Friday, December 23, 2005

Discontentment is the Path to Desire

Tape: Are You Discontented?

Speakers: Jack & Magee Spencer

Stock Number: BWW120

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This recording teaches people that you need to have something to care about to fulfill your life, Quixtar through BWW is that very thing. Although Magee encourages people to enjoy their jobs for the time that they are there, Jack slams those people who have jobs and choose to keep working them. Jack also promotes that the Standing Order program is the minimum and that people should be purchasing more tools that that. Another element of concern here is the quantity of times that Bill Britt is referred to as ‘The Master’.

Motivational Aspects:

Jack and Magee both keep referencing another talk by Doug Wead which was recorded the evening before this talk. That tape is available at BWW: “What is the Value of Freedom if You Don’t Use It? BWW113.” In that talk, Doug gave an illustration about filling yourself up as the means to get out there and grow the business. He used a pitcher of water and continued to pour water into it until it was overflowing onto the stage. He said that the tapes and functions are like the water. When your ‘pitcher’ (you) is full, the positive will flow out of you and you will simply be sponsoring people left and right. The point was to listen to tapes and tapes and tapes and books and books and books and functions and functions and functions until the positive was oozing out of you and falling on everyone around you. Jack starts his talk by saying that Doug was not talking to him, because his pitcher is full.

Jack has not worked in 24 years.

Cult-like aspects:

Magee is talking about her friends and says that with the exception of a few people here and there, she does not have any friends outside of the business.

“When you earn the right to cross this stage, you earn the right to say what’s on your heart.”

“We have some people in our group… [they are wearing a] button that says ‘A Million Dollars by March 31st 2003’ and underneath it says 6-6-3.”

Bill Britt is continuously referred to as ‘The Master’ in this tape. [Bill is the guru at the top of the organization. This over-edification of this man is one of the main points that points to the cult-like behaviour of this group.]

“Your going to hear The Master speak tonight. He has set up an educational system to help you recognize the rest of your potential. We have this in terms of functions; we have it in terms of books and tapes. Are you taking advantage of it?”

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

According to Magee, we are all given dreams by God [to be successful] because God never intended us to be bound in slavery [to a job]. [Work is not a dirty word, nor is it a bad thing. A common thread in this business is that work is bad. If you read Genesis 2:8-15, you find that Adam was created and placed into the Garden of Eden to work it. This was a pre-fall thing. Also, if you look into the bible, and please note that Word-Faith people are very Old-Testament Covenant minded, the bible says to work 6 days and rest the 7th, it does not say to rest 6 days and work the 7th. Our work is part of our worship and faith before God. The New Testament principles of work are here.]

“The image you have of yourself is a false image” – Jack asks everyone to take out a blank piece of paper, which represents your life when you are born: a blank slate, an empty computer hard drive, etc. Everyone is to fold the paper down as small as possible and then scribble on the exposed paper which represents the stresses in your life. Now, open up the piece of paper. The point is that what we see is only a tiny fraction of our life and the rest of our person that we do not see is still pure. [This is nothing more then Pelagianism, which is a heresy that was condemned in 400ish AD. It made a comeback in the 1500’s (semi-Palagianism), and it is now at the cornerstone of Word-Faith as well. In short, it is a belief that deep down inside, we are all intrinsically good and it is our life situations and environments that caused us to repress what we truly are. If we work at it, we can make a comeback and realize that we are great. The reality is that down to our core is wretchedness, but in the love and grace of God, He can cause us to be re-born. To see what truly lies in the human heart, look at Mark 7:21-23. Romans 3:10-18 tells a little more about the condition of us:

10as it is written,

We can be made by God into the creatures of love that we were created to be, but the point stands that it is not buried deep within us; it is simply not there without the grace of Jesus Christ. Read the Gospel of Jesus Christ to see why this happens. It was implanted with love and with love we must live.]

Jack begs everyone to be discontented (see below, “Jack says that doing…) [This teaching is in exact opposition to a very clear teaching in the bible. Read 1 Timothy 6:3-10:

If anyone advocates a different doctrine and does not agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine conforming to godliness,
he is conceited and understands nothing; but he has a morbid interest in controversial questions and disputes about words, out of which arise envy, strife, abusive language, evil suspicions,
and constant friction between men of depraved mind and deprived of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain.
But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment.
For we have brought nothing into the world, so we cannot take anything out of it either.
If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content.
But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.
For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

As we can see, contentment, not discontentment, is the path to peace, joy, and Godliness. While Jack is correct that discontentment is the path to desire, desire is not necessarily something that we should be seeking for. There is another word for desire: Covet. Covetousness is certainly not endorsed by the bible.]

Teaching Points:

Magee lists some things to complete your life:

  • Someone to love
  • Something to do
  • Something to care about

In her opinion, this last point is Quixtar (with BWW) which will “wrap up and fulfill the rest of our lives.”

Jack says that doing this business cones down to desire, the first part of desire being discontent. The main thing that is keeping you from being discontent is that little square on the paper with the life stresses on it (see above, “The Image…”)

Other Notes:

A good point of this tape is that Magee edified work ‘while you have to be there’, and teaches that you should enjoy it. [Unfortunately later, Jack totally destroys this as he seriously downplays work and even the people that chose to keep doing that.]

“We are in the hunt big time, I tell you every single day we do this business. You may think ‘why is a diamond doing this business every day?’ Because we got big dreams, we got bigger dreams.” – [So much for retirement!]

Jack promotes a 6-6-3 model that says get six people that come to a function with you, then get six for each of those and then get 3 for each of those. It is slight modification of the BWW plan which is get 6 wide, get 4 for each of those, and 2 for each of those (6-4-2 plan). Of course, jack promotes that his 6-6-3 people only count it they are attending functions with you.

About the system:

  • Jack talks about book of the month and then criticizes everyone that is only reading one book, calling the Book of the Month program doing the minimum.
  • Tape of the week is done the same way. He says that you should be buying more tapes than that. He says to use the business to finance it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #11



Video Summary:

Once again all the ladies pile into the jewelry stores. Each couple is separate from the others and the video is staged as a slap-stick comedy. The woman is looking intently while the husband is overplaying the role of looking bored. Then the cells phones come out and all the guys call each other and repeat the same phrase to each other, “Watching my wife, spending some money. After the Extreme Freedom Team (minus Larry) exchanges all that, they move to the classic telephone play off of ‘Scary Movie’ with the annoying “Waz UP! Larry finally ends it with his statement, “I just dropped 40 grand on my wife at the Jewelry store. The next part just might qualify as the scariest thing I have ever seen as all the guys sequentially scream “blahh” with their tongues out right into the camera.

I mentioned in a previous post, this video was edited. The original had this ending:

At the end, a slide says, 'Diamond, Be Wiser' (looks somewhat similar to a Budweiser sign), and then it says ‘Break Six’.

But it was removed during editing.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Anniversary of Hope of Pain

December 16 marks for me an anniversary, a time on which my life hinges. Everything was thrown into chaos that fateful night, December 16, 2000. Some things that happened were good, many were bad.

Who was I?

Who was I before this night? I was me, a lonely college student, arrogant, prideful, and sinful. I could take the impossible course loads and live to tell the tale. My claim is fame is getting a GPA of 3.25 while taking Physical Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry II, Analytical Chemistry II, and Physiology. I am not a genius, though some people try to accuse me of that. Since I did so well, I became arrogant. Kind of like Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before destruction”, and a fall into destruction I would take. I studied hard, had few friends, had awkward social habits, etc. In short, I was dysfunctional. I had come from a home with a lot of bad elements. It was not absolutely terrible, but had more bad elements than good.

What got me in?

I entered ‘the business’ because I saw a way to interact with people. I hated people, but I was so alone. There I was at my sponsor’s house (he was my best friend, got in about six months earlier) and he was talking to another person about this thing as I watched. I was listening about how this was ‘my business’ and these are ‘my products’. I was sold on how much money I would make and that I could be a millionaire. I was the first one awake the next morning and I was in the kitchen alone eating Happy Days cereal (Quixtar’s version of Lucky Charms). I was thinking about the implications of joining this ‘business’. I understood the concept of not buying other peoples’ products if I had my own business, so I was pondering what it would be like raising a child in an environment where General Mills is not a name brand, but Critics Choice is. I wondered if it mattered. I did not see ‘The Plan’ again; it was six months since I saw it and it didn’t make any sense to me then. I had to leave early, but told my friend to stop by that night.

That night, I was visited by my soon-to-be sponsor. He never showed me the plan, but drew out the ‘8 Team Player Steps’ (There was a 9th added shortly after). He then told me that 97 out of 100 people I talked to would not get in. He also told me that many of the people would be negative about it. He asked if these 97 people would keep me from my dreams that were written on that paper: a big yellow legal pad and a red felt pen. I only had about $60 in my checking account (and no debt except a very small student loan). He got me in by ordering the required literature, but not the product pack. I remember him saying that he will have to explain that to the upline.

I went to a meeting (Team Training), and they promoted another meeting (Winter Conference; ‘Dream Weekend’), then they promoted another and another. Even though I saw no results, they said to keep going to meetings. They explained that some people get in and succeed right away and that others, it takes a while before a ‘take off point’. It goes like this:

Picture a line that is straight and flat, then, at a certain point, it angles up at a forty-five degree angle. They explain that the flat period is a certain unknown amount of time that a person has to be in the system ‘growing’ until they reach that take off point and start to succeed. They teach that any person who stays in long enough will reach that point.

I was floundering in that I was doing everything they said to. I was getting praised for listening and reading. I received receipts for tapes and books that said, “Tool flow = group growth; Keep up the good work! I was pondering if I should take an account of my business, but there was a John Maxwell book on the booklist and I remember it saying not to quit at a low point. Of course, John Maxwell is a Pastor! His work MUST be good. I decided not to quit, but to ‘keep doing what I was doing’, despite ‘insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results’. I was trapped by my own mind. If I stayed, it would cost me thousands of dollars, but it would all be worth it because I would strike success suddenly and pay it all back in less than a year. Or I could quit, and be branded as a loser. I also had to ponder the words of Rex Renfrow: “Why would God NOT want you in this business; you have time, money, and are helping people”. Therefore, I would be turning away from God if I left, and I certainly didn’t ant that.

I made some friends in this business…I think. My best friend is a still a friend. I met one other person that I still talk to. Most of the people, since I left, they have not contacted me. I have seen a few in passing, they keep telling me about how good they are doing. I am reminded of a story: All this positive great thinking is what I used to spew forth (I am not saying to be a negative nanny here, but there is a boundary you shouldn’t cross). I bumped into an acquaintance at one point in time and he asked how I was. I said, “GREAT”. He asked enthusiastically what was so great, but I truly didn’t have an answer. I knew at this point that I was simply lying. Things were not bad, but they were not GREAT either. The rest of my downline had just quit, I had no money, more was being spent on tools than I made, work was manageable, but difficult.

I ponder the question even today if it was in this business that I came to Christ? Here is the evidence for:

I was in a meeting where the man on stage was preaching about similar to the Gospel. I was not listening, but I was moved to cry for hours and know that Jesus Christ was Lord. I started to read the Bible and even noted some changes to my life, starting with being nice to people.

Here is the evidence against:

I still tried to do things all on my own, rarely prayed, did not enter a church for almost a year, and filtered information from the Bible through teachings of ‘the business’.

I do not know the answer to this question, and I do not think that anyone else can answer it for me. My current belief lies in an exposition from James. In that book, the second chapter, he talks about the fact that demons believe in Him. The difference is that the demons do not put their allegiance to Him. This is one of three categories that people fall into. The first is to believe in and have faith in Jesus Christ. These are the saved Christians. Next, there are those that know that Jesus is Lord, but they do not have faith in Him. The last is those that do not know that Jesus is Lord. The latter two categories are not saved. They are not Christians. I believe it is the second of these groups is what Jesus had in mind in Matthew 7:21, “Away from me, you evil doings, for I never knew you”. They look like Christians, but their foundation is the sand (world) not the Rock (Christ). How do I reconcile this? I hold that day, January 7, 2001 as the point of my salvation, for lack of another day. Just as we selected a day to celebrate the Birth of Christ (December 25th), I chose to celebrate my salvation on January 7th.

Where did I go from here?

Somewhere in the middle of my stay in BWW, I started to study doctrine. I noticed too many inconsistencies to continue to brush them under the rug. It was later that I would discover that the whole system is built on the sand of the Word-Faith movement. Sadly, this movement is the driving force behind a lot of mega-churches, and even many best selling ‘Christian’ books.

The discrepancies I found:

  1. God wants you to be rich – They take this argument straight from Health and Wealth theology. It basically says this: God wants you to be rich (Deuteronomy 27-28; 3 John 2). God will give you anything you ask for (John 16:23-24). The reality is that although God loves his people, it is not about life in the here and now. That is a speck of time, a relative zero with the span of eternity. Further, it is not about you, it is about God. In the pursuit of working for Him, preaching the true Gospel, ministering out of love for Jesus, you will receive joy, blessing of unknown source. This blessing will not be to fulfill your carnal pleasures, as it was in BWW, it will be a blessing much deeper. God does not want you to be rich; He wants you to be faithful. That means that if you have a choice between God and money, you take God. In BWW, the evidence is out there that money is the God.
  1. God wants you to do this business because you will be free, be helping people, and have money. After all, it is money that sends preachers, prints bibles, etc. – God does not want you to pursue riches. If that were the case, there is only one potential good character in the New Testament: Philemon. Everyone else that had money in that time are harshly condemned by the book of James among others. Further, this business has only 5 in 2000 people making the Platinum level (typically the ‘break even point’ for those fully committed to the system) according to Quixtars own numbers. Are you really helping people make money, or are you lining your own pockets at the expense of others? Freedom? Even if you make it to the ‘promised land’ of Diamond, you have to work 40+ hours a week just to maintain it. You still get to sleep in, as they all have destroyed their alarm clock: I have a way that EVERYONE can do this: WORK SECOND SHIFT. This is exactly what the Diamonds are doing. Perhaps they make more money than working second other places, but what is the source? Often times exploiting other people for the tool money. The last part of this argument comes from Russell Conwell who authored ‘Acre of Diamonds’. Although it is true that the money does all those things, God does not need your money, He needs your heart. When your heart is in place, your faith is in place, everything else will be as well. This was used by Rex at the conclusion to every talk I ever saw him give. It is designed to scare you from quitting. On a previous post, I wrote about a tiny fraction of the biblical basis for wealth. I will repeat it here due to it’s importance:
  • Read Matthew 19:16-22. This passage does NOT mean that a person must give everything away to be saved (yes, there have been apostic theologies called ‘poverty Gospels’ which teach this). In this verse, Jesus is testing just how well this young man kept the commandments. In fact, he failed the first one. This man loved his money more than God, which is why he went away grieving. For him, his property was worth more than his soul. POINT NUMBER 1: Money is a problem when you put it before God.
  • Next, read 1 Timothy 6:3-6. In this verse, we see the problem with using the platform of Godliness to gain material goods. In the last part (vs. 6), we see that contentment, not dreams, is the way to gain. Contentment and dreams are two opposing sides of the spectrum. POINT NUMBER 2: Contentment is the path to sound living.
  • Next, read 1 Timothy 6:9-10. It is clear from observing the BWW system that a total all consuming love for money is the motivation behind the actions. POINT NUMBER 3: When your focus is earning money, you are subjecting yourself to great temptations for practicing evil.
  • With these points in mind, I want you to know that having money is not a sin. Going on a good vacation, having a nice car, a nice house, etc, are not sins. The problem arises when you use a deceptive system of mind control to fleece people out of hard earned money so that you can buy a whole lot of things to motivate people to do more of the same.
  1. Total edification of the upline – Many people in the business talk about how close to perfect their uplines are. In reality, we are all in the same sinking boat, not perfect, nor even approaching perfect, but many of us are redeemed, will be resurrected into perfection. Anyone claiming near perfection for themselves or their superior will have a lot of answering to do before the throne of God.
  1. Many of the people in the business give the glory of their marriage, money, even salvation to the business – God is the sole owner of all that praise and glory. It is not the business that gave it, it is God. The glory goes to God. Of course, if you were to confront people on this point, they will of course say that it was God who led them to the team. The problem is that the team get confused as to which Gospel to share: Jesus Christ or the Plan. The Plan is often the first one to be shown.
  1. Answering to another man (boss, etc) is frowned upon – We see a general disrespect for authority in this business (except the upline, who demands total obedience). The bible, however, tells us to be in submission to all authority because they are ordained by God. This even goes as far as being obedient to an authority who is wretched (so far as you do not violate a command from God).
  1. Play is better than work – This one I responded to on a previous post. This business produces a problem in a lot of people that work is a bad thing. Many people find aspects of work difficult, but the BWW (and other organizations) instill a hate for work, such that people want to do nothing but play. Genesis 2:15, God places man in the garden to maintain and be a steward over it. Part of this was the break on the seventh day (I do not affirm that Sabbath is a New Testament Principle, but I do affirm the importance of rest, [Colossians 2:16]). There are many passages pointing to this, but I will not take the time to list them all.
  1. There is a quote from a tape which the concept is popular – The quote is “Someone who does not fight with you in the battle, should not celebrate with you in the victory” and I analyzed the tape it came from here. This is very selfish. What about all the people that are rejoicing with the man who found his sheep (Luke 15:3-7)? What about those rejoicing with the woman finding the coin (Luke 15:8-10)?
  1. General covetousness – This business is very heavy on covetous behavior, but it is denied totally. If you address the situation, they have redefined covetousness to mean violating some other commandment to get something. They always fall on the percentage of income my car cost me verses their car cost them. They look at the absolute giving (they claim, but never verify despite verifying the expensive cars, houses, etc) verses from the heart giving that God is truly look for.
  1. There are many other points that can be made here, check the archives and index for more.

All these discrepancies facilitated my leaving BWW. If I only learned my lesson earlier, I would have saved myself a headache, a lot of pain, and over $25,000. I just pray that my experiences helps one person avoid a similar fate. This day marks the 5th year since I started my ‘Independent Business’ with Britt World Wide. In the end, I am only wiser, yet broker.

Peace in Christ,


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #10


Video: REASON #46

Video Summary:

This has to be my favorite video of them all. The video starts with the statement, “reason #46 to be free… The video pans to Doug driving the Porsche. He says 1st gear as he holds up a finger with a very large ring on. There are two phrases which become very important later as we will see. The first is, “Do not try this in your car.” And the second is, “Professional driver on a closed course”. He counts up with the large ringed finger 2nd gear, 3rd gear up to sixth gear. He screams out, “Oh yeah, Baby! The camera pans to the dash board to see the speed at roughly 125 miles per hour. He then screams, “Freedom baby!!” and then he takes both hands off the steering wheel holding two fists high up in the air still going the same speed. The camera person slips a bit and you can see cars going by. That is right, the ‘professional driver’ is Doug Weir (only he is not a professional), and the ‘closed course’ appears to be an interstate. Amie moves the camera onto herself and flaunts her looks and faces excitement into the camera. For whatever reason, they end it with the sound of police sirens as a clip says, “To be continued.

My thoughts:

Houston, we have a problem! We have some lying on board, this is clearly not a professional driver on a closed course. You can see that Doug is on an interstate. He is also clearly and deliberately breaking the law for the purpose of motivating you. The siren at the end is a nice touch. It shows a trend that I have observed in the Diamonds, as well as the plugged in rank and file people (myself included when I was plugged into BWW as deep as I was), and that is a rebellious attitude toward things. We have a command to be in submission to the authority be it the boss, the police, the law of the land. The only exception to this is if that authority asks you to break one of God’s commandments. In fact, I did comment on this case once with Doug Weir when I analyzed Radical Freedom. (It is the very last part of the post from the red to the light blue). 1 Peter 2:13-17 details honoring authority.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Merry Christmas to All

Hello everyone,

With Christmas comming up, I have a lot more things to do than usual, so i will be posting things on this site on a very random basis instead of by my regular schedule. Keep checking back for updates, but don't become discouraged if they are not up as quickly as they usually are.

Merry Christmas and happy whatever other holidays and/or breaks you observe in this time of the year.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Team Force - A Poem

A brutal tactic of sinful men

Arises and follows me again and again

They walk on up and start to talk…

They asked me about my family and friends

And about my job, and dividends

They got my number and called Sunday night…

“Are you looking to make some cash?”

“We have a fast growing team, just please don’t ask”

“We are meeting up in a hotel this week…”

I arrive that night in full attire

And they build up a dream for me to aspire

They filled me full of rhetoric…

They gave me a pack and scheduled a time

To meet back up and talk for a time

They pull out a yellow pad, and a bright red pen…

“Here are the things you need to do”

“Will these nine things keep you from you?”

“And the dreams you have for your family…”

“Let me ask you just one thing:”

“Are you serious about this thing?”

“Because there are some optional things to succeed you must do…”

“Here is a tape you should listen to,”

“And a book that will teach you what to do,”

“Attend this meeting over here tonight…”

“Listen to the leaders that have what you desire”

“Never question them; they are hot and on fire”

“They have succeeded at our wondrous dream…”

I really don’t agree with this thing we do

“Don’t you worry about it; just listen and do”

“Just get out and show one more plan…”

I really want the money they show

How do I get there, I need to know!

They already told me what to do…

I did the things they said to do

And nothing happened like I wanted it to

I worked as hard as I could possibly do…

Why didn’t it work? I asked of them

“You need to listen a little more, and then you will get the gem”

“Go out and get another tape, listen and do, keep it up…”

I found this site on the internet

It says the problems in stone are set

This team has some serious flaws…

“That’s ridiculous, they just lost their dream”

“They want to pull you down, that’s what it seems”

“This thing works, just look at the team…”

In the end, I realized

This team was just full of lies.

Let us get out and help others see,

The truth of this thing that seduced me

December 7, 2005

The Adventures of the Extreme Freedom Team #9



Video Summary:

This is one of the infamous Weir parties that started a large string of comments on Quixtar Blog. Read about it here. This video opens with a panning shot of the Weir estate. Doug is just now pulling in driving a Jag. There is a camera pan across the Jag, Escalade, and Porsche. Doug walks into the house and the music which started light gets thrashy. Doug and Amie prepare then the guests show. We see shots of people eating all sorts of delicacies around large rooms and the pool. There is a large game room in the basement where people are enjoying the pool table and several arcade video games. At the end, you see everyone piling into the private theatre. It ends with Doug saying, “We will have to see you guys next year.

My thoughts:

Again, this video is designed to show the extent of their wealth. I would like to take the time to say here that having the money or house is not a sin, nor do I look poorly upon it. My objection is in the way it was acquired and that it is more about flaunting the wealth rather than having it in humility.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Price Comparison on OTC Medications

Post removed in favor of one I wrote in Quixtar Blog:

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Secret is the Britt System

Tape: Secrets to Going Platinum

Speakers: Doug Weir & Jake Baker

Stock Number: BWW162

Recording Type: Teaching (contains the Winters team, or better known as the Extreme Freedom Team’s, secrets to going Platinum.)

Brief Review:

This was recorded at a Spring Leadership. Doug and Jake tackle the undertaking of teaching the secrets to going Platinum. Briefly, they are Look like a Platinum, Think like a Platinum, Work like a Platinum, and have the Volume of a Platinum. Two particular things that stand out: 1. The Britt System is the most critical part of going Platinum and 2. During the conversation on volume, the entire emphasis was on personal use and not one time did either of the speakers mention retail sales, member sales, clients, or anything of that nature.

Motivational Aspects:

Doug is currently a founders Diamond, on his way to Crown Ambassador, and he runs ruby volume every month outside of his Diamondship.

Jake is in second month of Diamond Qualification.

Cult-like aspects:

“You lose a little credibility when you bring your prospect up meet your upline Platinum and all the leaders at your open meeting are wearing suits, and they look nice, and they dress like professionals, their hair is trimmed like a professional…and yet you go up there and say, ‘hey, I am one of the next Platinums on the team’, and yet, you don’t even look like one of the next Platinums on the team.”

“What I did actually either took away from the team every week, or it added to the team every week.”

“You don’t end up tired the next day because of the sleep you lost because you had to stay out late, you are tired because you had to get up early. Yeah, you had to get up early for the job deal. You got to change that thinking from hourly to becoming and entrepreneur.”

Here is a very scary quote: from Jake, “When you are a blessing to the team, when you are supporting this team, I am going to tell you that the system will actually build your business for you. You have to learn how to have a game plan, and you have to learn how to counsel.”

“[People going Platinum] are independent thinkers within the game plan we’ve put together.”

Doug tells us that “the ones going Platinum the fastest are the ones that don’t move without communicating, they don’t make a decision without checking upline first.”

Another interesting point Doug makes, “When I was going Platinum, I could call Joe Markiewicz or I could call anybody that know me or my sponsor and you could hardly tell the difference between me and my sponsor because we spent so much time talking on the phone or being together and counseling that I started to talk like him…I have called and his wife thought I was him calling on the phone because we just picked up so many of the [characteristics].”

“Our system is so good. We got these nine steps, we’ve got this incredible Britt system, we know there are four habits: listen, work, associate, change your buying habits.” But he goes on that you need to figure out the unknown because you don’t have the same situations as the other people who came before you.

Doug is telling the story lifting up an IBO who drove three hours on a weeknight to attend an attitude, “so what if it is a three hour drive, so what if I roll in at four ‘o clock in the morning and lose a couple hours of sleep. I might get one little nugget from Larry Winters that helps my family be free for the rest of their lives.”

Jake tells us that we need a board and easel, literature packs, and other BWW tools in your car.

Doug pounds hard on personal use, suggesting that people are not getting in their business because they do not believe. Doug even tells people plainly to buy products they do not have a use for so that they can at least say they use it. Jake confirms with a joke about panty-hose.

Jake says, “this is the number one secret: The Britt System…You must learn how to promote and edify…if you will plug into it at all cost, it will give you life and a life of more abundance.” And Doug confirms, “I also figured out that the Britt System was the key, and if I was going to sponsor people, I had to have the books and tapes to get them started right.”

Jake makes the concluding remark, “It only takes one year to change your life with this Britt System. You go after it with all your heart and you learn how to become a Platinum through this organization and we will see you at the top.” And Doug make his concluding remark, “One thing every Platinum has in common…is they didn’t have a quitting mentality.”

Teaching Tips (how to go Platinum)

Your look is key. You must dress ‘successfully’, for men, you should not have facial hair. Tongue rings are certainly a no no. No long hair, no piercing, etc. Doug talks about wearing his ‘uniform’. “Dress a step above and better than the people you are around.”

You need to think like a Platinum. The meeting (open meeting) has to become yours in your own mind, not your uplines. Think like a business owner, not an employee.

You have to learn how to both counsel and game plan. “Game planning is sitting down and knowing what your goals are and getting with that mentor that has been there and done that…Counseling is more of the relationship side of the house.” (Jake), Here, he mentions ‘how is your life going’. Jake actually mentions everything in our lives during this discussion with the suggestion that you take any challenge or problem to the upline.

Follow the map of the BWW system.

Work! “Do you know how many nights a week it is? It’s 5 and 6 nights per week” [Interesting contrast to the 3 or more times per week that is shown in the BWW Basics manual (BBAS6/02)] The goal is proper structure. “Proper width, proper depth, proper thought process, proper pins, proper PV checks, and this all based on counseling and game planning with an upline.” (Doug)

Finally, we get to products. You must do 7500 PV. Jake says you need to get as much volume flowing though your house as you can. He says that you need to be the best example for your team about changing your house over quickly to totally Quxtar products. As Doug says, the whole business is based on duplication, so you should be doing the things you want duplicated by your downline.

Tapespeak for the BWW Language Enthusiasts

“Speak like a platinum and dress like a Platinum and you will become a Platinum” [Often quoted to people if they are not dressing right or talking right.]

“You can’t climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of a clown” [Apparently originated from John Huffstetler]

“Come early and stay late!”

“Your upline is not a trashcan with a hairy lid.”

“Every time you get into your car and go somewhere, something good happens.”

“Leaders don’t rest in their sponsors nest.”

Other Notes:

Jake starts out with the Quote, “How many of you out there would like to go Platinum and make an extra $50,000 this next year?” [Funny because on the Quixtar approved site, ThisBizNow, we read this little quote, ‘The average bonus and cash payments earned by a Q12 Platinum, an IBO who qualifies at the Platinum level all 12 months of the year, were $41,970. I should point out the difference between a ‘Platinum’ and a Q-12 Platinum’. According to the approved Quixtar stats, a Q-12 Platinum (qualifying 7500 PV all 12 months of the year) only makes $41,970, a regular Platinum (qualifies 7500 PV 6-11 months of the year) makes less than that, depending on the structure, potentially less than half of that that number. Is Jake misrepresenting the Quixtar numbers?]

Jake asks the question of Doug as a concluding point to ‘Dressing Well’ if it cots a lot of money to dress nice. Doug uses this time to promote Diamond Clothiers, which is yet another BWW affiliation. It is a clothing store that follows around the weekend functions. The Diamonds (Charlie Durso is the Renfrow model) promote this as a good place to get clothing. Trust me when I say that it is not cheap. Suits will average the $300 range for the cheapest they have. You can pull $35 polo shirts off the discount rack, and expect to pay over $20 for a tie. There are certainly cheaper places to buy your clothing. Of course, with this option, you can “support your Britt Team” as Doug says. The only other place Doug mentions for getting cheap clothes is the Store for More section on the Quixtar site. I will let you decide if Quixtar is an inexpensive place to do your clothes shopping. Here are links to the clothing sections, find the bold print on the list on the side and the categories will be under those. These are links to the open retail prices. To determine the ‘wholesale’ cost, deduct 13% from the retail price. Here are links to Mens, Womens, and Children’s sections.

Jake talks about following Larry Winters around wherever he went regardless of the distance he had to drive because it was yet another opportunity to ‘be around the leaders’.

Jake makes a funny little joke about Wal-Mart. He is saying that all the products you get in your business have points on them, but at Wal-Mart, they do not. He then says that Demons land on you at Wal-Mart and pull your self-image down. Someone in the audience screams, ‘tell it!’

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kool-Aid Drinking Critics #3

Greetings all you Kool-Aid drinkers, ex-Kool-Aid drinks, and prospective Kool-Aid drinkers:

This message will be a mosaic of a conversation between myself, and ProQuixtar. Apparently ProQuixtar did not like my post refuting Blusdrmr last week. This will be a cut and paste, so I will encourage you to read the whole post including the comment section to ‘Kool-Aid Drinking Critics #2’. I will post in the following format:

ProQuixtar first line of comments this color

My first line of Refutation this color

ProQuixtar second line of comments this color

My second line of comments this color

Definition of a hypocrite:

"a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he does not hold."

"one who puts on a mask and feigns himself to be what he is not; a dissembler in
religion. Our Lord severely rebuked the scribes and Pharisees for their
hypocrisy (Matt. 6:2, 5, 16). "The hypocrite's hope shall perish" (Job
The Hebrew word here rendered "hypocrite" rather means the "godless" or
"profane," as it is rendered in Jer. 23:11, i.e., polluted with crimes."

Also in Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

"a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion"

Which xanadustic, is quite fitting in your posts. Because your not being very christian-like, blasting other christian people. Which is to me, very hypocritical.


One simple verse for you:

1 John 2:15 - Love not the world, nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

The 'Christians' you are referring to teach people to love the world and the things of the world.

You are correct in showing that Jesus often rebuked the Pharisees. If you remember what a Pharisee was, it was a person who talked a lot about God, but their heart was far from Him. The evidence was rooted in their fruit.

As I clearly demonstrate in this blog, the fruit of BWW is deadly. If this is not a cult, why do major cult analysts say it is? If it is such a good system, why is it that only 5 out of 2000 people actually progress to Q-12 Platinum? If this is such a good deal, why does the 'optional' yet required system cost $2-5,000 per year for an average income of $115 per month?

If this business is so Christian, why do they promote self-fulfillment rather than self-denial, which the Gospel clearly is?

As a Christian, I have the responsibility to keep the faith pure by pointing out the errors of the way of apostic movements. BWW clearly is one such movement as evidenced by use of the scripture for self-fulfillment.

Why am I such a hypocrite? Why is it so wrong to use the bible in proper context to show why a system has strayed from the truth? Why do you assume that Diamonds have reached a high and holy state?

To answer your questions,

1)If this is not a cult, why do major cult analysts say it is.

Show me a 'major cult anylist' who says it is a cult.Also, show me thier business degrees, where they studied their info, who they got their info from. [I answered this on the very post this person is commenting to. The link is here.]
2)If it is such a good system, why is it that only 5 out of 2000 people actually progress to Q-12 Platinum?
It is a good system, how many people are trying for platinum? where are you getting your figures from? [I don’t know how many are shooting for Platinum, but I do know that most are going for way above that level: Diamond. Where are my figures from? Quixtar and ThisBizNow, just like I said in the post that this person commented on.]
3)If this is such a good deal, why does the 'optional' yet required system cost $2-5,000 per year? Where does it say that? if its optional as you say it is, why use it?
I wish I had a dollar everytime a critic mentions Do you have any other sources other than that? I would think you would be a fish out of water if that site wasn't available. [Once again, this link is here. I made an incorrect statement at this point, which the correction is below in pink. At any rate, I concluded at this point that this person clearly does not read because the three questions that I asked where indeed answered on my original post, I wanted some form of defense, but instead, he questioned my sources. I have heard many times in this matter as well as others that people keep using the same sources. The reason why is that they are accurate!]
With all due respects, please read my site before you are a critic. There is nothing more loving than the truth, which compels me to write this material. It is clear that you have not examined the facts.

All of your questions are clearly answered elsewhere on my site. To give them to you anyway (and sorry, you will need to research it, I have done enough), Steve Hassen is a formost expert on cults. Click on the LINK that says 'dangerous cults' on this post and you will be taken to his website where he uses his BITE model and characterizes involvement with an MO. Also, from information I have from communicating with those involved, Margaret Singer (who is about as top of the field as you can get), has testified in court about Quixtar and BWW before her death. I don't need to verify their credientials, look them up and they do a good job of it themselves.

Next, very few are trying for platinum, they are vastly overshooting that meager goal and going for Diamond, but fall on their face and barely reach 1000 PV. Again, your lack of reading my site is demonstrated because my figures are from Quixtar and it's affiliate website ThisBizNow.

Next, Amquix has accurate info, that is why I use it. BTW, he got his documention from Pyramid Scheme Alert, I believe
[This was an incorrect statement, as I understand it, Scott got his numbers directly from an accountant. I was thinking of the Tax Return survey from MLMs in general from, but that same person also has a link to other Amway tax returns which here. Sorry for my mix-up]. It is very funny how every single person who speaks out about the dangers of MO's talk about this very costly system (I appeal to any people reading this to confirm or deny this). Let me see YOUR profits and expenses documents. Mine are clearly detailed on this site, are yours? Can you clearly show me how much you made and how much it cost you and also how many other people in your network have made or lost? How much is the system according to you? Even more important, how much is the system if you are actually following it to the level that they teach to follow it.

Read my site again, I posted that information directly. I was very, very conservative and still came up with over $2,000 a year. Do the math and examine the facts clearly.

Well, I had fun with this one, I hope that you did, too. If you are researching this business because someone has asked you about it, please take this into consideration: There are a lot of people who ask legitimate questions backed up with facts, yet, the people defending this business tend to resort to personal attacks, character assassination, or the like. Please take the details on this and other sites into account. What these people are peddling is a pipe-dream. Chances are, you will never make it if you sign up. If you do make it, it will be for having a large group of people not making it in your downline. It is not consistent with sound doctrine, morals, or life!

Peace in Christ,


Thursday, December 01, 2005

My BITE and How I Escaped the Grip

Greetings everyone,

I found this among my documents and figured that with a bit of editing, it was a great post. What follows is a two fold post: The first is to explain the analysis of Steve Hassan’s BITE model with my direct team. I edited all the real names out of this, but this is exactly what I experienced. Steve did his own BITE analysis based on all his research and clients. His is probably a more general, being influenced with a mess of various lines of sponsorship (his is probably better). Mine is simply my own experience as it compared to the BITE model. The second purpose of this post is to detail the events that transpired my leaving of the Britt World Wide group. This is my experience, and may be different than other peoples; please comment below if you have a similar or different story about how you left!

This was originally written as a letter to two of my best friends and the ones whom I would consider my mentors in life. This was written as a primary confessional about my involvement in this cult, and it detailed why I left and where I go from here. Sorry for the length, especially since I post to this site several times a week, I understand that it is burdensome to keep up, but I also catalog things in the index so you can read by topic.

Keep in mind two more things as you read this: 1. It is very choppy because I was going by Steve’s bullet points; not even keeping tabs on grammar and 2. It was a letter written to two specific people.

Here is the start of the letter (I linked in significant points):

God’s grace is the greatest. Humility is the key. As James says, God is opposed to the proud and gives grace to the humble. God, in His grace, has showed me an issue that I am sure you knew about, but you let it go since I was growing in the Lord. The problem was this: The business system I was involved in is a cult; one of the more dangerous ones as far as impact. I will explain why it is a cult and how I was removed, and what I do now for a ministry.

The Cult Aspect

I will draw on Steven Hassan’s BITE model. First, many Christians have lost the concept of a cult since they only tend to focus on the religious aspects of a cult. All of them are dangerous to the person because they draw you away from the Truth. I will speak in the phenomenological about cults which are modeled in psychology.

There are four types of cults:

  • Religious. A religious cult is a cult system which emphasizes a way of “Spiritual Salvation” apart from Scripture. JWs, LDS, Moonies, The Way, etc. These claim to be the restored church and often use the Bible, however, they twist interpretations or add additional writings or their own special translations.
  • Political. These are cults that focus on using Politics to attend their means (Most cults actually do this). They tend to operate using threat tactics designed to keep the people in line. Like ALL other cults, they often have “phobia indoctrination” to scare someone from leaving the system. Political cults tend to be the most physically threatening. A good example of this is the “Operation Mayhem” depicted in the popular movie “Fight Club.”
  • Social / Therapeutic. These are often disguised as self-help groups or other non-affiliated groups of simply ‘friendships’. These and commercial are the least physically threatening to the body, but often the most psychologically damaging due to the fact that you simply can’t see the abuse. This could be compared to a dysfunctional home (which is often classed as a social cult) where physical abuse is not present.
  • Commercial. These are cults that focus primarily around business matters, making money, etc. This type of cult is often attached to Network Marketing businesses. Some cults infiltrate corporations though giving motivational lectures and can actually end up using the corporation to fill their ends without the company ever knowing it.

You can see why we have a problem on our hands. The modern church, being broken into upper story / lower story is only focusing on the religious cults while the rest of them are free to graze the landscape. Although the religious cults promote a “Spiritual Salvation”, all the cults promote a form of salvation.

Here is a very brief outline of Steven Hassan’s BITE model:

B- Behavior Control

I – Information Control

T – Thought Control

E – Environment Control

Here is a brief outline on how the Britt World Wide (BWW) system, which I was a part of, is a cult. It is paragraphed from the bullets of the BITE model, so it may appear to be graining; certainly not my usual style of writing.

Behavior Control

Since this is a ‘business’, there is a subset of ways to act and conduct yourself. Since this is a commercial cult, it is not forced, but if you want to succeed, you will do what the leaders tell you to since they are successful and you are not. These activities include how to dress, hairstyles, etc. These things are not intrinsically wrong; it is a healthy thing to conduct yourself in a kind and neat manner.

Next, there is a major time commitment for indoctrination. Some teachers in BWW literally say no music, it will not help you succeed, TV and news is bad. They also said at one point that the people on the front line serious about the business don’t need to worry themselves with anything in the world, if there is something you need to know, the leaders will pass it down on Kate (the voice mail system), contrast this with not worrying about the world in God’s eyes relying on Him, not a series of leaders in a system.

‘Counseling upline’ is critical. You never make a decision without first talking to people upline. If there are any bad feelings, thoughts, or anything else that you have, you never take those to anyone except your upline.

Rewards and recognition is critical in the system. You get recognized for the littlest of good behavior and then you get paraded around on it as an example. I remember when I received my 1000 pin, the Emerald sought me out to talk. I thought it was odd that he never talked to me before or after.

You ever do anything without checking upline first. This is of course since the system has been tried and proven; anything new may have been tried and therefore does not work. This also is the works based salvation system: The system works if you work it, therefore, if you do not work it, YOU are the failure. The group is always right, the individual is discouraged.

You need to be dependant on the upline. It is drilled into people that the upline is the only source that is good for you. The downline does not help you, only the upline. This is particularly interesting since all the money one gets is from the downline. Thus, they are trying to keep you from recognizing the true dependency. I recall my upline EDC constantly correcting my Platinum on this matter. The Platinum was a nice guy that wanted to give the credit to the group; the EDC would not stand for that.

Information Control

The leaders hold back information that would be useful to know. In my particular case, I found out two years into the system that I was charged sales tax on retail price, not wholesale. I asked about this and he said that it only amounts to a ‘few dollars’, so it is not worth the time. I thought about this and realized that if he is holding back this info, what else is he holding back? There are a lot of things they are holding back, check the internet for these things.

It is discouraged to read news, listen to music, and especially read any critical information about the group. Such information is written by people who are not ‘enlightened’ to the truth of the business model. It is discouraged to spend any amount of time with people who have left the business, though in this commercial system, it is not an often talked about one. You should still see if they are interested in buying the products.

Everything is compartmentalized into insiders and outsiders. The members are told what is good and what is not. There is a booklist (interestingly, Word-Faith leaders Normal Vincent Peale, Robert Shuller, and Charles Capps are among the book list). There is also information that is restricted to the leaders. You get this information by doing all the performing you can and then being invited. The leaders are the ones who decide who needs to know what.

The system has a ton of information that the ‘successful’ ones will plug into. In the BWW system, this includes mostly tapes and some literature. There are a few books written by the insiders, but mostly they are taken from the outside and called ‘good’.

The use of goals and dreams are extensive. From the presentation of the plan to the core of every meeting is the dream. You talk about your dream all the time. This keeps you plugged into the system and moving along, often to your own demise. If you ever entertain the notion of quitting, your very own dreams are paraded in front of you. You are made to feel bad for wanting to give up all that good stuff.

Thought Control

The major component of success is to internalize the truth, that is, what they claim reality to be. The thoughts are made to be very black and white so that you are either on the good side (in the system) or the bad side (out of the system).

Implicit in thought control is the use of loaded language, a sort of sub vocabulary that people inside the system know. As such, I can listen to a person talk for a while and determine if they are involved in a network marketing business because they all tend to speak the same way, though there are different ‘dialects’ intrinsic to each system. There are such phrases as “Stinkin’ Thinkin’”, which was adapted from the outside, but is mostly a phrase used in these systems. There are tons of words, I don’t have a list of them at the moment.

A critical part of the thought control is to minimize thoughts that don’t promote being perfect, great, happy, or super. I can remember a crossline Q12 constantly saying “It doesn’t matter HOW you feel; if you are in here, you are SUPER”. What if some one just passed away? What if you are in serious health challenge? This is simply denial. When you encounter such thoughts, you use thought stopping techniques to minimize them.

Finally, there is no questioning the system or the leaders, since it is proven and the leaders are successful. If there is a disagreement, it means that you do not understand that issue yet and that is why you are not successful, too. When you come to the knowledge of that truth, this is when you will start to take off and grow.

Emotional Control

As mentioned above, the best way to emotionally control a person is to limit their range of feelings. Any feeling outside this range is bad and must be stopped with the thought stopping techniques.

Since the system is proven, anyone who is not succeeding is the one at fault. This keeps people emotionally down and dependant on the leaders to teach them how to have the good things in life. Guilt is used here. Wayne Callender said on a teaching tape that if a person comes to counsel and says that he is serious, Wayne will pull up the persons Ditto delivery (an automatic delivery system) profile and ‘see how serious that person is’ (After all, if you are truly serious, you will have 100-300 PV automatically shipped to you every month). He will use guilt to whip someone into line. He is not the only leader that does this, most of them do. If you don’t, you don’t understand that point yet, you get the idea. (Wayne Callender, “Man are you Ugly”, RJM26)

Identity guilt is very commonly used. As a person in my own downline told me once “I got to my house and looked and I thought, my father has worked hard all his life and this is all he has”. Identity guilt has the aspects of first, you are not living up to your potential (since you are not wealthy or you have a J.O.B. (a phrase used for work which means Just Over Broke, or sometimes Jackass Of the Boss; this is one of those loaded language phrases); Your family can’t help you since they don’t have anything either; Your past life is full of mistakes, so you need us to keep you in line; Your friends can’t help your bank account so you can’t trust them for good counsel; your thoughts, feelings, and actions will betray you. It all boils down to follow our system and all things will go well for you.

I already mentioned ‘phobia indoctrination’ which is instilling a fear about ever leaving the system. There are many, many forms of this in BWW, mostly how broke and sad you will be if you ever leave. The greatest example of this is the statement that I heard from Rex Renfrow at every single conference I attended: “Why would God NOT want you to do this; you have time, money, and are helping people. The point of this is to make you feel shunned by God if you ever leave the system.

How I was removed from the system

God certainly used a portion of this system for His will. I have said it before; God is so sovereign that He can even make use of our stupid choices. I guess I first started to break away from the system last August (2004). I had finished the bulk of the therapy work I was doing for my dysfunctional background, I was starting to work children’s ministry at boys club, just starting BB/BS work. There was another ‘attitude meeting’ from the Executive Diamond in my upline in Erie. I left work on August 27, 2004 to go up there, but the car had other plans, as it lost all power on the way. I believe that this is the will of God at work. I was able to get back home, so fortunately I missed the indoctrination meeting, whoops, I mean the attitude meeting. I was a little mad that I was ‘missing all that good stuff’. I took the car to the mechanic and he told me it was the transmission among other things, that for a 10 year old car, it would be better to get a new one. This is when I started to look for a car. I couldn’t buy a car with cash, so I had to finance one; there went all that money for the BWW system. The short end of it is that God broke me financially to get me out of the system. I was by this time listening to several different sermons by RC Sproul, Chip Ingram, Ravi Zacharias, and Adventures in Odyssey, so I was able to replace the tapes I used to listen to (the sermons were full of so much that I desired them other the system tapes). I was not able to make it to the next conference, and I was working in children’s ministry so much that I did not desire to build the business system anymore. [Also of note, the first few times that I listened to Ingram or Odyssey at work over the BWW tapes, I actually felt guilty.]

The next step came when I was sitting in the church lobby after club (It was February or March). I was talking to two kids before they both left. I simply did not get up yet when a person who is new to the church came over and introduced himself. I can’t remember the whole of the conversation, but I told him of some of the work I do and how many more plans I have for the work I do with dysfunctional kids, etc. He said “I have a business that can help you get those resources”. I was immediately turned off, and then I realized that he did the same thing that I used to do. This conversation started me into looking into all this in more detail.

Consequences of the BWW System

Looking back, I think about all the things that I did in the name of ‘business’ and it is very sad. The BWW is one of the worst because the System costs money to participate. Though it is ‘optional’, you certainly participate because you want to succeed. It is a classic catch 22. I got out my records and I found that I spent over $11,000 in four years on system expenses alone. BWW is what is referred to as a “Shadow Pyramid” by those studying these systems. The money is made by moving motivational materials through the network. I have found that many people have been hurt by this thing.


I have studied these Multi-level marketing companies and found that there are many problems with them. It is certainly not a Christian thing to do because you end up alienating many people on the way. After looking into these systems, I go online to discussion boards and tell about what they do (there are many people who do this, of course they are all viewed as broke losers by those still in the system thanks to phobia indoctrination). I take the particular stance of how these are against Christianity.

I have abstained from including scripture verses to support my view here because first, I know you are solid enough to understand what I am saying, and second, this letter is long enough. I am working on a totally detailed account of this situation that I assume is going to be long in the writing and page number [This has been completed and posted on this site here]. I plan to send that on to a whole host of online sources publishing data on these systems. God will be glorified in all this.

Peace In Christ