Monday, May 22, 2006

Some Things

Hello all,

I have begun the site redesign. The archives are not re-formatted yet, but they need to be since some of the old posts use bright colors that will not show up well on the new backgroud. I hope this change makes the site easier to read and follow. It may take a while to get all the archives re-colored, so be patient.

Also, my new website is more or less open. The blog over there is not, but the Forum is ready to go. It is for any type of religious discussion or debate, sharing ideas, etc. I also have some lessons up (I am still working on that part) and will be posting some other things as I move along. If there are any other forum catagories I might need, let me know, as I am still testing everything out. As any internet community, it is only as good as participation leads.

The site is


Blogger Bob Loblaw said...

Love the new design! Keep up the good work!

Tue May 23, 03:44:00 AM GMT-5  

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