Sunday, May 21, 2006

Committed to the Cause

Tape: EDC Leadership, Diamond Club 2003 (Part 2)

Speakers: Angelo Nardone

Stock Number: BWW137

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Cult-like aspects:

Angelo emphasizes the importance of the “9 habits”, of which regular participation in the Standing Order systems. [These are means of information control.]

God apparently wants you in this business or else you would not be in it.

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

The Good Lord wants you in this business, and if not, you wouldn’t be in this business. [I would suggest instead that if you are flat broke, have not made anything, and are constantly struggling, you have turned down all promptings that God has given you and you have been handed over to your lusts and passions as per Romans 1:24-25. This statement is made in total deliberate contradiction to the self-help / motivational books which tell you to let nothing get in your way of achieving your dreams. I have detailed greatly on this site why this business holds practices contradicting sound interpretation of the Bible.]

Teaching Points:

Angelo gives us pitfalls to avoid:

1. Not building the Eagle structure fast enough [Drew has details on Eagle here].

2. Not developing the Nine Habits [The nine habits are: Show the Plan 5 or more times per week, do 150 PV (single, or 300 PV (couple) per month, Develop 50PV Minimum Member / Client volume per month, Listen to tapes daily: Standing Order Tape Program, Read Daily: Book of the Month program, Attend all business conferences and seminars, Associate regularly with counseling sheet, Build business with integrity and accountability, Subscribe to Communicate.]

3. Putting other down to build yourself up. [Take Angelos advise here. This is never a good thing to do in any industry.]

4. Not building up your downline. He tells us to edify them to tell people how well they are doing. [This would be good except, as QuixtarInsideOut Radio tells us, often times they are lying about how successful that person really is to make the opportunity look good or to motivate downine. In fact, Angelo talks about this on another tape (I think it is Accelerated Sponsoring through Good Communication or 1000+ Protocols) about saying how ‘smoking’ someone is doing, even if he doesn’t have anything. He says this under the heading of “never exposing your group to your group”.]

5. Showing favoritism. [Again, good in principle, but often not the reality in practice based on experience. In my case, there was a great deal of favoritism, those that did not get attention “didn’t want it bad enough”. Perhaps (as will above), this is the reason Angelo is addressing this point.]

6. Not being coached properly.

7. Not laughing a lot.

Other Notes:

Angelo tells us that there are basically two types of people that come to these weekends, those that are new wanting to learn how to grow, and those that have been in a while wanting to know what is wrong, why they are not growing. [That last part seems a little ominous, does it not?]

The biggest problem in the business is that people only do the minimums.

Quixtar Rules Violations:

Although not a complete violation, I would like to point out that participation in the 9 core steps as this tape teaches could easily transgress into a violation:

5.3.3. Training and Motivation: IBOs must be able to train and motivate the IBOs they have registered with a minimum of assistance from his or her first upline Platinum or above. If the IBO is a member of an established business-building system, he or she may make arrangements for his or her IBOs to be trained and motivated by the activities and BSM of that system, but under no circumstances may an IBO be forced or coerced to participate in the system. If a downline IBO is unable, for any reason, to access the system or chooses not to use the system, his or her IBO must be able to provide training and motivation.


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