Sunday, November 13, 2005

There Are No Factors, Just Fears and Faults

Tape: Age Is Not A Factor

Speakers: Runzie & Jean Valerio

Stock Number: BWW192 (4 Message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Motivational Aspects:

Everyone has the same issues building the business, they have just been in longer than other people, that is why they are where they are in the business.

You can make your own decisions, make the right ones.

Cult-like aspects:

“Only how happy you deserve to be, that’s the only thing that makes this business work. How much faith you have in God and how much faith you have in yourself.” [According to this, if you have faith in God, you will make it in the business]

Jean talks for a while about when you were a teenager, thinking ahead about how you didn’t think you were going to have to work after thirty. She talks about how people today don’t want to work, they want to play. The implication is that this business will provide that for you. [First, she is targeting the younger crowd; this is actually taught in the system because the young people are more impressionable and don’t want to work. She tries to pull out those old thoughts to use for building a dream: that is the very thing that keeps people in a costly system so long without making anything.]

Jean says that there are no factors, just fears and faults. She says that we fear the changes, though she prefers the word, ‘improvements’. Her suggestions are that you learn to pray and put your fears away, learn to forget the past, make your peace with God and he will handle it all, you just tell him what you want. [This reduces the failures in the business to those who succumb to those fears or faults. This is a ‘doctrine over person’ argument: the system always works if you work it.]

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

Regarding Jeans talk about people wanting to play these days, that has always been the case, but the biblical model is work, with some down time. This business produces a problem in a lot of people that work is a bad thing. Many people find aspects of work difficult, but the BWW (and other organizations) instill a hate for work, such that people want to do nothing but play. Genesis 2:15, God places man in the garden to maintain and be a steward over it. Part of this was the break on the seventh day (I do not affirm that Sabbath is a New Testament Principle, but I do affirm the importance of rest, [Colossians 2:16]). There are many passages pointing to this, but I will not take the time to list them all.

Jean says at one point that you just tell God what you want and He will take care of it. [This is some of the sick theology that comes with the Word-Faith movement. People, God is not your little ‘Genie in a Bottle’ waiting to fulfill your wishes. He is not all about giving you the things that your wicked little heart craves. Are there blessings? YES, but we must keep in mind that those blessings are in light of the fact that the Gospel is about Self-Denial, not Self-Fulfillment. We are to carry our cross daily, all in the name of honoring God, not getting things for us.]


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