Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #7



Video Summary:

This video starts with our stars, that’s right! The Extreme Freedom Team!!! They are decked out in their own uniforms (not the black or navy blue suit coat, white shirt, and red tie either), They are in a baseball stadium hitting some balls. I am not sure who all was there. Was this a qualifiers meeting? The stands are full of people to watch a bunch of people who do not play professionally playing a bona fide game in a stadium. Why? For fun! They even have an eagle as a mascot.

My Thoughts:

The purpose of this video was, once again, to flaunt the money and what they can do with it. There is nothing wrong with the field down the street to play baseball in. There is not even anything wrong with using the money you have to rent the field, but the caption on this video tells the purpose of it: “Who do you know rents out a stadium and calls in his best friends from around the country to play baseball? Answer: Somebody who loves being a big kid, has a big dream, and is free!” Good luck with that.


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