Tuesday, August 30, 2005

An unwanted change

Hello all,

I had to make an unwanted change. I would like to have had this blog open for all people to comment on because many people may wish to share stories without registering as a blogspot user. Unfortunatly, I got 8 spam messages on one night, many having obscene advertisments on them. I changed the settings so that registered users can comment.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

You can Do IT!!

Tape: Don’t Ever Make Excuses

Speakers: Henry & Sue Skaggs

Stock Number: BWW247

Recording Type (see post of ‘Types of Recordings’): ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This is a brief speech at a winter conference. It is a basic mix without any teaching principles. Henry talked a little about their background and what kinds of things they have purchased in the last few months. There are a lot of cult like statements in this tape, especially the edification of a 14 year old girl who worked to get a function ticket and then said that if she could get the money to make it, anyone could, because if it is a true priority, you will find a way. Henry also speaks a lot of God, but with his faith being derived from the BWW system, it is wrought with the faulty beliefs of the Word-Faith movement, which is NOT true Christianity.

Motivational Aspects:

He says early on that the goal of this talk is to motivate them; he also clearly says that there will be no teaching points.

33 months in the business, they walked away from a job, now they focus on teaching people to be free financially

Big dream was to be at home with the kids

You can build this with kids, with a job, etc.

Henry was able to retire his mother from work.

Freedom will free you from stress

Good structure - 21 legs on standing order

1 check in the month of November out of 8 was combined, more than they made in the military in their last year working.

Cult-like aspects:

Like usual, there is a lot of seriously edifying a lot of people upline, and crossline. When I say this, this is no giving credit where credit is due, this is just listing people and saying how wonderful they are without any qualifications.

The cards that are passed along from Diamond club are a hit. In this tape, Henry talks about getting two now (one form Rocky and now from Kevin & Beth Bell), he jokes about what they might say “come and join us if you want to be a big boy on the big team…but if it pushes me on, it will be good”

Lots of ‘build your dream’ talk.

Henry talks about social security (mind you he states early in the tape that he is not quite 40 yet), hasn’t worked in 9 years, “They tell me that if I work, ‘til the age of 62, so first off, I got to go get a job…they will give me $547 a month or if you continue working ‘til your 67, you’ll get $778 a month…good trade off, trade 5 more years of your life for $200 and your almost dead by now” then he goes on.

He talks about his large check and then tells the audience that he is going to tell them how underpaid the audience is; he then tells them that based on a 40 hour work week, and getting $100,000 a month, they should be making $625 an hour, then he pops the question: “How are you doing?”

“Don’t ever forget where you came from, because you might end up back there, and I didn’t want to do that”

“What is 5 nights a week worth?”

The end of this speech has a very disturbing story. It is about a 14 year old girl who has been going to open meetings and team trainings (her mother is in the business). She wanted to go to the function, but had to pay her own way. She worked hard and got the money to come. The bad part about all this is the way she was edified. Henry read an email from her on stage. In it, she comments, that if she can work hard and raise the money to get to the functions, anyone can, it just depends on what is truly important to you.

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

Shopping for all the things for a new house without much concern about prices

S500 Mercedes, AC/heated seats, massagers in the seat, $95,000

CL500 Mercedes (“For all those ego-maniacs out there” – Yes, this was HIS quote)

Yukon XL Denali, to be traded for an Escalade

Bought house, 7000 sq ft, 21 rooms, $15,000 on window blinds, 22 closets (5 walk-in), 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, a fitness room.

Tapespeak for those wanting to brush up on the official BWW linguistic:

If Bill told me to jump off a cliff, I’d jump…cause down at the bottom, something good would be down there, like a whole big old mattress of money.

Wonderful Faulty Theology (Perhaps I will eventually tackle these on my Exposing Apostasy Page (www.xanadustc.blogspot.com):

For all of his material belongings, he praises God, Rocky Covington, Bill & Peggy Britt, Paul Miller, Kevin & Beth Bell.

“Don’t tell me sowing and Reaping and Believing in God isn’t true”

“This isn't bragging, I give all the glory to God – All I did is do all things in His book”

“The dream is real, do you know what the dream is? It is obeying God’s principles, and all your dreams will come true.”

Modern price comparisons requests?

Hello everyone,

People are starting to throw around the price discount as a Quixtar benifit. It has been my experience that every item I buy is cheaper at the local grocery store than at Quixtar. This has lead me to consider doing a recent price comparison. I will do so if I get 5 or more requests on this blog or by email. Also, if you have any suggestions that I should do with it, leave me those, too.

I will have the next SOT up soon, perhaps tonight.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

All Stoked Up with No Where to Go

Greetings all,

Here is this weeks tape. Enjoy.

Tape: D.R.E.A.M.

Speakers: Alan & Michele Leininger

Stock Number: BWW130

Recording Type (see post of ‘Types of Recordings’): ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This tape was recorded at a ‘Dream Weekend’, now officially billed as ‘Winter Conference’. It is your classic ‘Basic Mix’ heavy on the teaching end. He goes through several points on how to get your dream. In summary, they are to get a burning desire for something, get enthusiastic, develop a positive mental attitude, and speak what you want into existence.

Motivational Aspects:

“We are at the age now where Bill Britt started his business”

“I’m not wishing my time away anymore like I did when we were not diamond”

“[The kids] are the reason we continue to go out and build this business” – Michele describes next how they want their kids to have anything they want to have and that all dreams they have are achievable. I see this as very deadly as it encourages covetous behavior and ‘possession obsession” if you will.

They teach that if you are in the room, you are meant to build the business, you just need to make that decision now and do it.

Just get a burning desire and you will achieve your dreams. Alan talks about walking out of work totally free 12 years earlier.

You need to be enthusiastic!! – says the root of the word is ‘God Within’. That may be correct, but I can’t not find it anywhere. If someone has the root for that word, please let me know so I can correct accordingly.

You make money when you help people make money! (The sad reality is that the facts show that most people do not make any money. The BWW system reliably shows 80% of money comes from tool sales which means that people are not succeeding.)

Cult-like aspects:

Over edification of Upline

“You just have to go through the steps to build the business. If you want to be where someone is, you just have to do what they did to get there.” She then teaches that you just have to keep doing the core steps repeatedly and then you will be a diamond on stage.

EXACT QUOTE: “Just put two years of steady effort in, just two years of this is all you did, you concentrated effort doing all you could do to build this business, don’t check results, just go out and build your business, that you will be diamond”

“Those with faith will claim the promises, but only those with patience will obtain the promises” – the results will come eventually if you keep on pumping.

“I love living in this bubble world. People go ‘your just out of touch’ absolutely and I love it” – This wreaks of information control.

He belabors a bunch of points of what he does saying all the while that he is not telling you to do those things, but the underlying message is that if you do not do those things, you will fail because the diamonds simply don’t do them.

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

“I highly recommend that you try the money thing”

New Porsche (upline bought one for his wife)

Trips to Hawaii

(Upline) – Jewelry, money

7200 square foot house – I liked the way he said this. It was dropped into mid sentence in what sounded like a bragging point.

3300 sq ft pool, needed a cover for filter, but added a whole gathering lounge, changing rooms; ended up with a 11-1200 sq ft building.

Tapespeak for those wanting to brush up on the official BWW linguistic:

Money does not bring happiness, but neither does poverty

We’re just getting started

Wonderful Faulty Theology (Perhaps I will eventually tackle these on my Exposing Apostasy Page (www.xanadustc.blogspot.com):

Get a burning desire to be successful.

He sees his upline as perfect, but suggests that he guesses they are not. Such a thought comes from the belief that they have grown so far that they have reached a state of mere perfection. All the people tend to say this about the upline across the board.

More word-faith material, one point near the end he even suggests that if his brother did not believe that a brain tumor would kill him, it would not have. This implies that we even have power over the sin in the world.

He literally gave the glory to his brother’s salvation to the BWW team, not to God.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Hog Nasty RICH!!!

Greetings all,

I will be off in the woods with no technology at all for a while, so I wanted to get this weeks tape up before that time. I will not be able to comment from Sunday to Saturday.

Tape: Listen to Bill

Speakers: Alan & Michele Leininger

Stock Number: BWW130 (BWW130 has two messages, I'll get the other part up later)

Recording Type (see post of ‘Recording Types’): ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

“Who is the most excited?! Anybody ready to Go Diamond?! How about C.A.M?!...Anybody ready to get Hog Nasty Rich!” – That just says it all. I selected this tape because it is one of the most disturbing tapes that I have ever heard. I commented a little bit on Quixtar blog about this one once. This is one of the most cult-like tapes in the BWW system. This tape covers a brief bit about the past, but mostly some lifestyle updates. He does some teaching near the end that is full of cult-like conflicting messages. Here is the last thing he says: “Some of you all need to quit figuring this thing out, you need to listen to these guys, take it on total faith, take a shot, a chance, hay, you trusted college, come on, trust them a little bit, and see what could happen in your life.”

Motivational Aspects:

“I just know that in the next year, this whole weekend is going to be full with recognizing new diamonds” – lot of Diamonds coming out of this room.

Michele tells that everyone could be up on stage as a new diamond if they just keep the faith and put some effort into it.

They describe that they are taking some pictures down off the refrigerator as they have gotten their covetous desires. “Get some long term goals and short term goals up”

“This business allowed me to be a full time mom and I never had to put my children in a day care.”

Alan tells the story of Greg Duncan and how he was in his 4th year at medical school but left for his business because the business was an income source and medical school was an income drain. That impacted Alan and as a result, he did not attend the medical school that he was accepted into.

“Let’s compare bank statements. Let’s compare lifestyles. What do YOU do Monday morning?”

“I don’t know what sitcoms are on. You know why? I’m too busy succeeding”

Cult-like aspects:

“We had no excuse not to succeed. We have Bill & Peggy Britt, Paul & Debbie Miller, Mike & Susie Bundy, Joe & Marybeth Markiewicz. If we didn’t succeed, it was our own lazy, stupid fault.”

Chase the thought process of the leaders, chase the way they think

“Are you living the lifestyle of going diamond? … Are you driving the miles? Are you willing to go wherever you need to go to show the plan to whoever you need to show it to”

They described how they had to train themselves many nights not to fall asleep because they were working a job as well as this business.

“Live the lifestyle of GOING Diamond, then you will live the lifestyle OF a Diamond.”

“I learned how to listen early on” – tells the Bill Britt story of the two things that separate a ditch digger and a millionaire: The way they think and what they do with their spare time.

“What you think is going to be determined by what you put in”

A funny little contradiction here: he states at one time after the Britt story of how he (Bill) hasn’t looked at a news paper for many years “I cancelled the newspaper. Now, I am not telling YOU to cancel the Newspaper” and a few moments later, he states: “Many people in this room have heard Bill say that, but they won’t do it!” This is very similar to the conflicting messages very common in cult theory.

He dwells on the way you think being the key to changing your lifestyle. He explains that the way you think has been programmed in you from birth and from the people around you. The solution: Learn how to listen by taking what they heard from stage and apply it.

Explains that we should not feel sorry for Mike Bundy that it took 22 years to go Diamond because at least he learned to count to three: Implication is that if you can’t ‘count to three’ you are somehow worthless.

Work ethic: “We hear 5 nights a week” and then he goes into guilt trip mania about going to work for 5 days a week and by sending your wife (like she is a closet beast or something that needs you to send her) to work for 5 days. He then asks why you are not rich yet. The solution: “Try this for 2-5 years”

While I submit that comparisons are not appropriate, Alan dwells many times on the aspect of comparing your lifestyle to Bill or Larry. He suggests that your neighbor is not any better then you. “Oh, maybe you have a better car”. Why in the WORLD does your “better car” make you more subject to be a better person, or does it? He says at one point here that he is not better than anyone else. This double message is just confusing.

“Work is not a cuss word. It’s OK to lose a little sleep” – Why in the WORLD then is work outside of BWW a putdown?

“Associate with people who are in life where you want to be. Associate through the CD’s and Tapes”

“[Micheles dad] is a great man but he has stupid world thinking”

Alan explained that he even changed his buying to buy more things such as vitamins as a way to do volume.

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:

Anybody ready to get Hog Nasty Rich!

Excursion (Big SUV loaded with 10 inch LCD TV screen, game hookups, video, DVD’s, all so the kids can ride to school in style)


Lexus (because he is totally in submission to his upline, he bought a GS430 Lexus; fully loaded, chrome wheels, everything, including a special fancy radio system.)

Brand new $6000 trail bike, wrote a check just having fun

Kids got to spend $400 and $600 on clothes (I hate to see the long term consequences of this!)

Pool, house, 1.5 Million Dollar property all came from this team (hmm…not Quixtar?)

Tapespeak for those wanting to brush up on the official BWW linguistic:

At least he could count to three!

Just broke at a different level

Sleep when you’re dead

If Bill told me to jump off a building I would do it because there would be a big net of money to catch me.

Wonderful Faulty Theology (Perhaps I will eventually tackle these on my Exposing Apostasy Page (www.xanadustc.blogspot.com):

Speak your diamond-ship into existence. Speak it how you want it to be. Speak it all and have the faith it will. Speak your husband into how you want him to be, and your self how you want it to be.

Types of Recordings

Hi there everyone,

One thing I thought of: there are certain types of tapes you will encounter in the BWW system (and most assuredly other systems as well). Instead of using the same words over and over again in the Brief Summary section, I thought it might be suiting to create a post to explain the types of tapes, rarity, and recording method. I will add an extra category in the tape description section with the type of recording. Reference this post to see more details about those types of tapes.

Types of Recordings

“Basic Mix” – I define this tape as the basic style of tape that is recorded at a weekend function. This is by far the most common type of tape. They will include some updates on what the speaker has been doing, mostly in terms of a new house or car they are driving, family updates, J.O.B. updates, and the like. They tend to have some background information, though not much compared to the Rally tape. They have updates and what this business means to them. These often have some ‘teaching’ tips at the end, most of which is the same exact thing telling you to keep doing the 9 core steps and using the 3 powers, and sometimes for good measure, they will throw in the 3 never’s. The primary purpose of this type is motivation to keep the people plugged into the system.

Rally – These are the tapes you will be handed after seeing a presentation. The system promotes to have many of these on hand, as these are the testimonies of the successful people in the business. These are handed out first based on your own life situation (if you are a doctor, you will most often be given a doctors rally, Ph.D. a Ph.D. rally, etc.) The point is that if these people can do it, so can I! These are recorded at the Rally/Seminars that are once a quarter (there may be more or less depending on the particular team). These are a comprehensive story of the persons own life, often following a similar pattern of that of the evangelical church testimony story, that is, how terrible life was and then this miracle business came along and set the speaker free, then how good things are now because of the business.

Seminar – These are also recorded at the Rally/Seminars, though they are very rare. The reason is that they all say pretty much the exact same thing. (It can be argued that most of the tapes say the same thing, but it literally becomes monotonous because the flavor of the individual speaker is not there. These cover things like the 9 core steps, 3 powers, 3 never’s, or other things like contacting, list building tips.

Teaching – These are teaching tapes that differ from the principles taught in a Seminar tape. The primary difference is that the Seminar tapes tend to cover all aspects of the business in one step. The Teaching tapes tend to exhaustively cover one principle. The most common form of teaching tape is the prospecting / contacting tape. This is to keep the business rolling along, of course. Other topics of past included how and why to use Ditto Delivery, client building tips (yes, critics, they do exist).

Product – These are very rare, but I do have one or two tapes lying around. They are often recorded at weekend functions and cover specific information about a particular product. Information could include product details or product marketing. The most common is probably Greg Duncan’s tape “XS energy drink: Tastes like a Million Bucks. (BWW111)”

“Super Rally” – I use this term because these are the long, often 2 tape sets from the last speaker on a Friday or Saturday night at the weekend functions. These are going to be tapes from the very top people in the business as they ‘pour out their heart from stage’. These often mix a lot of past history, a lot of motivation. These are dangerous tapes because they tend to be very motivational. It is not uncommon from IBO’s to pop these in when they are felling down to become lifted up and motivated.

Diamond Speech - This is the speech that a person makes on an FED stage when they are first recognized as Diamonds. These tend to be a short rally, lots of tears, screaming about finally making it. Rarely are there teaching points, but a lot of motivation and all the hard things they went through to make it.

External Speaker – These are tapes from people who have come in to speak for the business but are not IBO’s (or at least high level IBO’s). Such speakers have classically been Paul Harvey, Dennis Waitley, and more modern Quixtar tapes have included such people as Shad Helmstetter, Bill Quain, and even Josh McDowell (much to his discredit in my opinion). These could cover anything.

Nine Core Steps:

Although I found that the order of the 9 core steps differs by team, these are non-the-less them. These are the steps that if you consistently and persistently do these, they tell you that you are 2-5 years away from retiring a millionaire (or at least flushing that stinking J.O.B.)

  1. Listen to a Tape every day, be on Standing Order Tape
  2. Read a Book every month, be on Standing Order Book
  3. Attend EVERY function, meeting, or business function.
  4. Show the plan (5 nights per week)*
  5. Use the Products, do 150PV for a single; 300PV/month for a couple.
  6. Be Teachable to your upline
  7. Be accountable to your upline
  8. Develop Member and clients (about 50 PV a month)
  9. Be on Communikate.

* When you first saw these steps in my group, you wrote 2-3 times per week, but if you listen to the tapes and attend the functions it was clear that the real serious people go out 5-7 nights per week.

Three Powers:

These popped up as teaching points about 2003 sometime. These are positively frightening and very cult-like, but they are openly taught as of sometime around 2003.

  1. Power of Unity – Only do what is taught by the system. Do not try to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or do things your own way.
  2. Power of Submission – Always be in submission to your upline.
  3. Power of the Spoken Word – Always speak in the positive, confess in the positive, and never speak anything negative or anything that you don’t want to happen.

Three Nevers:

These are taught in Seminar tapes and other teaching point tapes. They are meant to keep the group from getting ‘sick’ if you will. Unlike other points in the business, these are good principles to keep in mind (well, except that downline part). Ladies and Gentlemen, keep faithful to your own spouses and help other people’s spouses be faithful. And leave other people’s money alone.

  1. Never mess with someone’s spouse.
  2. Never mess with someone’s money
  3. Never pass any negative downline.

If I have missed anything, please leave a comment or pass me an email.


Monday, August 08, 2005

Is Quixtar the Hummer that will lead you to your dreams?

Greetings all,

I am still playing around with the format for this thing, so let me know if there might be better ways of analyzing this data. Here goes tape number one in the standing Order Tape posts:

Tape: Ffffinish It Off

Speakers: Shivaram & Anjali Kumar

Stock Number: BWW224

Brief Review:

This tape is a common mix consisting mostly of motivational material coming in the form of freedom stories, a little bit of past life, and the same old “do the 9 core steps and the 3 powers” most tapes have. There was nothing about products, how to sell, or anything that would be remotely useful for running a business. Near the end particularly, there was a mass emphasis on RECRUITING and there was one time in the whole tape where customers were even mentioned and that was the rather scary cult-like part (which was actually MOST of the tape) where the speaker recited the nine core steps one at a time between the audience screaming “Finish it off”.

Motivational Aspects:

He talks about how he came as a single guy to his first function at Richmond, VA and that everyone starts the same way. Everyone can make it.

Talk about all the travel to all sorts of places in a 25 day period of times. In that time, the bank balance goes up faster than we can spend it.

They fly first class and Quixtar won’t let them spend any money.

All sorts of tearing down of jobs.

Last draw was that in a restroom, a sign said ‘employees must wash hands’. He comments that employee’s are so stupid that even that you must tell them. Business owners KNOW to wash their hands!

Every person on the team is speaking and believing CAM (Crown Ambassador)

He had a story about his kids running around a plane and the steward asking him to control them. He said that if they don’t like his kids running around, they need to get a private jet. Then, he says that the difference is that he IS getting a private jet while the other people will just have to put up with it.

Job is not designed for your dreams.

He tells a story about his hummer and how he took it through a flood on a road that says “road closed” and made the relation that the business is a hummer, the flood is a bad economy, and the dream is the other side of the bank. He then goes on to say that in his case, there were not any other hummers on the other side of the bank, but in the business, there are hummers all over telling you the way and more going over all the time (i.e. the Diamonds).

Cult-like aspects:

Are you excited?! You should be. Kumar tells us that only a select few get this opportunity!

We have the equipment to dream and we MUST!

Get free; your life begins when you get free!

It is annoying how often he ends a “non-humble” statement with ‘Hello?’ just like Bill Britt

Paid the price, showed the plan

A scary talk about edification occurs. First he talks about how he is built up by his wife saying that he has accomplished all her dreams. Then, when different people edify him, he ‘knows he is the man’, but when SHE edifies him, he knows he is “THE MAN!!!”

It’s all about winning respect

Husband has provided everything that the kids would ever desire because he did the work

Much edification of the people in the upline, promoting them as the best of the best.

Take pictures of what you want in hang them around everywhere.

Whatever your dream is, you will have it through this business.

It is not impossible, we have done it.

Delayed gratification: putting things on hold to build the business.

Downline are here despite just having a baby who had a major surgery. The baby is fine and the people are here. This is used as a springboard to talk about the decision to get here is certainly one of the most important things you could do. That kind of decision, Anjali says, is what will determine how far you will go in this business.

Home environment is very regulated about speech and what people say, even the kids. Funny result is that a child in the home did not tell her parents that she had a toothache because she feared it would be speaking negative. Claim in advance, speak what you want.

The right thoughts and the right words, and the power of praise will give you a very successful life.

All the promises have come true, they were here for us and they are here for you; it is just a matter of finding all your people and getting the job done.

Stay steady with the goals, stay steady with the team; stay in counsel, dream big. Whatever you want you will achieve.

See success everywhere. Everyone is focused on CAM.

If you have a dream, you can move forward and not live in the past.

He talked about the upline making indirect comments to people, particularly about volume. He claims that he started to do 300 Personal PV to shut up the upline.

As the name of this tape suggests, he talks about getting the whole system done. To do this, look at the Eagle brochure and do the nine core steps

He takes some time to criticize the critics. In his story, he tells of people who are cold contacted and then talked to about the business. His point dwells on the IBO being nice and that the people don’t like the people being nice to them as opposed to the people not liking to be exploited for the business. He then asks “Are you the only stupid one or does it run in the family?”

You are choking in your jobs.

Lay the foundation in width. Go through the malls now and get all the width out of the way and then work with the people to get to your goals.

A most scary part happened at the end of the tape where Kumar recited the 9 core steps one by one as the crowd followed with “FINISH IT OFF” after each one:

Read every day (Finish it off)

Use products and do 300 PV (Finish it off)

Listen to tapes and CD’s (Finish it off)

Clear Kate even if 37 messages every day (Finish it off)

Be accountable and totally transparent to upline (Finish it off)

Be teachable to upline (Finish it off)

Get some clients (Finish it off)

Work the business 5-7 nights a week (Finish it off)

Speak what you want only

Catalog of covetousness for those materialistic people:





Pool that costs more than “2 years I made as a computer consultant during my peak time”

Checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the mail

“Our next materialistic goal is a private jet”

Real expensive tie and 2 new suits from Diamond Clothier’s

2.7 caret diamond solitaires

Hot tub

Tapespeak for those wanting to brush up on the official BWW linguistic:

I hope you are excited, because nothing happens until someone gets excited!

I was broke at a higher level

Some will, some won’t, so what; some where, six will (Also known as SW-SW-SW-SW-SW or the old Amway form SW-SW-SW)

A job is not designed for your dreams

Wonderful Faulty Theology (Perhaps I will eventually tackle these on my Exposing Apostasy Page (www.xanadustc.blogspot.com):

God has only given one species the ability to have a dream and that is us.

Your prayers will never go unanswered if you pray with a right heart; a right attitude

God blesses the right choices you make (especially funny since this statement was in the context of making the functions a very high priority and stating that the decision to get there will determine how far you go in the business.)

With your mouth, you can make your future as obvious as your past

Friday, August 05, 2005


Greetings everyone.

I guess most people have asked"what on EARTH am I to do with all these 'tools'?" Here is a creative idea: Listen to them and then post excerpts and comments! (Warning, ONLY do this if you are SUFFICIENTLY deprogrammed so you don't catch the dream; you know, similar to a cold, but a lot more dangerous). Or, you can just look at mine! My goal here is to post a tape a week. Why a week? Standing order comes once a week, so this blog will too!

I'll try to have the first one up and posted this weekend.