Monday, February 27, 2006

I Had Tapes to Get High on and Books to Get High on!

Tape: Free Enterprise is Alive

Speakers: Jim Brooks

Stock Number: BWW102

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This tape is a shortened edit of the classic tape, “Blue Light Special”. They edited out all the ‘A’ words (Amway) and made it a good motivational tape. This tape quickly became a favorite of many people, myself included, and it is often used for deep motivation because it is short and full of energy, I am talking about the kind of energy that someone has when they are gulping down Black Beauties and Mini-thins.

Motivational Aspects:

It’s 95% motivation!

“You’re looking at a 39 year old man that has been retired for four years because of the Free Enterprise System!”

Five years ago, Jim didn’t have a dream, he had nothing going for him, and look at him now!

“Free enterprise is like water in a bathtub: if you pull the cork on the water in the bathtub, the water’s going down the tub and if you pull the cork on free enterprise, America’s going to follow down the tube!”

“What we all are in this room today, we’re the plug to free enterprise!”

Learn to live like a child with adult responsibilities instead of living like an adult with child responsibilities.

Wow! There are two things that Jim Brooks CAN NOT do!!! He can not fail and he can not lie.

Jim thinks that he can do everything…my challenge to you, Jimbo, FLY…no airplane, just fly…make a bunch of food an give it to the poor, or save me from my sins…you can’t do ANYTHING without God, and I hope you realize that before you have to stand in front of Him.

Jim had tapes and books to get high on, so he didn’t have any wine to celebrate his last day of work. [I wouldn’t have had the wine myself, but high on tapes and books is just frightening!]

Cult-like aspects:

“Quit giving me all these excuses” Jim also keeps on repeating many other things like “If you think you are dumb, get smart, and a whole host of other things. [The implication is that we are not where we need to be and that we can get there by a matter of simply choosing it. Some aspects of our choices are true, but many are not. We simply have no control over some of the things that God gave us to work with. I am an academic, very few people can keep up with my ability to learn, organize, and teach, but if you want some good laughs, watch me play sports! I would be a fool to waste my time trying to be good at football, though there may be value in me playing a game from time to time.]

Jim splits people into dreamers and people who couldn’t dream.

“Your dream might to be walk into a room like this and affect someone who thinks he is a man” [what, is a person not a man if he is not in Quixtar or Amway?]

“I was a loser, but I’m willing to change!”

According to Jim, all we need to do is change our thinking and start talking positive and then success will start to roll in.

Jim encourages the crowd to challenge the mindset of working for a living and suggests that the Amway / Quixtar business is the true path to success and happiness.

God told Jim that He gave him a choice to be bound with chains around his neck [the job] or to be free.

BWW Tapespeak:

The man makes the dream then the dream makes the man

If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t like where you wind up

Whatever a persons mind can conceive and believe he can achieve because….

The only difference between a ditch digger and a millionaire is the way they think!

J.O.B. = Jackass of the Boss

It takes Guts to get out of the Ruts

The problem most of us are not on the stage is because of Stinkin’ Thinkin’

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired…

Wonderful Faulty Theology:

According to Jim, you must learn to love yourself before you can love someone else. He says that this is how to love yourself. “Take your hand right now and put it on your breast or your chest and follow me. Say, ‘I love me’ tell yourself, ‘I like me, I love me, I’m going Diamond, Period, that’s it. You gotta be able to do that Monday morning, Tuesday morning…every morning of your life. [The first part that you must learn to love yourself before you can learn to love others is mostly true, but I am far more concerned with the teaching of the second part. According to God, you need to recognize your utter hopelessness and need for God, then you will be able to humble yourself to accept the sacrifice of God. All men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and the wages of our sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life (Romans 6:23). Christ died on the cross to pay that penalty for us, but He warns that you must be willing to give this life on earth for Him to be considered worthy of Him. It is not about personal fulfillment, but personal denial. Only when that sacrifice is yours and the joy of the Lord is flowing onto you can you understand agape love. For more information, please read the Gospel of Jesus Christ.]

“You got to realize the best person in the world is you. Y – O – U!” [Dead wrong buddy…Mark 9:35 says “Sitting down, He called the twelve and said to them, "If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all."” The implication of this verse is that one must realize that we are not all important…in fact, believing that one is all important is a good step to selfishness and many other sins. Be very cautious of the advise of this man and others like him.]

“You got to develop love for you, you got to develop pride, you got to develop confidence.”

Apparently, God told Jim that He was going to help him become successful if only he developed guts. [Here is an edit from a previous post about money and the Bible:

I would like to point out the Biblical basis for wealth as it will be important while reading this series. The money is neutral. I am not using this post to preach a poverty Gospel, however, it is clear from the teachings of the BWW system that they are teaching a prosperity Gospel. To set it straight, here is SOME of what the bible says about money (there is a lot, I will pull out the relevant points here).

First, read Matthew 19:16-22. This passage does NOT mean that a person must give everything away to be saved (yes, there have been apostic theologies called ‘poverty Gospels’ that teach this). In this verse, Jesus is testing just how well this young man kept the commandments. In fact, he failed the first one. This man loved his money more than God, which is why he went away grieving. For him, his property was worth more than his soul. POINT NUMBER 1: Money is a problem when you put it before God.

Next, read 1 Timothy 6:3-6. In this verse, we see the problem with using the platform of Godliness to gain material goods. In the last part (vs. 6), we see that contentment, not dreams, is the way to gain. Contentment and dreams are two opposing sides of the spectrum. POINT NUMBER 2: Contentment is the path to sound living.

Next, read 1 Timothy 6:9-10. It is clear from watching [the Extreme Freedom Team videos] that a total all consuming love for money is the motivation behind the actions. POINT NUMBER 3: When your focus is earning money, you are subjecting yourself to great temptations for practicing evil.

With these points in mind, I want you to know that having money is not a sin. Going on a good vacation, having a nice car, a nice house, etc, are not sins. The problem arises when you use a deceptive system of mind control to fleece people out of hard earned money so that you can buy a whole lot of things, make videos about it, and post them to motivate people to do more of the same.

Other Notes:

Interesting that the ‘rebellious’ attitude that I spoke of with Doug Weir comes out in Jims talk. “I am sick of bureaucratic rules and regulations, I’m sick and tired of being taxed here and taxed there, I’m sick and tires of someone telling me what I can and what I can’t do.” This is totally against the norm of scripture where we are commanded to be in submission to authority whether a boss, police, government, etc. There is nothing wrong with working, in fact, as best I can remember, it was work six days and rest the seventh, not the other way around like the Diamonds always say. Paul carries that on in the New Testament as he works to support himself on his journeys.

He says “don’t give me that word ‘can’t’” in the context of driving a Porsche as fast as you want (see the above argument). He explains that you can go out in the Porsche and ‘zing down the road’ with the ‘largest room in the world… the room of self improvement’ while you listen to a Bill Britt tape and he gets you so fired up you can’t control yourself. You just need to buy a road that is a hundred miles long. Then you need to buy two cars and make them be police cars and hire some people that ‘couldn’t dream’ and put them in the cars and then they can catch up to you and you fire them and hire two new ones….I again refer you to the above argument.

Monday, February 20, 2006

1 Week Break

Greetings all,

I have a lot of things to do / catch up on this week, so I am taking a brief break. I will be back next weekend with the tape Free Enterprise is Alive, by Jim Brooks (This is an edited version of the classic 'Blue Light Special'). The next Building Your Quixtar with BWW post will be on contacting and inviting, and I hope to finish up Magic of Thinking Big in two weeks. I will be looking for suggestions for the next book. I have in mind to do Pro-Sumer Power since it is the recommened read on the Getting Started tapes or The Quixtar Price is Right, which comes with the BWW starter pack. Any thoughts?

If you have started to read this blog after I started it, take this week and go back through the archives and it will be like new! You can use the Site Index to search for specific BWW materials.

Have a good week, I will see you then.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Building Quixtar with BWW Part 3

BWW Basics Manual (BBAS 6/02)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 – The BWW Basics: Building Your business

Part 1 – List Building

This chapter is broken down into the ‘Four basics’:

  • List building
  • Contacting and Inviting
  • Showing the Plan
  • Follow-Up and Getting Started

This post will cover just the first basic.

According to this short section, you should “be proud of your business and share it with as many people as you can”, but of course they add that conditional to watch they are as ambitious as you are.

You should include people who are interested in both savings and making money. Never prejudge people that you think would be interested or not. They include a list of prospects to include on page 12 which basically includes every person you know, work with, and even see.

When meeting new people, you should always show genuine interest, then they will be interested in getting to know you. Use the F.O.R.M. acronym:

  • F – family
  • O – Occupation
  • R – Recreation
  • M – Message (often taught as Money)

There are a few tools that I want to explain before I give you a list of the recommended tools for this section:

  • PNA Sheet – The this the Potential Network Associate sheet. This is a carbon copy sheet that you fill out your list (up to 20 per page) that you keep one and you give your upline the other. I have seen these used to keep a list of a person after that person has decided not to continue in the business.
  • BLD – Building Your List Brochure – This is a ‘memory jogger’ sheet with a list of names on side and occupations on the other. The purpose of the BLD is to think of people you otherwise would not have thought of.

Recommended Tools:

  • RR102 – Getting Started with BWW and Quixtar ($7.50)
  • LPW81 – The Four Basics ($7.50)
  • RR103 – Prospecting Approaches ($7.50)
  • PNA – Potential Network Associates Worksheet ($5.00 for 25 forms)
  • BLD – Building Your List Brochure ($6.00; Quantity not listed)
  • LG671 – How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People (New Stock Code: EB7289 $12.95)
  • LG160 – Skill with People (no longer listed)
  • NC365 – How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People (New Stock Code: EB4 $7.99)


I understand that people are the basis of this type of business, and we need to keep that in mind as we proceed. On top of that, there is nothing wrong with developing ideas to further your business. If you opened a regular business on a street corner, you would certainly let people you know about it.

That being said, there are a few problems I would like to address. The first being the comment about talking to people at “your ambition level or above”. I have already responded in a previous post to comparing ourselves to others, as this chapter teaches. Here is what I wrote regarding Magic of Thinking Big Chapter 4:

When the author is talking about assets and comparing your assets to that of someone else, I was reminded of a passage of scripture. This is from the Book of John, 21:20-22

Peter, turning around, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following them; the one who also had leaned back on His bosom at the supper and said, "Lord, who is the one who betrays You?"
So Peter seeing him said to Jesus, "Lord, and what about this man?"

22Jesus said to him, "If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!"

In this passage, Peter is questioning Jesus about the life of John. You can read the response to that question above. We must remember that each person has his own gifts from God; we don’t need to compare ourselves to anyone else for anything at all.

Next, among the people that are listed as people to put on your list are “People who said, ‘No’ to the business and are not using the products. It is taught on some of the tapes that if a person says ‘No’ to the business, you always ask the people to buy the products they will be embarrassed to tell you ‘No’ twice. As far as I am concerned, the people know you have the business, if they have seen the IBO business plan than they know what the products are, so you should let them come to you if they want to buy from you.

Next, I have commented somewhere, though I do not recall where, that you can not be ‘genuinely interested’ in another person if your purpose of the conversation is to prospect him for your business. Those are two mutually exclusive points that can not co-exist: You are either taking a genuine interest (which is inherently neutral) or you are prospecting, so which is it?

Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3
Chapter 2.4
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Remember the Feeling You Have in the Core of Your Gut

Tape: Poised for Major Growth

Speakers: Ed & Elise Vicinanza

Stock Number: BWW225 (2 Message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Sorry this is brief, but with a 13 minute tape, not much can be said. In short summary, this was nothing more than motivation. It was on Sunday afternoon at an FED, probably near the end of the weekend. Ed & Elise are motivating speakers and totally committed to the Britt team. They are Diamonds, downline of Ray & Joanne Melillo (EDC) and Angelo & Claudia Nardone (EDC).


“Clear your deck and do whatever it takes to do those 9 core steps.”

They keep talking about their lifestyle video and crying over how wonderful it is.

Take what you have been given as a gift this week (the business), and within 24 hours, you need to sit down and have a talk about commitment in this business.

Elise talks about just doing the steps. [First it was the 8 core steps, then it is the 9 core steps, now Elise talks about the 9 core steps and then some.]

“Get a big babysitting list.”

Ed talked about this being the best function he ever attended (a common phrase heard at every single BWW function), with the only exception being the second function he was ever at when “I heard Angelo [Nardone] give the 2-5 minute plan and I went forward”. [That is BWW talk for Angelo preaching a message on Sunday morning and offering an invitation to go forward. I would caution about organizations that give such calls to ‘come forward’ and then try to say that everyone is saved. To be sure, some will be, but read Matthew 13 to get the parable that Jesus gives in direct relation to this event. While you are in Matthew, look at Matthew 7 as well.]

Identify what you want once and for all.

You need to sit down with your growing upline and learn once and for all what everyone on stage learned: The power of Submission, the Power of Unity, and the Power of the Spoken Word. I reviewed these three points on a previous post at the bottom of the page.

Here is the bottom line teaching point that Ed leaves us with: “Have another meeting”.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Find a Way to Get What You Want

Magic of Thinking Big

David J. Schwatrz

Chapter 10 – Get the Action Habit


There is a shortage of top-flight, expertly qualified persons to fill key positions (pg 165)” is how this chapter begins. This chapter will be arguing that the most missing component of good workers is the ability to get things done.

The author states that “everything in this world…is just an idea acted on. The premise of this statement is that ideas must come to action to be useful.

The author again asks us to look at ‘successful’ and ‘average’ people. He calls attention to a trait where by the ‘successful’ people are active and are called ‘activists’ while ‘unsuccessful’ are passive and are called ‘passivationists’. The author calls us to categorize these people (pg 166):

Activists get things done, whether it be a vacation, going to church, getting notes passed on, starting a business, in short, activists do things. Passivationists, on the other hand, also agree that these are all good things, but he finds a way out of them. The reason listed is that the passivationists wait until everything is 100% perfect before they begin things and that is not possible to achieve.

The author gives a few case studies. The first details a man who is not married but wants to be. This person wanted everything to be so perfect that he wrote up a contract detailing all aspects of the marriage. Obviously, he is not married. (A passivationist) (Pg 167-8)

The next case study covers a man who really wants to get a new house, but does not know how to find the extra money. He really wants it because other people his age are getting new homes and there is no reason that he can not as well. He cuts the budget and goes to get extra work to afford his new home. (An activist) (Pg 168-9)

The final case study here talked about a man who had landed a comfortable job, but wants something more. He had the knowledge and experience to start his own business, but he kept having set backs including new children, lack of money, restrictions, etc. (A passivationist) (Pg 169-70)

The author lists two steps to acting without perfect conditions (Pg 170):

  1. Expect future obstacles and difficulties. Although you plan and prepare, you expect difficulties to arise.
  2. Meet problems and obstacles as they rise. When the above difficulties arise, handle them.

Since this chapter focuses on activity, it merits a discussion on ideas, since those are the substance of the action. The author lists two thoughts for the reader (Pg 171):

  1. Give your ideas value by acting on them.
  2. Act on your ideas to gain peace of mind.

You can see how this chapter relates to Chapter 3 in that action will cure the fears of a major step you want to take.

Here are some other suggestions the author gives to develop the habit of action:

  1. Use a mechanical way to accomplish simple but sometimes unpleasant business and household chores.” (Pg 174) This is to do something instead of think how much you don’t want to do anything.
  2. Now is the magic word for success. Tomorrow, next week, later, sometime, someday often as not are synonyms for the failure word, never.” (Pg 175)
  3. Get the ‘Speak up’ habit.” (Pg 177) You will gain strength every time you speak up in a meeting where your opinions are asked for.
  4. Tell yourself, ‘I’m in condition right now to begin. I can’t gain a thing by putting it off. I’ll use the ‘get ready’ time and energy to get going instead’” (Pg 178)
  5. Be a crusader. When you see something that you believe ought to be done, pick up the ball and run.” (Pg 179)

Christian Response

With regards to this chapter, I will place in the forefront that action is certainly the mechanism of work. This is certainly a biblical truth frequently found in Proverbs. My objection with this chapter is the pragmatic approach and the love for worldly success. With that in mind, here are the objections I have to the practical wisdom given in this chapter.

First, I have already responded in a previous post to comparing ourselves to others, as this chapter teaches. Here is what I wrote regarding Chapter 4:

When the author is talking about assets and comparing your assets to that of someone else, I was reminded of a passage of scripture. This is from the Book of John, 21:20-22

Peter, turning around, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following them; the one who also had leaned back on His bosom at the supper and said, "Lord, who is the one who betrays You?"
So Peter seeing him said to Jesus, "Lord, and what about this man?"

22Jesus said to him, "If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!"

In this passage, Peter is questioning Jesus about the life of John. You can read the response to that question above. We must remember that each person has his own gifts from God; we don’t need to compare ourselves to anyone else for anything at all.

Next, regarding the advice to act and figure out how to make things work, I will remind you that to follow God, you should be content with your needs (1 Timothy 6:8), not running around trying to get another house or car because other people your age have them. That is not wise living.

I would encourage everyone that to follow the teachings of this book will lead you down a path of destruction. To seek after worldly things often leads to sin (1 Timothy 6:10). I wish to save you much grief, not because I want to see you fail, but because I want to see you holy. There is nothing wrong with a good job, and you should be doing the very best that you can do on that job. There is also nothing wrong with getting excess money in that, nor is there anything wrong with buying things for yourself, but there is something wrong with loving things of this world and trying to endear yourself to pragmatic approaches to get all you want. It is not about our life here, but God who is beyond this life, and when we have a goal to get all sorts of toys for ourselves, it may be a reflection of our hearts.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Building Quixtar with BWW Part 2

BWW Basics Manual (BBAS 6/02)


Chapter 1 – Training and Support System

This chapter is broken down into four sections. I already detailed many of these points on previous posts, which I will link in the respective sections.

  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Business Support Materials
  • Cutting Edge Technology Tools
  • A Proven System

Section 1 – Meetings and Conferences (See Types of Functions for more information)

Although there are actually more meetings than they list, the only meetings they list are Opens, Teem Meetings, and Major Weekend Functions. All of these and more are talked about in the link above. Prices for these are also in the link above.

Open meetings are held in cities all over US and Canada. According to the manual, these are best used for introducing a new person, or for a second look for a person who has seen a home meeting or a one-on-one. At the end of the Open meetings is a training session for IBO’s which allows training to people across the country.

Team meetings are held monthly or bi-monthly. These are great for teaching new IBO’s about the basics of building the business.

Major Weekend Conferences are “where thousands of IBOs come together to learn success strategies. These meetings are held by the most successful business leaders and will diverse enough to relate to any person that goes to a weekend meeting. Most successful IBOs will tell you that their biggest revelations about succeeding in this business came from something they learned at a Moajor Weekend Conference.

Section 2 – Business Support Materials (See Types of BWW Tools for more information)

Standing Order Tape Program is a weekly tape offered to each IBO on the team as a cost effective way to train the whole team.

Book of the Month Program is selected by the committee and most of these will be new releases “available to you before being offered through retail outlets.

The lamplighter is a free publication with articles relevant to BWW business which includes schedules, new materials, and stories about lifestyles of high level IBO’s.

Section 3 – Cutting Edge Technology Tools (See Types of BWW Tools for more information)

Online Support is an internet service provider available (dialup) internet. It is well priced at about $15 per month.

IBO Business Websites (these were replaced by One Domain) give a “professional Online Presence with your own personal IBO Business Web Site.

Communikate is a communication system to keep in touch with upline, downline, and contacts. It can store 2000 contacts, screen calls, send/receive faxes, and more. The scary thing is that the Goads actually wrote a song to promote Communikate. It was featured on the business songs album “The Dream” (Note that if you did not know it, The Goads write songs about building Quixtar for sale to BWW IBO’s.)

Section 4 – A proven System

“If you are going to build a strong income through your personally-registered groups, this system will prove to be invaluable.”

“Please understand that you are not required to use any aspect of this system. It is available for your use, as you see fit, and as your business budget dictates.”

Recommended Tools

  • GS1 – What to Do Next
  • PM137 – The BWW System: Education for Financial Freedom (Snipes)
  • RR102 – Getting Started with BWW & Quixtar (Taylor)
  • RJM23 – Get Plugged In (Grogan)
  • RR101 – The BWW System (Durso)
  • RC41 – Owning A Business System (Bell)


I pretty much covered an analysis of these points on my previous posts talking about the basic teaching and tools. Those links are:

Types of BWW Functions

Types of BWW Recordings

Types of BWW Tools

I will not take a whole lot of time talking about things I have already covered, but I can talk about a few things new.

First, I will draw your attention to a few comments from tapes that I already posted an analysis:

From Are You Discontented?, I write:

About the system:

  • Jack talks about book of the month and then criticizes everyone that is only reading one book, calling the Book of the Month program doing the minimum.
  • Tape of the week is done the same way. He says that you should be buying more tapes than that. He says to use the business to finance it.

From Secrets to going to Platinum, I quote:

Jake says, “this is the number one secret: The Britt System…You must learn how to promote and edify…if you will plug into it at all cost, it will give you life and a life of more abundance.” And Doug confirms, “I also figured out that the Britt System was the key, and if I was going to sponsor people, I had to have the books and tapes to get them started right.

From Keep Your Dream, I write:

There is some controversy over what the functions are actually for. Many system IBO’s will say that this is about ‘teaching’ and ‘training’, but Terry even brings up in this tape the issue that they DON’T talk about such things (except that they will talk about it the next day for a bit). He emphasizes that they talk about the ‘why’ to build the business, i.e. motivation. So in effect, people are constantly buying into a system that gives them nothing new but new stories of motivation and very little else (I think I have 2 tapes on products, about 15 on basic mechanics, which all contain the same information, and about 500 tapes on basic motivation.)

Next, I would like to point out a few rules in the Quixtar Rules Compendium:

Rule 7 (Business Support Materials)

In the body of this basic point, we read, “IBOs who choose to sell or distribute SM must emphasize that the purchase of SM is strictly voluntary”

Rule 7.5.3 states “IBOs who choose to sell BSM shall not say, suggest, or imply that the use of any such materials will guarantee success”. Please contrast this with the exact quote from above: “If you are going to build a strong income through your personally-registered groups, this system will prove to be invaluable.”

7.7. Limiting Expenditures: “Each IBO who chooses to purchase or sell BSM must ensure that the quantity and cost of BSM are reasonably related to the sales volume and profits of that IB.” There is an exact quote from many tapes that says, “If your car is running out of gas, do you take gas out or put gas back in? The tools are the gas of this business, if you are not doing well, don’t stop your tool flow, you need to increase it”. I first heard this quote from Kumar, but I have since heard it in Nardone’s group as well.

7.8.2. “Each IBO who chooses to sell tickets to seminars, rallies, and other meetings is obligated to buy back tickets purchased for the purchaser’s personal use for a period of 30 days after the event, provided the IBO attended the event.”

Concluding Remarks

Although one little sentence in this manual suggest that tools are optional, the overall teaching of the system is that they are required. Please heed the rules above regarding this, particularly the rule 7.7, you should not be spending more money than you are making, however, the speakers always belabor that it is not spending, but rather, investing. Take note that 85.9% of the tapes I have are all about motivation. They are not teaching you through this system, they are making you the ultimate and repeat customers that fill their pockets with money month after month.

Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3
Chapter 2.4
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Getting Started on Quixtar Inside and Out Radio

Greetings everyone,

I recorded the first analysis of a tape on audio. Go over to Quixtar Inside and Out Radio for a discussion on the tape Getting Started (GS1) from the Britt World Wide Getting Started Pack.

They teach in BWW that this is the best way to get a new IBO started, all for the low cost of $95, you will get the 4 Getting Started CDs (GS1, GS2, GS3, and GS4), a flipchart, the book The Quixtar Price is Right, by Bill Quain, some brochures, and a few other odds and ends.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Saw the Coliseum Full of People and I Realized I Was Not The Only One Who Was Nuts

Tape: The BWW Team

Speakers: Ray & Joanne Melillo

Stock Number: BWW225 (2 Message CD)

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’


“When you are free, you get to wake up when you want, unless you are on the Britt team and we are here to serve.”

You are the magic of the Britt team. The 9 core steps that the people are doing to go eagle are what the big pins are professionals at.

Joanne tells us that everyone in Britt have the ultimate coach in Bill and Peggy Britt.

“You are on a championship team. You’re not just part of the farm system, and the farm system is essentially the 2-5 year plan. The bottom line is: You’re going pro. If you want to go pro, you are going to stretch those muscles and pay the price and come to the practices.” (Note that she is using a sports analogy).

Joanne suggests that after going to her first weekend conference, she saw all the people who all thought that it was a good thing, so she concluded for herself that it was a good thing.

Joanne says that they are growing because the people in this business are will to sow, water and reap. She uses a lot of biblical based analogy to talk about growing the business (mostly out of context I might add.)

“I just hope that you’re carrying the light everywhere you go and that you have chosen to separate yourselves and to be part of the farm system that’s going pro.”

An interesting comment came up where Joanne was at a sports game with her kids and they were all in the dugout getting reay to play the number one team when anther parent came up and wanted to know how everyone is doing. She said, “I am not asking you [Joanne] because we never get the truth out of you. Everything is always good, great, etc.” Joanne comments back (trying to be smart) “I know, don’t you hate people like that.” [Joanne is deluded at this point, it is not black and white ‘always grumbling’ or ‘always great’. There is a fine line between a positive attitude who is real and a faker just says ‘I’m great’ all the time.]

Ray says that all the great values of America are fading everywhere except in this BWW team.

“I’m not sucking up to no paycheck for 22 years and then getting laid off and taking a half pay for the next 22 until I get put out to the pasture at 60 and then live until 80 begging some relative to put up with me while I’m senile.” [Do you really want to follow a man like this? If you don’t want your relative to take care of you, properly plan for it. May I recommend Crown Financial Ministries?]

“I’m not interested in a 70% divorce rate.” [Really, this article from the NY times lays total waste to that thought. The divorce rate is actually getting better and at last count was 0.38%. The reason they said this is that one of the selling points of BWW is that marriages are saved.]

“I’m not interested in what America stands for unless America stands on the word of God and on the principles of honesty and integrity that I have learned from the Britt team.”

“Your boss is looking to drop kick you the first sign that his job is shaky and I don’t want anybody in here getting punted, so lets stand tall partner, lets stand firm, lets share the dream 5 nights a week, and lets come up here with a couple of dozen diamonds next year.”

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Do You Think I’m Here Speaking for Free?

Tape: For Your Information

Speakers: Charlie & Ann Durso

Stock Number: BWW271

Recording Type: ‘Basic Mix’

Brief Review:

This is a very disturbing tape. I am not sure, but I think it is a Spring Leadership. The tape detailed how much money is available by taking advantage of the BWW system. He talks about Emeralds and above making money from functions, One Domain, Communikate, SOTs, BOMs, speaker engagements, the Britt rally circuit. He does such a good job promoting the necessity of tools that he violate the corporations rules regulating them. He also brags about breaking the law by speeding in his car to impress the college age students he was driving with. He concluded with a very deceptive way to get a new person to a function.

Motivational Aspects:

They have “Others First” hanging up on the refrigerator to remind them to always help fill other people’s needs first.

Cult-like aspects:

“You need to be in Diamond Club just to be around them, just to see how they interact together.” At this point, Ann talks about being around Bill and Peggy Britt and watching how Bill serves Peggy. She paints a wonderful; picture of how well their marriage is and implies that they will provide the example to grow your marriage strong. [I checked on the date of this tape: 2004. I would like to point out that November 2003, Bill & Peggy were legally separated over the issue of money. The promise of a better marriage is often used as a recruiting tool. The facts have not been conclusive, though many people while still in the system will say that it is better, those same people when they leave sometimes say that it really wasn’t. My overall point here is that there is no evidence this business will save a marriage, but there is evidence that a lot of high level people do indeed break up, remarry, and often times in a non-biblical way.]

Ann continuously talks about unconditional love. [I will grant that unconditional love is a good thing to have, but is this what these people really have? I do not think so. Unconditional love is when people love others, as demonstrated by actions, without any expect of return. It could be said that these people are only ‘loving’ the people in their downline (as evidenced by coming to help them show the plan or whatever, their exact actions are never defined) to get the money out of the group. The proof of this is that they do not continue to help someone who rejects the plan because such a person ‘does not want help.’]

“When we came down to our first function, we left that weekend. It wasn’t so much what we learned, as much as what we felt. At the end of this weekend, I hope each and every one of you that are sitting out there, you feel the pull to be part of this elite Diamond Team.” [This is funny because they keep on talking about being in an education business, but it is not about what you learn, but what you feel. Indeed, we are emotional creatures, not factual creatures, and that means that we are swayed by wherever our feelings take us. That provides short term action, but not long term conviction. This is the goal of several weekends a year, and further, opens, team trainings, rally’s, etc. They keep you motivated while losing money until you either make it to a level where you are doing that to many other people for money or else you go flat broke.]

“If I get a person on total faith. Now lets think about that, we’re talking faith. We’re not talking about you knowing that you can do this thing. We are not talking about you leaving this weekend convinced that you can be up here. We’re not talking about you showing people this business and in your mind you think everyone you show is going to get in, everyone that gets in is going to do this thing. Just on total faith, you step out and in two years, absolute total faith, two years, you give your business five nights a week. Total faith…there’s something magical about five nights per week…” and then Charlie literally drones on for several minutes without actually closing his point

“People want to be a part of something because they have nothing to be a part of today.”

Charlie does the usual attack against a college education where the professor puts you to sleep by reading from the book. You need to catch up, so you just read the book. He contrasts that by saying the in BWW, they are giving people the ‘information’ from their heart. [The implication is that college is bad, but this business is the way to the truth.]

Charlie says that the only secret is to show the plan 5 nights a week, for 2 years on total faith {this means if nothing is growing or happening}. He says that a good presentation will not get in someone who shouldn’t be in, but a bad presentation can not keep someone out who is supposed to get in. It is, therefore, a numbers game.

“When Bill puts challenges out there, winners meet the challenges.”

At one point, Charlie talks about not believing his age. He is taking a car fullof college students somewhere and talks about laughing and cutting up, and ‘hanging with the boys.’ [This is not intrinsically wrong, but I point it out to demonstrate another cult parallel, This is an appeal to people who want to ‘fit into a crowd’ and live a ‘free’ life.]

Try to follow this one. Charlie is talking about how to get people to the functions. “I had a guy, I said, hey, listen. This is the best thing you can do: Get to this weekend. I had just showed him the plan…It was six days later…Do you really want this thing to work for you? He said ‘Yeah’. What do you want out of it? He said, ‘I’d like to be free’…If I was to tell you what you needed to do to become free, would you want me to tell you? ‘Yeah’, Great, you need to be at that weekend function. I’ll pick you up a ticket. He said, ‘fine’. I called him back, I said, ‘I got your ticket.’ He said, ‘Well, I was thinking, you know, I wasn’t sure…”{cuts off}, ‘Well, I got you a ticket. You told me you were going.’ I GOT NOTHING! I didn’t get his ticket! {Crowd laughs} We went down to the function, I said, I got your ticket, I’ll be right back, I walked over to the ticket booth and got him a ticket.”

Teaching Points:

Ann teaches that people are to be seen as good friends, emphasizing the relationship. They are not to be seen as PV. [I have two problems here. The first is, why does the upline never seem to demonstrate being a ‘good friend’ with a downline who has quit (generally speaking) and two, how can they say this when the upline leg starting with Ray & JoAnne Melillo holds the ‘Eagle Cup’ game every month where the winner is the largest growing person on the team?]

There is no secret; you must build the business five nights a week.

Other Notes:

Charlie references the “$150,000 for 6 Platinum legs” in the plan and says that kind of money is a joke.

Charlie talks about the money that is to be made in the BWW system. As he explains in brief, the Platinum’s get a ‘differential’ in the costs from the rest of the downline, and above that, the Emeralds and above get a further differential to cover ‘administrative costs’. [I have a problem, if it is ‘administrative costs’ that are being ‘covered’ by the extra, why is it that about 50% or more of the income is derived from System money verses Quixtar money. Another question, are the terms of this exchange disclosed?]

“We need CD’s. I could not build this business without CD’s. I need to get in my car, I need my spirits uplifted. [There is a Standing order Tape program that they recommend everyone be on. It is a tape a week at $7.50 plus tax and shipping ($8.25 total on my team) which is about $429 a year, but many teams in BWW refer to that as being the minimum, thus you need more.]

“As we read books, I read constantly…We need the books.” [The books come once a month, but again they suggest more. This will cost in excess of $10 extra a month. The discounts and such detailed above apply. The books will cost in excess of $120 a year.”]

“How many of you here on One Domain? That’s our business.” [One Domain is the BWW personal website, it costs $87.95 for the domain name a year plus $14.95 a month for a total of $267.35 a year. Again, the upper level pins (Emeralds and Diamonds) make money on this according to this very tape.]

“How many of you here have ever picked up Communikate. That’s our communication system. There are profits, it is very reasonably priced.” [Communikate is $31.95 a month for the regular which they teach to get. Many of the Diamonds teach to get the full version instead of the light version. This price does not include extra minutes, conferences, and a few features which can raise it in excess of $10 a month. To be conservative, the annual cost of the regular with nothing extra is $383.40.]

Next, Charlie talks about Diamond Clothiers and suggests that you need to buy clothes from there. [The funny thing is that the IBO’s don’t even get PV/BV on these items, but the store is owned in part by Bill Britt. According to this tape, the upper level pins profit from the sale of Diamond clothiers.]

“Do you think I’m here speaking for free?” He talks about the costs involved in putting together the function. At one point, he even mentions the band, which gets paid to perform. This is either Goads or Day One, depending on what weekend it is. He talks about the people running the booths, the camera men, the sound equipment, etc. [This is funny because another tape clearly states that the Goads do NOT get paid to perform at the function. That is the tape “Dream Your Way to the Top”, by Brad Duncan (BWW-5 [note – this tape was removed from the BWW Registry]). On another note, for long we were hearing that no one made money from speaking engagements, then it was external speakers made money, not it is apparently all the people who talk.]

Without really going into the details, Charlie teaches a brief bit about literally manipulating people into seeing your plan. I have covered many details from this tape, so I will leave out the details of this lengthy session.

We seem to have some violations of the law: “Look at this straightaway here, ain’t nowhere a cop can hide anywhere on any side of this for the next couple of miles…Let me open up the top to my sun roof here…you see any helicopters? Because sometimes they get us from up above…hold on {makes fast driving noises then screams with excitement}…man that was awesome! ‘Alright Charlie…!!!’” At this point, he starts to cut down his old J.O.B. again. The crowd goes wild at these stories and contrasts. [The wholesale rejection of legality for the purpose of impressing people is WRONG, STUPID, and FOOLISH. We have the direct command to obey the authorities, but I see many references in this business to reject authority (1 Peter 2:13-17; pay special attention to verse 15.]

Quixtar Rules Violations:

Rule 7 in the Quixtar Rules Compendium (pages D32-34) are about the BSMs (tools). We read many interesting statements:

“IBOs who choose to sell or distribute SM must emphasize that the purchase of SM is strictly voluntary”

“7.5.3. IBOs who choose to sell BSM shall not say, suggest, or imply that the use of any such materials will guarantee success”

However, according to Charlie, the tools are required to build the business. Such quotes as “We need CD’s” and “We need the books”, as well as many other statements that I did not directly record, Charlie is seriously violating the policy. What is worse, he is doing so to promote the money that can be made in the system. In the good old days, they hid this aspect, now they are not.