alert on this issue here (May be password protected)

I will not comment on any of the approaches used. I think that most of them are deceptive, high pressure, and/or inappropriate. Some of these are detailed in the tape analysis above.

Regarding the steps to do an overview:

Market Areas:

Quixtar IS a middleman for all products that are not exclusives. If you are not buying your Nike shoes from anyone but Nike, the place you bought it from is a middleman. Quixtar is a middleman for many companies and the IBO is simply a customer of Quixtar with the ability to resell products again, but most of the products are more costly to the IBO already, so selling them is a chore.


In my many years in the business, I have seen very few people (less than can be counted on the hand of a man who lost some fingers) who have actually succeeded in making $150,000 annual income like this book says. They do exist, to be sure, but only 5 out of 2000 people ever make it to Q-12 Platinum which is $41,970 per year. Is the 30+ years of BWW experience really paying off especially at the cost of the system?

Four Concerns:

If you are fully doing what is ‘recommended’, you are going to spend $125 plus tax and shipping just on Quixtar. The breakdown is:

  • Quixtar Buisiness Support Services - $31
  • IBOAI Support - $9 (You can request a refund for this)
  • IBOBA Insurance - $5 (You can request a refund for this)
  • Product Intro Pack - $60 (Optional, but highly recommended)
  • IBO Publications - $20 (Optional, but highly recommended)

And for BWW, the Getting Started Pack is $95, but they also ask you to start attending all the functions and getting on Standing Order tape.

The Time Compounding is a joke. This is deceptive because they never apply it to the condition that you have 7 other people working in your business. This concern is NOT dealt with.

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Chapter 2.4
Chapter 3
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