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Building Quixtar with BWW Part 6

BWW Basics Manual (BBAS 6/02)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2 – The BWW Basics: Building Your business

Part 4 – Follow-up and Getting Started

The Follow-Up

This part of the manual teaches how to get people started, which is the last step to lead people in starting their business. At this point, the book says that “a higher percentage of prospects become Members or IBO’s. For those that need to “think about it” they suggest (pg 32):

  • Book an appointment with your prospect to get together within 48 hours.
  • Ask your prospect what level they see themselves.

If they want to be an IBO, you begin the process over again by starting the list of names (the registration is not until they are ‘ready’). For the clients and members, they are signed up immediately and shown the advantages of shopping from Quixtar.

There is a key phrase I want to draw attention to (pg 33): “A key attitude you need to maintain is that you expect them to get involved at one of the three levels. And further, you tell them that they need more information if they are undecided and try to book them to see the plan again.

At this point, they recommend to give out audiotapes that “have or had the same profession” the prospect does.

If at this point, they are not interested in being an IBO, “then set them up as a Client or Member on the Dittp Delivery Service.” (pg 33)

Getting Started

Under this list-based section, the objective of this appointment is to (pg 33):

Register – Fill out all paperwork including the Arbitration Agreement, sign up for One Domain, Communikate, MCI, Standing Order Tape, Book of the Month

Set up Ditto Delivery and place the first order – Review the Ditto program, look at products, and have the new IBO select the products they want.

Review the game plan for success – Talk about dreams, dates for success, discuss commitments to the MO program, talk about business structure, BWW support system (details below), the Eagle program (detailed below), develop list of names.

Book the next meeting – schedule meetings to show their prospects the plan, promote the next BWW meetings.

BWW support system and Eagle program

I wanted to comment specially about these because they are listed in bold in the manual. In these sections, it is told to promote the system in their detail. These are the areas that are taught as the most important, and curiously, the ones that cost money. Such costs are not needed to build the Quixtar business.

Recommended Tools:

GS1 – What to Do next ($7.50)

GS2 – How to have a Meeting ($7.50)

GS3 – How to Show the Plan ($7.50)

LPW85 – Follow Up / Doing a Home plan ($7.50)

LPW87 – Getting Started & Follow Up with the BWW Sytem ($7.50)

LPW89 – Starting a New IBO ($7.50)

RJM5 – How to Follow Up and Follow Through ($7.50)

BPB248 – How to Start a New IBO Properly ($7.50)

BPB187 – Paint by the Numbers ($7.50)

JM25 – The Solution for Your Future ($7.50)

EGB – Eagle brochure ($6.00 / quantity not specified)

BLD – Building Your List Brochure ($6.00 / quantity not specified)


As can be seen above, it is not truly about simply ‘exposing the business’ and letting people make a choice, it is about getting people in any way you can. If they are ready, you sign them up and avoid any possible questions. If they are not, you give them totally biased information from the motivational organization to simply try to convince people that this is for everyone.

Further, it is not about Quixtar, but BWW. People are told that the only way to succeed is through the BWW system. To do everything that is required will cost a lot of money. The basic breakdown per month is this:

  • Standing Order Tape – $30 + S&H
  • Book of the Month – Average of $10 + S&H
  • Functions:
    • Opens - $6-12
    • Trainings - $4-6
    • Rally Seminar (once per quarter) - $10
    • Weekend Function (once per quarter) - $100
  • One Domain - $14.95 + $87.50 annual fee
  • Communikate – About $30-40 per month
  • And also many, many other tools that highly recommended.

And don’t forget travel, food, and hotel expenses.

Chapter 3
Chapter 4


Blogger Vasanth Kumar said...

okay which other busibess takes less operating cost ?

Fri Apr 07, 04:43:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...

These 'tools' are not operating costs, they are garbage that lines the Upline pockets so they can show the cool things on Operating costs are things relevant such as utilities (if your business is in an office), parts/materials (for manufacturing), design and marketing fees (for sales), and other ESSENTIAL parts. A standing order tape that rah rah's you up is NOT operating costs, it is a perpetual waste of money.

BTW, did you know that according to the Quixtar Rules Compendium, there is a statement about how much you can spend on motivational materials relative to your Quxtar income? Are YOU breaking the rules? or are you part of a team like Larry Winters who does not CARE if they break the rules?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Sat Apr 08, 01:00:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger wenram said...

I have read many of your comments, as well as a few others have posted and it seems that there is quite a bit of bitterness and a sort of "blame someone else" for their lack of success.

Building a business with Quixtar is simple, but not necessarily easy. If it were easy, there would be no websites such as this one to complain about it. Yes, the people speaking and producing the CD's do make money from them, but that's true in any business training for any business. This is a business of your own, not a job, where the employer pays for most things. Regardless of what someone may say during a seminar, you are not required to buy any training materials from anyone, but Quixtar. Quixtar has made it very clear that you do not have to purchase training materials from any other source, in order to operate a successful Quixtar business.

Many people have benefitted and many still do benefit from the CD's, tapes and various training materials from BWW. However, BWW states in their own literature and on every CD that purchase of these training materials is optional. Why then, would anyone have anything to complain about, since they know in advance that they don't have to purchase these items? It seems apparent that the complainers simply want to vent for their own lack of success. There are many reasons or excuses for not succeeding with a Quixtar business, but as many successful IBO's have stated, the main ingredients required to succeed are to have a dream (a reason) that is extremely important to you, a strong work ethic and the ability to focus (to not become distracted) and be consistent until you do succeed.

Whether or not you decide to take advantage of the BWW tools, you can succeed, if you focus on your dream, show the plan and never give up!

Thu Jul 06, 05:13:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Katie said...

a) xanadustc - what do you do for a living? A total pyramid where the people at the top make all the money?
b) I LIKE the business for the EXACT reasons you're stating - as an IBO, I have NO overhead costs. I don't WANT to pay for utilities etc.
c) Unemployment rates are at an all-time high, gas prices are high, etc. Really, what other wonderful options do you have??
d) The CD's and books have made a HUGE impact on me for the better. They help keep me positive, which is wonderful after a day at work - a place where people gossip and whine and complain all day long. If they don't work for you, DON'T BUY THEM. Pretty simple...
e) I am NOT part of Larry Winters org. However, they do not make up the entire world of Amway Global/Quixtar. I am in a wonderful group of people. I don't let one group speak for the entire business.

I come from a very negative background, but even I know NOT to listen to the opinions a faceless, nameless person on the Internet.

Fri Jun 06, 01:58:00 PM GMT-5  

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