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You Don’t Go Diamond Without God

Tape: EDC Leadership, Go Diamond 2003 Part 3

Speakers: Rocky Covington

Stock Number: BWW137

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Motivational Aspects:

Rocky tells us that BWW is the best business building system there is. If it is so great, why is the success level so low? Look at the stats on a Quixtar affiliate business site:

The following are approximate percentages of Direct Fulfillment IBOs of record in North America who achieved the illustrated levels of success in the calendar year ending August 31, 2005: Diamond .0120%; Emerald .0320%; Q-12 Platinum .1683%.

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

A real man is looking for a battle to fight! No, that is a SINFUL man. A real man is kind, patient, gentle, peaceful, you know, all the things Jesus told us to be on the Sermon on the Mount and other places, too. Though a real man is the provider and protector of his family, he would be in sin if he were out looking for a battle to fight.

Rocky tells us about faith by quoting Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (KJV). He then tells us that is our dream, what we want, that we need to focus on what we want and believe in faith we will get it. This interpretation is actually blasphemous. While the context Rocky gives this verse is about us getting what we want, the real context of this verse is faith of our coming salvation. The substance spoken of is the history of what has already come, hence, the author of Hebrews takes us through a tour of the past (vs. 4 and on). The things that have already come on the Messianic Timetable (God’s timing), in conjunction with the prophecies of God, provide the proof of what God will do for the prophecies that are not yet fulfilled. To use this text to sell a self-serving message is dangerous.

Teaching Points:

Rocky starts out by suggesting that everybody needs to read Wild at Heart, which is a “Christian” book (though theologians are in debate over that) that we might remember hearing about a few weeks ago. He gives us three traits of a real man:

1. A real man is looking for a battle to fight (see “Wonderful Faulty Theology” above)

2. He is looking for an adventure to live.

3. He is looking for a beauty to rescue. (see comment below under “Other Notes”)

“Faith will not exist in a mind that is negative”

“Anybody that will put down the books and the tapes and going to functions really doesn’t want you to succeed because they don’t want you to build faith because faith is the number one ingredient you got to have to be successful in anything.” No, actually, as I have clearly documented in over 100 posts in this website, they are damaging to true faith, they cost you more money than you will make on average in Quixtar, and they provide information that is common sense if not useless. I celebrate great success with many people, myself included. It does not take some “faith” that you build up with reading books and listening to tapes to achieve, it takes good old fashion hard work.

Other Notes:

Rocky tell us that a real man is looking for a beauty to rescue. First, I find it funny that the only single male EDC (or at least the only one who has not been married in the past) is talking about that. Indeed, in my time in the business, people were always trying to “hook me up” with some pretty young lady to “complete my life”. I have the gift of singleness, a Godly gift, I might add. Now, because this type of teaching, I imagine that it is getting worse in the Motivational Organizations if you are single and choose to stay that way. I was even warned by an upline to avoid people who choose to stay single.

Rocky tells us that we need complete faith that we will make it to Diamond. His proof text is Hebrews 11:1 (See above in “Wonderful Faulty Theology”.) What is the evidence for this? Nothing, but the fact that fewer than 1 in 400 will ever make it to an income of less than $50,000 provides clear evidence to the contrary.

Next, Rocky starts talking about self talk. You need to speak what you want into existence.

Rocky tells us that he did not start to grow until he started to have faith in God.

“Your business will never out grow your spiritual self image” Whatever THAT means?!? He goes on to say, “I have tried it with Him (God), and I have tried it without Him, and it don’t work without Him. You don’t go Diamond without God.”

Rocky tells us that we need to get to a point where we show a plan and if they are looking, great, if they are not looking, that is great to, but “if they don’t get in, by the time you walk out that door, (snaps) you forgot their name. You’re thinking of the next person you’re going to show it to, that’s faith.”

Quixtar Rules Violations:

Rocky tells everyone that they need to read Wild at Heart, which being a “Christian” book, is against the Quixtar Rules of Conduct [PDF]:

3.1 Registration Form and Registration Pack: To become a duly authorized IBO capable of merchandising the Corporation's products and services and registering other IBOs, an applicant must complete and sign the IBO Registration Agreement and possess only the Business Services and Support portion of the Registration Pack. IBOs shall be formed initially by the individual applicant(s) as sole proprietor(s) or as non-formal (e.g., husband and wife) partners. The IBO Registration Agreement must be sent to, and accepted by, the Corporation for authorization in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3.5. No IBO shall present the business as anything other than an opportunity available to anyone regardless of race, gender, nationality, or religious or political beliefs to any person. (Emphasis mine.)

Further, on, a site to send business prospects to for answers to their questions, we read:

Question #19

Am I required to hold certain religious beliefs to be accepted?

No. Respect for every individual is a foundational value to this business. This has always been an equal opportunity business, open to people of all walks of life, varying religious convictions, political affiliations, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and racial origins.


Blogger rara said...

I believe that every good thing that comes to everyone comes from God and that God does indeed bless people's businesses and careers. However, not all success is directly as a result of faith in God or even a blessing of God.

Some "success" comes from trampling on other people; that can't be blessed by God. If all success came as a result of faith in God, we wouldn't have godless successful people. Life is much more complex than that. So to say that you can't be successful in this (or any business) without faith in God, as "Christian" as that seems, is just not accurate.

Another point: I have never read Wild at Heart, but from what I've heard and read about it, it seems to be a bit melodramatic and based on Western culture, e.g., the stories of knights rescuing damsels in distress, and as a Nigerian, I'm not what he writes about is universal. (But I'm just a girl, what do I know? :D Men are confusing.) However, when John Eldredge (the author) says a real man is looking for a battle, I don't think he means a stupid fight with other people. I suspect he means that a man is looking for something to fight for, such as a principle or higher cause, which isn't a bad thing. But I don't know whether that's true of all men or should be true of a real man.

By the way, when you say you have the gift of singleness, do you mean you NEVER plan to get married?

Sun May 28, 07:51:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger xanadustc said...


To reply, your first comment is absolutely correct. God is indeed interested in our well being and will bless business for success, he certain blesses consistant careers of any kind. He is a loving God, but your second paragraph is certainly the balancing point. Not all that glitters is gold, and not all that is success is from God. In fact, if you are so hard at achieving something (as they teach to do in BWW), it is quite possible that most of the people at the higher levels were not blessed by their sacrifice, but rather, they were handed over to their lusts.

The problems with Wild at Heart start with the theology of the author, and get worse from there. I added a link to a review (not a very detailed one, but from a trusted source). Here is a statement the author says about John Eldredge:

Perhaps you are correct and he meant Something to fight for, not something to fight. That might be worth an edit on my post, I will think about it and read over a very comprehensive review I have of that book. Even if that is the case, we don't need to be searching for something to fight for, we should be focused on the work of God. This cause is certainly something to fight for, but my stance has always been to glorify God by pointing out the false doctrine and errors in this organization.

As for my marital status, I will let the Lord lead. I will be prepared to stay single forever if needs be, but I will also be ready for the duties of a husband should the Lord lead in that direction. It is a great sacrifice in either direction, for I desire a family, but for the family, I would have to trade off someof the ministry that I currently do. Like I said, as the Lord leads.

Sun May 28, 10:15:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Joecool18 said...

Good is good. What's troubling are these diamonds taking God's word out of contect to mislead
people into thinking their financial success can only be achieved through quixtar, and that they should submit to upline, much like how man submits to God. Actually it ticks me off.

Sat Jun 10, 07:59:00 PM GMT-5  

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