Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Victory from Defeat

Magic of Thinking Big

Chapter 11 – How to Turn Defeat into Victory

David J. Schwartz


The author opens this book talking about the people on Skid Row. He contrasts them with people in high successful positions and states that the demographic for both groups is the same. The difference is that the ones on Skid Row have let defeat get to them, while the successful ones have overcome all trials. In short, all of our set-backs have good lessons to be learned, if we learn from them, we will become successful.

The next section expands on the first. The author tells us that we need to fully examine our life and correct everything we can so that we can near perfection.

He concludes with two ways to better success:

  1. Tell yourself, “There IS a way” – He goes on to explain that the thoughts will control the reality. If you think you are beaten, there is no way to succeed, if you think you will succeed, there is no way to fail.
  2. Back off and start afresh – Take a break and move away from the work to rejuvenate yourself on a regular basis.

Christian Response

If only his reasons for the people on Skid Row were that simple, we would have solved that problem long ago. God is in control of events. Some people are going to be successful, some are going to suffer in this life, God will bring all things together for his people (Romans 8:28). Regarding his ever present desire for ‘success’, I say that if you wish to sacrifice all for your position in this life, God might just grant you that, but it will certainly be at a price. Read Matthew 19 to learn that price. With all that being said, there is indeed great value in the wisdom of mistake, but they are not the cure-all for the strife of the world.

When we examine ourselves, like the author suggests, we need to examine ourselves for the unrighteousness in our lives. We do not need to be seeking perfection, we need to be seeking righteousness (1 Corinthians 11:23-34).

I will say nothing about his first point save this: God is in control, not the foolish tongue in your mouth that you can not even control anyway (James 3:1-12). Who are you to tell God what you will do (James 4:13-16).

His second point is biblical; I have no words about it.


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