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Building Quixtar with BWW Part 5

BWW Basics Manual (BBAS 6/02)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2 – The BWW Basics: Building Your business

Part 3 – Showing the Plan

Summary of Showing the Plan

The book lists the three ways to show the plan:

  • One-on-One
  • Home Meetings
  • Open Meetings

There are steps they list to ‘keep in mind’, I will not list them all, but a few of note are:

  • Show the plan, don’t sell the plan
  • The more you talk, the more you sell
  • Build their dreams
  • Lead them to the next step

They suggest that many tools are good for showing the plan:

  • Audio and video
  • Flip charts, “Legal-size yellow notepad and a red felt-tip pen”, board and easel
  • Demonstration products

There is also a list of keywords to remember, some of them are:

  • Savings
  • Compounding effect
  • Below retail
  • Profit potential
  • Rewarded monthly

The five steps to show the plan are detailed (Quoted from page 29):

  • Setting at ease and explaining the concept
  • Dream building
  • Explain the “2-5 year plan” vs the “40 year plan”
  • Explain the 6-4-2 business model
  • The five-point wrap-up

Interestingly, at this point, there is a side block where you are explained the Quixtar process is like a large mall where you get paid for shopping there and get paid further for referring people to shop there.

The last step in this section is the Meeting After the Meeting, which is promoted as one of the most important things. Briefly, this is after the plan is completed, people can meet the speaker and ask questions. This is also where many of the products come out for demonstration. There is a side note that is in the text and is openly taught: Always book a meeting from a meeting.

Recommended tools in this section:

  • GS2 – How to Have a Meeting ($7.50)
  • GS3 – How to Show the Plan ($7.50)
  • LPW73 – Secrets of a Successful Open Meeting ($7.50)
  • FCH – Flipchart ($20)
  • 642 – 6-4-2 IBO Business Plan ($5 for 25 sheets)
  • LPK – Literature Pack ($10) – IBO’s are often instructed to have several of these, in fact, on GS2, you are told to have one pack for every person you have invited to your meeting.)


I want to start by saying that if your motivation is lead to the person to the next step and book a meeting from a meeting, you are going to sell the plan, not share it. Although many people do show the plan, many also sell it. I would also like to make note that the terminology may be changing. In my last team training, it was drilled into up that we do not “Show the Plan” because that is reminiscent of the old “A” way of doing things. It is now “Share the Presentation” (Still STP), in the event you start to hear that one. It might a few years to be fully incorporated.

As for the steps in the plan, the most important is the Dream Building step. There is a list of the most popular dreams that people say. If they are not giving you responses, you are supposed to ‘prime the pump’ by suggesting these things. This step is supposed to be the longest because you are getting people excited, which drives the business as indicated on the tape Monday through Wednesday (Doug Weir, removed from catalog possibly due to a new MO recently split from BWW by Larry Winters). In that tape, Doug teaches that with you’re “A list” (friends and family), you do not get them in by facts, but on excitement.

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