Sunday, November 20, 2005

Make a Blankity Blank Decision!

I would like to start with a brief word from my heart. The last few sessions, as you may have noticed, are a little on the ‘weak’ side. This is intentional. Indeed, I have noticed that in my time in BWW, the tapes were at first very full of content, be it, the same content, but still content. The last several tapes I received in the business have been series of short speeches, dry in content, and even more useless than the older tapes. I will finish off this CD and then go back to some better ones that have tapespeak, covetous material, and a whole bunch of other things. Again, if you have been in the business for about 3 or so years and are still on SOT, see if you have noticed this trend as well. I boil it down to the lack of anything else to say.

To be real, I believe that to truly build the Quixtar business, a person might need about 5 good tapes of mechanics, a few books (no more than 5), and a solid product line where the prices actually compete with the market place. If that were the case, I assure you, I would still take issue because those few books would probably contradict the biblical worldview, but I don’t know. Why are the tapes getting dry? There is nothing more to be said. Don’t get me wrong, there are probably some better ones out there, but they are rarer than they used to be. When I was an IBO and fired up, I liked to listen to the classics like “The Bigger the Rose, the Harder the Thorn”, “Pigs don’t Know Pig’s Stink”, and a recent one was “Persistence and Achievement”. These were solid tapes that held my attention. They kept me in one more day; they were a major contributing factor to my going for broke (literally). They are the more dangerous tapes, they have the power to hold a person in, but these more modern tapes are lacking in content I must confess.

Now, on to the tape:

Tape: Discipline

Speakers: John & Bobbi Sestina

Stock Number: BWW192 (4 Message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Motivational Aspects:

We have the “ability to choose how we would behave in any set of circumstances”

Cult-like aspects:

“We have the freedom to choose our behavior, and that word is discipline…You are disciplining yourself to do what you know needs to be done because you’ve developed the faith, the knowledge, that the rewards in this business truly are worthy of the work.” [While the talk about discipline is correct (we need discipline to accomplish legitimate goals), the context is the last sentence. Bobbi talks about the faith and the knowledge that the rewards are worth it. Clear evidence shows that the average person will lose a lot more money than they will ever make following the BWW system. The general teaching of the business is that anyone who works the plan will make it, but many people have worked the plan exactly and have lost a lot of money.]

John talks about the foundation of the eagle plan. He addresses the question of ‘what if you show the plan X amount of times and are still not an Eagle? “You increase the number of plans, you increase the counseling, you increase understanding the products, etc, etc.” [With a system that really works, this is a good practice, but in BWW, all that does is increase costs. I can still remember not being where I wanted to be. I counseled upline and of course, I heard the classic how many tapes, books, functions, etc. The counseling sheet contains information about all the 9 core steps, group growth, pin goals, etc. I received a tool receipt that had a bunch of extra tools on it and penned in on the bottom was ‘Tool Flow = Group Growth’]

John makes a generalization that anything that will slow you down from building your business as a negative and that you need to learn how to take that hit and bounce back.

Other Notes:

John walks us through steps required for discipline:

  1. Integrity
  2. A leader is needed, you are the leader of you
  3. State your mission (Requires a date and a step by step plan)
  4. Make sure that you choose your option while the choice is still yours
  5. Willing stand up and take the hit
  6. “Make a blankity blank decision”
  7. Put your stamp on things right away


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