Sunday, April 02, 2006

The CFP Has Spoken…Quixtar is the BEST

Tape: The Right Business at the Right Time

Speakers: John Sestina

Stock Number: BWW25

Recording Type: Teaching – About how thriving E-Commerce is and how Quixtar fits in.

This tape started out by listing all of John’s professional qualifications in the financial planning industry.

Teaching Points:

In the 60’s and 70’s, products were sold door to door, 70’s, the shopping centers, malls, and catalogs obtained favor, 80’s had specialty catalogs and TV sales (QVC, etc.), not it is online sales. [This is absolutely correct.]

John tells us where it is going to be in the future, getting the audience excited, and then asks how they will participate in this opportunity to make money.

He tells us that you need a website, so if you go out and make one, you need people to find it, but the infrastructure is the costly part. Getting people to the site is the hardest and most costly aspect. You need a way to ship, keep track of product, and people to manage everything. In short, John tells us that we need to be a millionaire or borrow all the money to get everything started.

He moves in to tell us that Quixtar is a marketing arm and that thousands of companies are lined up asking Q to move their products. [In reality, many companies allow their store to be used in whatever model of ecommerce is available. Check out the other ‘online malls’ (which Quixtar is often compared) to see how many stores overlap. Here is a partial list (In preparing this, I typed the search term “Internet Malls” in Google and I received an article about internet shopping mall scams involving business opportunities as the first hit!). The last time I checked, Quixtar and Upromise had a large overlap in the online partner store sections. The point is that Quixtar is nothing special, these stores will flock to anyone that opens up a portal to their business. For John to bring this up the way he did is a little bit of twisting the facts around.]

John talks a whole lot about how Quixtar is superior to the traditional business systems in that there is no overhead, no competition with your current job, and a joyful, helping attitude where everyone is looking to help everyone else succeed. [Many people will take much debate on these points. I will not provide details here, but check the stories and you will see all these points to the contrary.]

John then tells us that we have the power to negotiate pricing because we are the market end with no competition.

John then goes on to say that people are basically broke and can not afford to live without a business (this, BTW, is a major point in his own business, though there is quite a list of businesses he does not recommend.

Next, he attacks everyone with their kids in day care with a story from a communist country that requires all kids to be turned over to the state at 2 years old so the mother can work… “In this country, we do it voluntarily” he responds.

John next goes on about if it takes you 15 years to go Platinum, it is like having a portfolio with $600,000. [This is not correct, because the portfolio investments stayt pretty much still, the Platium will wax and wane like the MOON, and if you are not putting new life into it, it will die entirely leaving you with noth!]

He tells us that the best option is for everyone to recognize that this is the best business and to follow all the principles that the leaders teach to build it correctly (i.e. the Motivational Organization programs that are very costly.)

In summary, this is the best business in the world, but what are YOU doing with it? [NOT!]


Blogger rara said...

Hi x,

I think you meant "now it is online" not "not it is online" in one of your first paragraphs.

Thu Apr 06, 11:28:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Yep, you are correct. There are spelling errors / grammer errors throughout. Since it takes so long to do these analyses, I often don't proofread these as much as I would like.

I'll fix it eventually.


Thu Apr 06, 11:50:00 AM GMT-5  

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